Young Republicans Robo-Call Richmond on Gun Control

You can read the message below:

Melissa Denker

Melissa Denker


“Tonight at 7pm the city of Richmond will be voting on ordinance #2013-15.

“It is an Ordinance Amending Chapter 14, Offenses Against Public Peace, and Safety and Morals of the Richmond Municipal Code Pertaining to Assault Weapons.

“This vote if passed will limit your right to bear arms in the city of Richmond.

“My name is Melissa Denker the chairwoman of the McHenry County Young Republicans.

“I urge you to come to this meeting and express your feelings about this ordinance.

“If your unable to attend please contact your elected city officials by calling 815-678-4040 and ask them to vote no!

“Thank you for standing up for your liberties and have an excellent Independence Day!”


Young Republicans Robo-Call Richmond on Gun Control — 7 Comments

  1. Please let us know who is behind this and who supports this.

    The Village President has the power to put anything on the agenda, so I suspect the VP is behind this.

    Voters need to know who does not support the 2nd Amendment. Don’t forget every person on this board took an oath to uphold the Constitution.

  2. I am under the impression it was the village President based on a few inside sources Allen

  3. Allen,

    My previous comment must have been caught in the spam filter for Cal’s blog because I linked to outside webpages.

    The culprit is likely Brad Stewart, a first-year attorney at Zukowski, Rogers, Flood & McCardle in Crystal Lake.

    The footer of the document in Cal’s previous post pretty clearly indicates that it came from his work folder on some computer.

    He tried to foist this garbage on Algonquin, too.

    Another local blogger whose coverage focuses on that neck of the woods (and I’m not sure whether Cal lets us link to him), had an article about Brad’s efforts a week back. He tried to pull the same thing.

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