NWH Reporting Bill LeFew Not Running for Re-Election for County Treasurer

Bill LeFew

Bill LeFew

Kevin Craver of the Northwest Herald is reporting that McHenry County Treasurer Bill LeFew is stepping down in 2014.

It is almost time for people to begin circulating petitions for next year’s county government positions.

The countywide ones–other than Sheriff–pay about a $100,000 a year.

The other office that is up is County Clerk, where Kathie Schultz has been in office since the 1990’s.


NWH Reporting Bill LeFew Not Running for Re-Election for County Treasurer — 4 Comments

  1. It’s a shame LeFew wasn’t “relieved” from this high paying job many years ago.

    He was rarely in the office; and lucky he showed up once a month to sign County payehecks.

    This is the kind of waste McHenry County taxpayers are paying for.

    Lots more of these loafers picking up County paychecks while we sweat it out, hoping we HAVE a job.

    If this bothers you, VOTE them out office, not give them retirement dinners.

  2. Well, who’s going to succeed LeFew for that $100K/year?

    Someone will be elected.

    Will it be the chief deputy treasurer?

    Is there a young CPA living in McHenry County who’s ready for a career change into county government, with possible political future?

    Who among the McHenry County Young Republicans has the right credentials and is ready to move up?

    When another, long-time county treasurer chose to retire in 1998 in Kane County, everyone was penciling in the chief deputy to succeed their boss.

    Instead, a young, aggressive CPA with military background hustled and worked hard to win the Republican primary and is still the treasurer in Kane County today.

    Of course, I’m talking Dave Rickert, who is now serving in his 4th term.

    So in McHenry County, is there another Dave Rickert waiting in the wings to make their big move?

  3. Say it isn’t so.Bill.

    You were so easy to deal with.

    The county is losing a great man.

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