30-Day Delay on Federal Court Decision Ordering Concealed Carry in Illinois Disturbs McHenry County Right to Carry Association

A communication from the McHenry County Right to Carry Association:

Concealed Carry Suspended another 30 days

Attorney General Lisa Madigan has secured a 30 day extension from the US 7th Court of Appeals on their previous ruling. Gov. Quinn now has until July 9th to do his part in enacting the states new concealed carry law.

These are the kinds of political games that Illinois and Chicago are so well know for.

It makes you wonder if this new twist to the plot was all part of Quinn and Madigan’s plan from the beginning.

That we can only assume.

Here is what we do know.

Various courts and judges have ruled in the name of right, our constitution and common sense, yet our Attorney General, Governor and the Chicago Machine tell us they know better.

We now have a stack of case precedent rulings from McDonald VS Chicago, to Moore/Shepard VS Madigan, yet they continue to twist the truth and tell the cameras that we are only a fringe of the population and the good people of Illinois will be in danger if more guns are out there, complete rubbish.

Our ELECTED state legislators passed a bi partisan bill with an unprecedented majority on both sides, yet Quinn, Madigan and the Machine say ” wait a minute we need to more time to think this through”. Who’s state is this?

State Treasurer Dan Rutherford was at Bill Prim's fundraiser last Friday.

State Treasurer Dan Rutherford was at Bill Prim’s fundraiser last Friday.

We have federal court rulings, a super majority vote by our legislators, a huge portion of the population and last but not least the US Constitution and yet they stymie our efforts.

I was at a fundraiser for McHenry County Sheriff last week and in attendance was a new Gubernatorial candidate.

I am not sure if he’s the one to solve our woes, but I do know this, something has to change around here.

When the system we set up in Illinois has gotten to this point, what’s next?

When our elected leaders can so completely ignore the people’s wishes what is one to do?

We lovers of liberty, free enterprise and this America, bought and paid for with countless lives, need to galvanize our hearts, minds and actions to bring new people into office.

Letting that which is continue, because it’s “too hard to change anything” isn’t going to cut it. I

n fact, in my opinion any person who chooses to look the other way is derelict in their duties as a citizen.

You see we have an unwritten contract with this great land of ours.

She gives us her bounty and blessings and in return we are to reciprocate by protecting and respecting her, by telling our children the stories of how she came to be.

We are to honor the many thousands who fought, bled and died to give her to us and not just on a few holidays.

Is this asking too much?

We need to take a hard look not only at who we are voting for next year, but also inside ourselves. What are we willing to do to see some real change ? I think we are far passed the point of 5 minutes at the polling booth being enough, more is required.

McH Co Concealed Carry mastheadWe will continue to work for the side of right.

All of their nonsense exists because of ignorance.

I can’t say it enough, educating yourself is one of the key fundamentals needed to change things.

Come out Thursday night [Ladies Night] at 7 pm for another exciting and thought provoking class. $10.00 and a couple of hours is a cheap investment in your future.

This info could be life saving to you or that of another. Please forward this on to whomever you feel should have it.

Inaction has brought us to this impasse, only action can take us home.

Listen, Learn, Implement and LIVE!


Mickey Schuch
President, McHenry County Right to Carry Association


30-Day Delay on Federal Court Decision Ordering Concealed Carry in Illinois Disturbs McHenry County Right to Carry Association — 4 Comments

  1. Mike and his daughter Lisa, and Quinn ALL need to go; the sooner the better.

    I don’t think there is ANYONE who can make this State look like a bigger fool then it already is, and that INCLUDES Blago and George.

  2. Are you all volunteering for the military?

    Then you can carry your arms to protect this country, otherwise you are foolish to think you can do more than law enforcement.

  3. Karma…you are missing the poin…..no…Karma…

    you are missing the constitution’s amendment….

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