Young Republicans Oppose Richmond Gun Ban

A press release from the McHenry County Young Republicans: YR Logo with Email Address

McHenry County Young Republicans Oppose Richmond Gun Ban

McHenry County, Illinois… As we approach the celebration of our Independence Day, an alarming, yet reoccurring theme is being proposed among many small municipalities in Illinois, and locally here in McHenry County.

Local units of government have been calling special meetings to address agenda items, including proposed “assault weapons bans.”

In response to these proposals, the McHenry County Young Republicans have released the following statement:

“In respect to the local leaders proposing ordinances which we believe to be in clear violation of our 2nd Amendment rights, we, the McHenry County Young Republicans, would like to express our concern and reasons for being whole heartedly against these proposals.

“We could cite statistics, graphs, and countless data which would show how ‘assault weapons bans’ actually do more harm than good, but these arguments have been made ad nauseam with each side standing firmly in their own stance.

“We do not wish to change your mind on whether you believe more or less gun control makes you safe.

“Rather, we believe ordinances like these over step the boundaries of local government set by state statute and federal rulings.

“Proposals such as these are simply taking advantage of inconsistencies in state law.

“While it is true that the current FOID Card Act allows any municipality to make further restrictions on the possession, sale, and transfer of fire arms, parliamentarians and court decisions have set precedent that local gun ordinances apply to only home rule communities.

“We believe it would be prudent for state lawmakers to fix these inconsistencies, but by no means give local, non-home rule communities the authority to pass said ‘assault weapons bans.’

“The courts have been very clear in addressing 2nd Amendment rights in recent years. In District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008), the United States Supreme Court held that the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution protects an individual’s right to possess a firearm for traditionally lawful purposes, to include a firearm in the home and reasonable self-defense purposes. In McDonald v. Chicago, 561 U.S. 3025 (2010), the Supreme Court determined the 2ndAmendment applies to the individual states.

“The Court held that the right of an individual to ‘keep and bear arms’ protected by the 2nd Amendment is incorporated by the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment.

“The highest Court in the land has been unequivocal that neither the federal government, nor any state can arbitrarily deny a person’s individual right to the 2nd Amendment.

“We find it illogical, nonsensical, and legally bankrupt for a locality to presume it would enjoy supremacy over the dictates of the Supreme Court and must ask the question as to why a municipality would willfully engage in a practice that will clearly only result in expensive
litigation which can do no other than underscore that home rule or otherwise.

“A municipality is not exempt from the legal obligations that control the federal government and the states.

“Furthermore, we believe these proposed ordinances seek to undercut the work of the Illinois General Assembly to allow Illinois to be the last state in the union to have to right to conceal and carry firearms.

“In response to the 7th District Court of Appeals ruling that Illinois’ ban on conceal and carry is in fact unconstitutional, the Illinois General Assembly passed House Bill 183.

“While not a perfect piece of legislation, we believe this bill was negotiated in good faith with all interested parties concerns addressed in order to comply with the court’s rulings.

“Final passage of this legislation allowed communities 10 days to grandfather in further gun ordinances. This provision was put into place to appease Chicago politicians and their desire to keep their own assault weapon ban.

“In all due respect, we are not Chicago. We are not Cook County. The people of McHenry overwhelmingly have different views, beliefs, and values than the people of Chicago.

“While we do not agree with Chicago’s assault weapon ban, we can respect that we will not see eye to eye with them on this issue.

“That being said, we discourage municipalities in McHenry County from passing ordinances meant for a city we do not share their laws and values and is not lawfully supported.

“We would like to encourage patience. Let the Illinois General Assembly finish their work on House Bill 183.

“The legislature will be back in session on July 7th to address Governor Quinn’s unnecessary amendatory veto.

“We have full faith the general assembly will override this veto and pass this legislation to compile with the federal court ruling guaranteeing our right to conceal and carry.

“We do not need to further muddy the waters on a topic that has such overwhelming support and precedent.

“We, the McHenry County Young Republicans, stand against these proposals and ask for pragmatic decision making from our elected officials.”

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