Dems Plan to Spend Almost $2 Billion More while $7.5 Billion in Unpaid Bills

Illinois State Capitol

Illinois State Capitol

The statement by House Republican Leader Tom Cross that was quoted in the Chicago Tribune budget story was short and sweet:

“We are not going to sit and support bills…that increase spending by almost $2 billion when you have $7.5 billion of unpaid bills.”

In other news, State Aid to Education pretty much stays constant.


Dems Plan to Spend Almost $2 Billion More while $7.5 Billion in Unpaid Bills — 2 Comments

  1. Due to a tax law change, states received a larger than expected chunk of one time tax revenue.
    Illinois used their chunk to pay vendors.

    Democrats still want to spend that money.

  2. We are under the impression that our officials were in Springfield to work on the pension and other important financial challenges.

    Low and behold they are instead working on the Puppy lemon law, instead they should be working on Dog breeders licensing to reduce unwanted pet and gain sales tax revenue and control the serious unwanted pet population, and raising the speed limits in rural interstate highway areas to 70 to really make sure we kill more people and waste more gas and cause even more pollution and road kill.

    Jack Franks claimed Illinois was “loosing” business because drivers are passing by Illinois because they can’t drive at 70 miles per hour.

    No Mr. Franks, people are passing by Illinois because so many of our Corporations have left, we have high sales tax’s, and we have drive by killings just a few blocks from the Presidents home.

    Wake up..

    Who wants to come to one of the worst financial disasters in the county.?


    And those of us here would like to get out…

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