Will Concealed Carry Be a Game Changer for Women and Rapists?

Will groups like rape Victim Advocates suggest women carry guns with which to protect themselves?

Will groups like rape Victim Advocates suggest women carry guns with which to protect themselves?

Shortly after the concealed carry bill passed in Springfield with Governor Pat Quinn saying negative things about it, Chicago rape victim Sandra Al-Sakkai held a press conference in Rogers Park to talk about her having been raped.

The deadline set for Illinois to have a concealed carry bill, set by the Federal Appellate Court, is July 9th.

Opponents will be talking about how concealed carry will lead to real life gun play like the re-enactments of the shootouts at Donley’s Wild West Town in Union.

The Sheriff of Wayne County, Michigan, where Detroit is, peddled the same nonsense when Michigan’s concealed carry law went into effect in 2001.

A year later, I read in a Traverse City newspaper that he admitted his expectations were not fulfilled.

Last year, the Detroit Free Press ran an article entitled,

10 years after concealed weapons law, unclear why many in state were gun-shy

“…predictions of widespread lawless behavior and bloodshed have failed to materialize,” the article concludes.

Consider this from Ronald Schafer, today’s head of Michigan’s prosecuting attorneys association, which fought hard against passed, led the push against changing the law in 2001:

“I think you can look back and say, ‘It was a big nothing.’ “

But that won’t stop Quinn from painting an “end of the world as we know it” scenario in the run-up of the 2014 Democratic Party primary.

But, rather than “a big nothing,” it might be a big something.

When I was running for Governor on the Libertarian Party ticket, I argued that Illinois needed a “personal protection” law (never using the words “concealed carry”–what a public relations nightmare!).

I did so  because I had read John Lott’s “More Guns, Less Crime” and became convinced of the accuracy of his thesis.

It’s pretty obvious that the police cannot be where they are needed all the time.

That includes being next to women threatened by would-be rapists.

Lots of women express an outright dislike for guns.

TopBut think how potential rapists’ motivations might be diminished by the knowledge that some women might be carrying weapons that could put them out of action.

I figure most rapists are basically afraid of women.

If they weren’t, wouldn’t they ask the opposite sex for dates.

Concealed carrying women could put a real reason for a rapist to be afraid.

That probably won’t happen until news coverage of some prospective rapist’s being shot.

But, I believe after potential rapists figure out that women aren’t defenseless, even if they have smaller statures, rape will diminish in Illinois.


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  1. When I shop in businesses now, I ask what their policy will be on firearms; i.e., will I be able to carry (concealed), when I shop there? Most haven’t thought about it. The chain-store managers (Culver’s; OfficeDepot) tell me that corporate policy in most states is to recognize state law.

    Carrying a concealed, loaded firearm has awesome responsibility attached to it. If I’m in a store when the owner is being robbed, I won’t draw – unless the robber starts shooting or, through other means, begins harming the proprietor, employees or customers. And then I’ll be extremely careful that I hit only the robber.

    Will I shop in gun-free zones (stores that post against firearms)? No.

  2. I don’t know about anyone else, but the idea of Gus Crackpot carrying a concealed gun scares the hell out of me

  3. Did Illinois codify any stand your ground in public, or NRA -model Castle Doctrine?
    Leaving yourself open to an Illinois interpretation of ‘Justifiable use of Force’? Yikes!

    My permit and gun will remain in the truck at all times when I’m in Illinois.

  4. We should change John Lott’s slogan to say “More Handguns, More Deaths”.

  5. Bjorn, state your sources.

    When you go against both conventional wisdom and actual worldwide statistics you appear to be misinformed at the least.

    Real law enforcement want every trained citizen carrying a firearm because they know these citizens are the deterrent to crime.

    If you and your ilk want to live in your fantasy world where no one is responsible for themselves and their families well being and the government is the final arbiter of life and death I invite you to live on the west side of Chicago or Flint Michigan, unarmed.

    I invite you to wait for the police to arrive while you plead on 911 for some outside salvation…. IF you can even get through.

    I appreciate your peaceful intentions and I pray for a day where people are universally internally motivated to live in peaceful concert with their neighbor.

    It is the Utopia all political stripes strive for in their own ways.

    Until this day preparation and training for self defense is just prudent personal policy for the Citizen.

    The government will never have anything to say about who lives and who dies in a Citizen’s home, only the home of a subject.

    A Republic is a dirty messy chaotic world of freedom.

    My apologies to you, Bjorn, you weren’t born in a more controlled society.

    One day perhaps you may move to one you are more comfortable with than the United States.

    I hear Canada is beautiful.

  6. Time to make my neighborhood a Gus, er I mean gun free zone.

    And this is tough because I own a lot of guns.

    Trade off, well worth it.

  7. “Priest”.
    Take a look at CDC and then ponder these quite chilling facts.
    http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/00046149.htm#00002255.htm Especially pay attention to Figure 1.
    Homicide rate for children in the United States was five (5) times higher than that for children in the other 25 countries combined (2.57 per 100,000 compared with 0.51).

    I have heard over and over again all that clap trap from you gun purveyors’ and your believe system that guns are like butter and honey for a society. I can not disagree more. I therefore have to assume you have never been outside this country or maybe not to any of these other above mentioned 25 modern industrialized countries and seen how they “admire” our civil and tolerant society and high homicide rate.

  8. “Will Concealed Carry Be a Game Changer for Women and Rapists?”

    In the other states that have adopted “shall issue,” the answer is yes.

  9. I have found that gun control advocates are like genital herpes. They go away temporarily, but ALWAYS come back.

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