Pam Althoff Sums Up Legislative Session – 13

Pam Althoff

Pam Althoff

A press release from State Senator Pam Althoff:

End of Session Review

Driving Out Small Business

Two bills passed that target small contractors. Both HB 3223 and HB 923 impose new burdens, reporting requirements and penalties on small, non-union contractors that union contractors will be exempt from.

HB 3223 Amends the Prevailing Wage Act, singling out non-union contractors, and requiring them (but not union contractors) to track and submit a significant amount of new payroll information for work performed on a public works project.

HB 923 requires most non-union contractors to report to the Department of Labor regarding any payments made to a subcontractor that has performed construction services for the contractor, but who is not classified as an employee of the contractor. As with HB 3223, the new reporting requirements do not apply to union contractors.

Althoff did not support either measure.

Complete list of legislation

To view a complete list of legislation approved by the General Assembly this session, please click here.


Pam Althoff Sums Up Legislative Session – 13 — 4 Comments

  1. Part 13??? Never has so much been written by someone who has accomplished so little.

  2. Prevailing Wage laws vary by state and are union wages set by the government which vary by county and apply to most government projects.

    The law applies to base hourly wage and overtime, plus typically one has to add health and welfare insurance, pension, vacation, and training.

    If prevailing wage applied to residential, whomever you hired would have to pay their employees union wages.

    While labor deserves a decent wage, how does one control cost if there is no competition for labor cost?

    Just as with pensions, the Illinois law is written to favor unions at the expense of taxpayers.

    More competitive laws could be written while still ensuring labor receives a decent wage while the public receives quality work.

  3. Paul, so long as she’s writing about everything that the legislature was unable to accomplish, i.e. their ongoing dereliction to duty, she could well be summing up this session along about Part 987 (or not). On the other hand, if she were to talk about her own accomplishments, a paragraph would suffice.

    She and Jack Franks appear joined at the hip – she’s obviously taken a page from his book. Whether he does something or not, whether he takes credit for someone else’s idea, he’s writing about it as if he’s doing it all.

  4. How in the world did we ever manage without all of this legislation? Some if it is ridiculous… I wish they would stick with the important topics and quit wasting our money with more laws!

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