Bill Allows Company Running State’s Slot Machine Operation Also to Manufactured and Install Slots

After referring to Pottersville in the movie "It's a Wonderful Life," Aaron Shepley said, "If the voters of Crystal Lake want it (gambling) more than me as Mayor,[so be it].  I'm not going to compromise my beliefs."

This article started with a press release from the Illinois Church Action Council on Alcohol and Addiction. There are so many bills expanding gambling (despite the loss of the one to give Chicago, Danville, Rockford and the Waukegan-area casinos) that I am adding the roll calls. In order not to make an article too long, I shall run one a day.

Gambling Bills Passed by the Legislature – Part 6

Senate Bill 1738 is an expansion of video gambling.  More specifically,

  • defines “electronic card” (and removes a cross-reference to the Illinois Administrative Code);
  • provides that the central communications system vendor may be licensed as a video gaming terminal manufacturer or a video gaming terminal distributor, or both, but in no event shall the central communications system vendor be licensed as a video gaming terminal operator; [emphasis added]
  • provides that the Board shall not permit the development of information or the use by any licensee of gaming device or individual game performance data;
  • provides that nothing in the Act shall inhibit or prohibit the Board from the use of gaming device or individual game performance data in its regulatory duties;
  • requires the Board to adopt rules to ensure that all licensees are treated and all licensees act in a non-discriminatory manner and develop processes and penalties to enforce those rules;
  • adds language authorizing the Illinois Gaming Board to adopt rules establishing standards for advertising video gaming; removes language prohibiting the Board from disseminating information that is specific to individual licensed locations (and removes corresponding changes to the Freedom of Information Act); and,
  • in provisions amending the Criminal Code of 2012, provides that video gaming terminals for sale to a licensed distributor or operator (rather than a licensed establishment, licensed fraternal establishment, licensed veterans establishment, or licensed truck stop establishment) under the Video Gaming Act are exempt from seizure.
Senate Bill 1738 allows concentration of

On Senate Bill 1738 ,  with a vote of 35-15, Pam Althoff voted in favor,  while Dan Duffy and Karen McConnaughay voted against.

Senate Bill 1738 passed the Illinois House by

Senate Bill 1738 passed the Illinois House by 71-41-1.  Tim Schmitz voted in favor, while “No” votes were case by Jack Franks, Dave McSweeney, Mike Tryon and Barb Wheeler.


The ICACAA recommends contacting Governor Quinn and ask him to VETO the gambling expansion bills: House Bills 996, 1140, 1570, 2520 and Senate Bills 70, 1738, 1884, 2234, 2371.  Phone:  800-642-3112, 312-814-2121 or 217-782-6830 or Click here to send the Governor an e-mail.

Share this Alert with your faith community and ask them to CALL and PRAY for the Governor.

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