Legislature Votes Overwhelmingly to Legalize Gambling on Poker Runs under HB 2520

After referring to Pottersville in the movie "It's a Wonderful Life," Aaron Shepley said, "If the voters of Crystal Lake want it (gambling) more than me as Mayor,[so be it].  I'm not going to compromise my beliefs."

This article started with a press release from the Illinois Church Action Council on Alcohol and Addiction. There are so many bills expanding gambling (despite the loss of the one to give Chicago, Danville, Rockford and the Waukegan-area casinos) that I am adding the roll calls. In order not to make an article too long, I shall run one a day.

Gambling Bills Passed by the Legislature – Part 4

House Bill 2520 expands gambling and increases the danger of drinking and driving by legalizing Poker Runs as charitable gambling. Participants travel-usually on motorcycles–to 5 or locations-usually bars-where they draw a playing card to assemble a poker hand.

This language popped up in the Illinois Senate on May 30th, right at the end of the session.  It cleared the House two days later.

House Bill 2520

House Bill 2520 was turned into a poker run gambling bill by the State Senate.  Pam Althoff and Karen McConnaughay voted in favor, while Dan Duffy voted, “No.”

The House vote on House Bill 2520, the poker run gambling bill, was

The House vote on House Bill 2520, the poker run gambling bill, was 108-7-1.  David McSweeney, Tim Schmitz and Mike Tryon were recorded in favor of the bill.  Barb Wheeler voted, “No.” Jack Franks did not vote.


The ICACAA recommends contacting Governor Quinn and ask him to VETO the gambling expansion bills: House Bills 996, 1140, 1570, 2520 and Senate Bills 70, 1738, 1884, 2234, 2371.  Phone:  800-642-3112, 312-814-2121 or 217-782-6830 or Click here to send the Governor an e-mail.

Share this Alert with your faith community and ask them to CALL and PRAY for the Governor.

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