Harvard Milk Day Parade

One of these days I’m going to make it up to a Harvard Milk Days Parade.

It’s always an enjoyable event.

I had the best time in the late 1960’s when the McHenry County Young Republicans borrowed a baby (adolescent?) elephant named “Tuffy.”

It was owned by company named Tufcoat. The firm made some type of coating and used “Tuffy” as a symbol-mascott.

I walked behind the elephant with a snow shovel.

I got the idea from when a circus playing in Cleveland brought a adult elephant to Oberlin, Ohio, to try to get some free publicity. We were holding a Republican Mock Convention in 1964 and I’m guessing the circus got some publicity other than in the college newspaper, the Oberlin Review.

On April Fool’s Day the Oberlin Review ran a photo of my scooping up some elephant poop with a cutline that had nothing to do with the photo.

If others have parade photos they would like posted, just email them to calskinner2@gmail.com.

This is too long an introduction to a political photo taken at today’s Milk Day Parade.

Bill Prim and supporters pose prior to Harvard's Milk Days Parade.

Bill Prim and supporters pose prior to Harvard’s Milk Days Parade.

It is of Republican candidate for McHenry County Sheriff Bill Prim and supporters.

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