Harvard Walmart Serious about Theft

Harvard Walmart

Harvard Walmart

A short while ago, Harvard Walmart officials had Harvard Police arrest a night shift worker who had apparently stolen electronic devices.

Not the Harvard Police Department reports the following:


On 06-05-13 at 1705 hrs. Michael J. Novak (m-29 yoa) of 959 Aberdeen Dr. Crystal Lake and Jennifer Ann O’Grady (f-38 yoa) of 606 Bourn St. were arrested for retail theft from Harvard Wal-Mart after they allegedly took multiple retail items from the store without paying for them.

Novak was charged with one count of Felony retail theft and transported to the County jail.

O’Grady was charged with one count of misdemeanor theft and posted the $150 bond with a court date of 06-26-13 at 1330 hrs.


Harvard Walmart Serious about Theft — 3 Comments

  1. Why were they arrested?

    They were simply attempting to improve their lives!

    We need delayed prosecution for shop-lifters!! (liberal logic)

  2. Wow, knowledge voter that was so inspired! I’ll bet there are millions of liberals that think that way said no one ever.

    I think you are part of the problem.

  3. This is disgusting. This woman has multiple counts of other felonies.

    She has children that need to be taken into protective custody.

    Present day, this woman is still stealing and is a drug user.

    Sad, sad how the police are not on top of this sort of situation.

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