Pamela Dvonch Cleared of Charges

A press release from the office of attorney Tom Popovich concerning the dismissal of disorderly conduct charges against Pamela Dvonch:

St. John the Baptist Catholic School.

St. John the Baptist Catholic School.

On May 29, 2013, the Honorable Judge Joel Berg of the McHenry County Circuit Court dismissed the criminal charge against Pamela Dvonch.

As previously reported in both the Northwest Herald and the Chicago Tribune, Ms. Dvonch had been charged by the Johnsburg Police Department with Disorderly Conduct for allegedly sending profane letters to various individuals associated with her former employer, St. John’s School in Johnsburg, Illinois.

Ms. Dvonch adamantly denied that she had done anything wrong, and her attorneys filed a Motion to Dismiss the charge at her first court appearance back on May 1, 2013.

The McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office filed a written response opposing the dismissal, and oral argument was heard on the motion on May 29th by Judge Berg.

Judge Berg granted the defense motion, and dismissed the criminal charge against Ms. Dvonch.

Attached hereto is a copy of the order entered by Judge Berg dismissing the criminal charge against Ms. Dvonch.

Mrs. Dvonch was represented by Tom and Kim Popovich, whose three children have attended St. John’s School for over five years.

Mr. and Mrs. Popovich represented Mrs. Dvonch for free.

“We believed Mrs. Dvonch from the very beginning that she had not committed any crime, and that it was wrong for the Johnsburg Police Department to have ever charged her at all.

“We were confident that once we were able to get in front of a judge and tell her side of the story, that Mrs. Dvonch would be fully vindicated.

“And that is exactly what happened in court today.

“Mrs. Dvonch is not a criminal, and the only crime committed here was when the Johnsburg Police Department completely ignored both the evidence and the law and arrested her”, said Mr. Popovich.


Pamela Dvonch Cleared of Charges — 14 Comments

  1. What an absolute SHAM for the Police Department to have done this.

    Does the Chief of Police not read the 1st Amendment to the Constitution?

    Would the police start protecting people from criminals and stop harrassing the public?

    How many times does this have to keep happening in this county?

  2. Its called “Corruption Mchenry County Style” — They should be sued for defamation, false arrest and just blatant stupidity………

    The public should be supportive of this women and her family. Further, haven’t we had enough?

    The feds are coming The feds are coming……


    Those boys should spend years in federal prison scrubbing floors with a child size toothbrush…….

    Need some humbling boys?

  3. I think the Police Departments in Johnsburg, Crystal Lake, and the other principalities – as well as the Sheriff’s Department – better do some serious soul searching.

    They all now have a record of almost terrorizing businesses and personal individuals in this county; their goal is their OWN political agenda and the agenda of their own politicos.

    Shame on you, Johnsburg PD.

    You now rank with the Sheriff’s Department and Crystal Lake’s PD as an absolute disgrace.

  4. They will do their soul searching in federal prison…

    Their record goes way back……

    Yep their goal is their own political agenda and their own politicians. But did you know that specific individuals are actually accepting kick backs and bribes………….

    Now GG..

    or should I say Gosh golly a certain judge should know better…

    Know for a fact this is going on…..

    I don’t mean to offend you Skepticsays.

    However, the Johnsburg PD has ranked with the Sheriffs Department and the Crystal Lake Police all along.

    They have to they are part of Mchenry County and the “Good Ol Boy Network of Criminals with a badge”

    Though, believe it or not ethical officers do exist within the regime.

    It only takes a few to ruin it for the rest…….

    Now Mrs Dvonch—–

    File your lawsuit and you will find overwhelming support within your community……

    We applaud you Mrs Dvonch for not only surviving this ordeal, but prevailing against the self righteous…….

  5. Thank you Judge Joel Berg for doing the right thing and making an ethical decision….

    The citizens of Mchenry County Thank You!……..

    Thankfully, the final verdict was not a GG………

    Or a Golly Gosh Judge who doesn’t know how to make decisions and would prefer to accept a bribe………………

    Golly Gosh……………

  6. This is the same police department that, years ago, when one of their officers was killed enroute to the village to get photos processed in the Carrick murder,

    FIRST said that he was on duty and his family was elligable to receive his death benefits, and

    THEN, after their village board found out how much they would have gotten,

    REVERSED themselves (the THEN Chief) and denied them the benefits.

    So, basically, their don’t care WHO they screw.

  7. There is no loyalty to the brethren of their own profession….Its all about money…

  8. really?;

    Yes, I remember that; my point is, tho, that the Chief initially said that he was on duty as soon as he left his home to do police work.

    Then, after the board found out how much they were talking about, made the chief reverse himself.

    I know it went through the court system-I still believe the outcome was wrong, and never should have gotten there in the first place.

    Worst case of “CYA” I’ve ever heard about, and to this day, is another reason Johnsburg PD is a joke.

  9. We the people can affect change in our community by casting our votes and bringing in new people.

    Bill Prim will not to be persuaded by unethical behavior, or put up with such shenanigans……..

    He believes in “Accountability” of his officers and has a positive reputation……..

    Fund raiser tonight in Johnsburg………

    Time to change the Mchenry County “Regime” and get rid of the likes of Nygren, Zinke and others……

    We will no longer tolerate truckload shipments of Marijuana into Rita Corporation or any other business with a loading dock, willing to do business with Nygren and Zinke…………

    Here is your chance to make a difference in your community People…….

    The time is now………….

  10. Hmmm. Duncan McHenry.

    Do you live in Johnsburg?

    Do you go to St. Johns?

  11. No but have lived in Mchenry COunty since 1977 and have experienced corruption first hand…….

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