Do Pictures Lie? Zinke “Victimized” by “a Local Blogger”? – You Decide

Below is an email from Undersheriff Andy Zinke sent from his place of work…even though he talks about his “candidacy” and “my run for office.”

I believe campaigning on the taxpayers’ dime is against the law.

(Sentences in some paragraphs have separated into additional paragraphs to make the email easier to read. Nothing has been removed.)

The first of five photos of Andy Zinke at the Crystal Lake Parade.

The first of five photos of Andy Zinke at the Crystal Lake Parade.

From: Andrew Zinke <>
To: [McHenry County Board Members]
Sent: Wednesday, July 10, 2013 3:40 PM
Subject: Photograph

Recently, I was victimized by a local blogger who posted a picture of me that he created a false story around.

[See original story on Sunday, July 7: “Politicians Appear at Crystal Lake Independence Day Parade.”

[See follow-up story on Monday, July 8: “McHenry County Undersheriff Andy Zinke’s Giving the Finger in Crystal Lake Parade Brings Comments.”

[The five photos I took of Zinke are posted within his email.]

Many of you have had pictures of yourselves taken out of context, or in a negative position, posted on a blog.

Photo number two of five taken of Andy Zinke at the Crystal Lake Parade.

Photo number two of five taken of Andy Zinke at the Crystal Lake Parade.

After being targeted and victimized, I can now say I understand why so many people loath him.

Other than to acknowledge that I was apparently holding the roof of a vehicle with my middle finger instead of all my fingers, there isn’t much more to say.

I received cheers and applause throughout the parade from hundreds of people on behalf of the Sheriff’s Office and I was honored to be a part of such a rich tradition. I have received several calls that you are now receiving pictures at your home or place of business.

The third of five photos of Andy Zinke at the Independence Day Parade in Crystal Lake.

The third of five photos of Andy Zinke at the Independence Day Parade in Crystal Lake.

Since announcing my candidacy [emphasis added], I have been accused by local bloggers of working with a drug cartel, corruption, and now, publicly driving down the Crystal Lake Parade giving everyone “the finger.”

The personal attacks by my opponent and his supporters on my family, my friends, my wife, my children, my in-laws, co-workers, and county board members is despicable and have no place in a legitimate race.

This type of disingenuous behavior is troubling in so many ways. It is mean spirited and takes away from the real issues facing McHenry County. Please know I remain steadfast in my commitments to both the Sheriff’s Office and McHenry County as a whole.

The fourth of five photos taken of Andy Zinke last Sunday.

The fourth of five photos taken of Andy Zinke last Sunday.

During my 25 year career of chasing and apprehending criminals nothing has ever been so dangerous as my run for office. [emphasis added] I have not publicly commented or lowered myself to the depths in which my opponent and his supporters operate.

I will remain open, honest and ethical; of that you can be assured.

The fifth of five photos taken of Andy Zinke at Crystal Lake's Independence Day Parade.

The fifth of five photos taken of Andy Zinke at Crystal Lake’s Independence Day Parade.

I know many of you have been victimized by similar lies and accusations and I respect your professionalism and guidance throughout the political process.

I would like to thank you for your words of encouragement and support.

Andy Zinke
Zinke finger photo email ID 7-10-13

= = = = =
I only cited two places where Zinke was obviously campaigning. On his blog, Zane Seipler found a lot more.

Take a look.


Do Pictures Lie? Zinke “Victimized” by “a Local Blogger”? – You Decide — 58 Comments

  1. It is apparent that Zinke is comfortable with using county equipment on county time for his campaign. ILLEGAL.

    This guy is just an extraordinary IDIOT.

  2. Hey Andy, It;s called “PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY”

    You evidently miss the boat on that one….

    You may be a grown man. However, mentally you are acting like a 2 year old….

    “I didn’t do it mommy, they did it”

    You might want to turn that finger right around and point it at yourself.

    You did the misdeed, the wrong doing, the bird, the unprofessionalism, the childish behavior.

    Like I have said many times “GROW UP”

    How do you expect your kids to accept personal responsibility, if their own parents cant even do it?

    There is no excuse for you and your wife’s behavior.

  3. “Andy” remember when you called Patrol Deputies Brain Dead Idiots?

    Well, no sympathy now for you from these Deputies…

    You showed your true colors, and this time it was caught on camera, now you are the brain dead idiot..

  4. Did Zinke just send a political message, describing the hardships of politics to other elected officials, in order to explain his actions at a parade that was attended by political candidates, in reference to pictures that appeared on a political blog from his office computer during regular working hours?

    Did he really do this?

  5. YES….Rules do not apply to Andy Zinke and his wife…

    Rules are for everyone else but them..

    Shame that Badge went to ‘WASTE”……

  6. Hey Andy “Let’s Make a Deal” Is on TV at 9:00AM and “The Price is Right” is on at 10:00AM.

    Channel 2 CBS…….

    I hear their your favorite daytime TV shows………

    Sure wish I could play……..

    Sell any land next to the Court House lately?

  7. What a douchebag !

    Poor Andy the clown was victimized.

    When were the personal attacks on his children? On his friends, what friends, are you referring to the walrus? Andy is the one who “fingered” the public.

    Why don’t you and the knife wielder order Cal not to use your picture again.

    Start looking for a new job.

    Maybe you could be a victim’s advocate.

  8. This once again is proof positive that he has an arrogance and thinks he walks above everyone else.

    He sure isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer and has no business being an Undersheriff let alone the Sheriff.

    Hopefully the voters get it right and send his pompous butt walking in 2014

  9. So if Andy the clown is driving 509, which is day shift Lt. Ken Nielsen squad, what was Lt. Nielsen driving then to protect the county while parade boy was driving it ?

    And what would have happened if SWAT call out, isn’t 509 one of the SWAT Commander vehicles ?

    I guess it would just have to wait until Zinke stopped flipping his middle finger to to parade crowd and citizens of Crystal Lake, and returned his squad back to Lt. Nielsen.

    Andy, how can you do this not only to the citizens of Crystal Lake, but the whole County ?.

  10. NO ANDY, you weren’t holding the roof of the vehicle with your middle finger.

    You were deliberately giving Cal Skinner (No nonsense political whistleblower) who has blown your cover and Nygren’s Many Times!

    EVERYONE needs to get the book “Murder in McHenry County” to see what this good ol’ boy club has been up to the last few decades.

    The people of this county are the only victims in this story!!!

  11. It didn’t take long to break you Andrew! You’re finished!

    I must give Sheriff Nygren his due. At least he was man enough to take his just deserts as payback with “love” from me and “Dirty Keith vs. Dirty Harry!”

    And really Andrew, in your recent ‘cry baby blabber,” you did not, and rightly so could not, explain away YOUR WIFE’S unbelievable PUBLIC verbal attack on Scott Milliman as he walked the parade. Shouting the F’ ck word at Mr Milliman for children and the elderly to hear.

    But then again, I hear, allegedly, that when Kimmy really goes off at the office, she yield KNIVES around! Is that true Andrew? Or just another unfounded attack from just another person with high imaginary skills?

    Now to the issue of your crying that I have attached your wife’s family. Not true.

    I have made aware the TRUE FACT that attending YOUR PUBLICLY ADVERTISED FUNDRAISERS, is a woman, who is your wife’s sister, who in fact performs for money, sexual acts that are captured on film and in print, then sold to the public. Her work, her words, her announcing on your PUBLIC Campaign FaceBook Page, of her support for you and her joy of being able to attend your PUBLICLY announced fund raiser.

    I would be more than happy to bring up my blogs again and we can SHOW the documented truth. And you know me Andy, I don’t hide anything. I show the public what they are really getting.

    You want the truth, we’re going to give it to you!

    Now drink up Andrew, you have many late nights ahead of your imagining what excuse you will need to place forth after your certain future ‘clown act!’

    Again, I officially pass ‘The tin foil hat’ unto you Andrew!

    Your biggest fan.


  12. “To Serve and Protect”…I wonder if Cal feels the warmth and meaning of that…

  13. “To Serve and Protect”…I wonder if Cal feels the warmth and meaning of that…Would you feel secure in the message?

  14. So now Andy explains to the county board and others that he apparently held onto the roof with his middle finger rather than all his fingers and that’s all there is to it. Really Andy, which story do you want us to believe. That you were signaling one more year as your supporters say or you were only holding the roof with your middle finger. Just so happened that your middle finger was extended when Cal was taking your picture. I don’t think for one second you were flipping everyone off on the parade route as some have suggested, just Cal. To take the chance you did doing that shows your lack of intelligence and your low level of maturity. Own it Andy,own it.

  15. Don’t attack family and friends…it weakens your argument if you don’t have enough fodder for the subject at hand then leave the rest out of it.

  16. Agreed Jeff, Andy deserves what he gets but there is no need for people to keep bringing up his extended family. He does not control what they do or don’t do. What he and his wife do in a parade is completely within his control. They are both obviously not able to restrain themselves. He once again showed what he is really all about

  17. I would normally agree with the family issues as well. I’ve never said a word about Mrs. Zinke until this moment after she called attention to herself by using the “Fck” word in public.

    SHE opened that door… Is a Sheriff’s wife not an important person in the support of a man who if doing his job as a Sheriff, needs stability and support at home?

    As far as the sister in law. I never would have opened that box either.

    However, Mr. Zinke, UNPROVOKED, send letters to innocent people who also never attacked Mr. Zinke. No need to go any further.

    I suppose things can be summed up as MOST people do not know the degree of issues still ongoing. At some point it will all come out.

    I never had any intent on making any comments about Mr. Zinke until he attacked some men who did nothing to him.

    He brought the attention upon himself.

    Im happy to never again comment on this blog if Mr. Zinke would put forth an ‘agenda’ for his campaign.

    Here is something I’d like to hear an answer to as it relates to issues I have first hand knowledge of.

    What does the next McHenry County Sheriff plan on doing “NOW” upon the first day of taking office, about the slowly, but sure growth of the most dangerous Mexican Drug Cartel, via its gangs that are soldiers for the Heads of the Mexican Cartels who are now using Chicago as the number one “Hub” for the movement of its drugs.

    The movement of the Cartels in Chicago has become alarming, and the Mexican Cartels have found a way to make peace with the local Black Gangs for the benefit of pushing their poison from the inner city to the suburbs.

    Harvard, Illinois in particular is quickly becoming a recruitment base for the county of McHenry for the most dangerous Mexican Drug cartel known to law enforcement.

    At first MARV looked like an idiotic purchase, however given what is NOT being reported publicly, I find “MARV” could become a very valuable tool in saving officers lives and the lives of our neighbors.

    So, okay, no more talk from me about family.

    Let’s get down to the facts that life just 50 miles from McHenry County is becoming a major U.S. drug distribution point protected by highly trained special forces,ex soldiers from Mexico.

    The streets of Chicago are quickly becoming a war zone fueled by drugs. They are moving in our direction, what are candidates doing to prepare for the inevitable.

  18. The use of McHenry County Government property for the use of
    Political gain is against how many State, Federal Laws, and of course clearly written and established General Orders.

    I just wonder how Accreditation feels about the Zinke situation(s).

    Might have to let them know how things are really doing back here in McHenry County, since after all the tax payers paid through the noses for 4 years plus of overtime used my MCSO to establish this Accreditation process.

    Andy and Keith, just remember you started this.

  19. Yes, campaigning on taxpayer equipment is unethical at best and a misdemeanor at works.

    I have dealt with this in school districts and the process is to file an ethics complaint with the taxing body.

    That body can review the evidence and then turn it over to the States Attorney’s office.

    Since this is the sheriff’s office, I would file a copy of the ethics complaint directly with the States Attorney and County Board.

  20. He was accused of having done something illegal while on duty, explaining to the Board that supervises is hardly campaigning.

    Now had he sent that to a list of political supporters instead of those who supervise his activities maybe you would have a real issue.

    A communication directly to those who oversee the department would seem to be worse if it came from a private email.

    Sadly he was in a no win situation in the view of hypocrites.

    Had he sent the report from his personal email to their personal email the usual suspects would be crying foul, had he had the conversation in person instead of having it in an open disclosure manner you would be crying.

    Hey, why aren’t you guys upset that an official campaign disclosure document was sent from the Des Plaines PD fax machine to the state?

    How is that better than an open to disclosure report to ones managers?


    The Prim Crowd seems to sink lower and lower into the gutter each day.

  21. Mr. Bachmann…so her family is being attacked, she responds, and her responding is what opened the door for the attacks that preceded her response?

    That is some odd logic.

    I do like your questions in the rest of your comment and your openness toward moving toward the attacks on family members ending.

    I would look forward to this race at some point moving to questions around the safety of County Citizens and what both candidates would do to ensure that safety.

    Politics can be ugly but very sadly there are many people I truly thought were quality people (even if we occasionally disagree) standing silent or encouraging the nasty attacks on family in this race.

    Shame on you all, and I hope you come to your senses take a moral stand and this race becomes about real issues.

  22. Aretheyserious, I think the Undiesheriff and potty mouth have created a gutter of their own!

    Yes that is Undiesheriff . . .

  23. I think the saddest thing is how the internet can effect a persons behavior.

    Having read some of the vile attacks on Zinke’s family online, I am willing to bet most of those who condone them here would more than likely be standing beside me taking a stand to leave the family alone if we witnessed such attacks in person on any family while we were out around town.

    Sadly, while here on the internet they are just a typed word and too many will just snicker because those making the attacks are “on your team”.

    What has been happening is wrong, and we each have a decision to make on what we are willing to to condone as acceptable behavior.

    Standing silently behind a bully attacking a political opponents family is cowardly, Prim’s and his backers should have the courage to either condemn the actions or condone them and explain to voters why they think extended families should be open to nasty attacks as part of our political process.

  24. Aretheyserious, the internet did not make you do it.

    When a family advertises their wares, it is for everyone to see.

    The only advice I can give you is, that you really should take it to JUDGE JUDY now.

    Be sure to look her in the eye.

  25. I want to make my stance clear.

    If indeed Mrs. Zinke cursed one of the group of people that have been attacking her family for political gain, I applaud her.

    The vile family attacks should have been left out of it.

    Neither her or her family are running for office.

    I felt the same way about those who targeted Sarah Palin’s children.

    If Sarah had calmly flipped them off and Todd cursed them I would have applauded them.

    It isn’t partisan either…if their was a group of people attacking the Obama children I would happily support Michelle flipping the bird at such a group.

    Family should be off limits in the political theater, it isn’t a grey area that I am willing to conveniently flip on or off.

  26. I am actually admittedly kind of surprised at some of the specific individuals that seem to think there is and end that justifies the means in aiming at the extended family of a political candidate.

    The seeming glee some are taking in the responses the disgusting tactic brings is disturbing.

    I really hope this is not the new normal, especially for the politico’s in this county that are sitting silently on the side of this behavior.

  27. aretheyserious we are tired of your excuses for your friends Kim and Andy Zinke.

    If you are still patrolling our streets to insure justice, that is a very scary thought.

    One can only image, how you would handle situations related to crime and law enforcement….Hmmmmm

    Justifying and rationalizing the acts of the wrong doers and criticizing their victims.

    If anyone else had flipped the middle finger or dropped the f bomb in public they would have been arrested for disorderly conduct…

    And, you know it.

    What has been posted about their family, does not excuse Andy and Kim Zinke and they are still responsible for their own behavior…..

    They are responsible for the choices they made and no one is responsible for them.

    A public apology would be appropriate, and grown up way of being accountable for your actions..

  28. OK, Duncan we are going to have to agree to disagree.

    I feel families should be off limit’s.

    The good news is my opinion doesn’t sway in the political convenience wind, so if your family or a family of a candidate you support is ever attacked in such a way I would take a stand against that also.

    To each their own I guess.

    In the converse, if you ever attack the family of a political opponent and come crying to me when some upset mom or sister tells you off don’t expect me to say “poor baby” and console your hurt feelings.

  29. “aretheyserious”, is that you Andy?

    What vile attacks?

    Are you talking about the porn star?

    She is in PORN.

    She chose her profession.

    The fact that we mention is not an attack.

    Just like if you had a friend/ co-worker that was a pedophile.

    You could just pretend like it’s no big deal, call it a domestic issue, and keep him on the payroll for another 9 months.

    You should hire the sister in law.

    I bet she could make some awesome training videos.

    “Cavity Search 101”.

  30. At least the irony made me chuckle.

    A Prim supporter using the secondary handle “ButtQueeriously” asking “What vile attacks”?

    You guys are classy.

    Sadly, Buttq you are wrong in your assumption that I work for the county.

    Believe it or not many regular citizens believe families should be kept out of political attacks.

    Ask around, it really isn’t an opinion unique to me.

  31. Andy here’s a few excuses in case it happens again.

    1. My finger got caught in the door.

    2. When I was at Duke’s Alehouse someone slipped Viagra into my finger’s drink.

    3. That was fake finger painted on the car.

    4. I thought that was a Hawaian good luck sign.

    5. That’s just how I flirt.

    6. That damn Frodo sold me a fake invisabilty ring.

    7. My finger smelled bad so I was keeping out of the car.

    8. It means “We’re Number One”.

  32. “Aretheyserious” I did not say that Andy and Kim Zinke do not have the right to be upset.

    We all have the right to be upset with something we may be angry about or disagree with…

    However, that does not give Andy Zinke the right give his middle finger to someone he dislikes, at a public parade, where there are kids and families.

    Further, it does not give Kim Zinke the right to drop the f bomb at a public parade or wield a knife at work.

    They made the choice to respond to the situation and they are responsible for the way they reacted.

    It’s like if someone said “You made me mad, so I had to beat you up” That would be assault and battery.

    Or, “You made me do it” That is how abusers think.

    Andy Zinke is a public official and he should act accordingly.

    We are waiting for his public apology and so is Scott Milliman……

  33. I would expect for consistency sake you would be demanding a public apology for the attacks made against the Zinke’s also right?

    I mean supporting the bully and crying about the response is really a bitter example of how abusers think right?

    You guys attacked the man’s family stop crying about how you may or may not have gotten calmly flipped off in return.

    You Prim guys are pitiful.

    Either way no one actually was beat up…oh wait yes they were and when is Prim going to make public what he did to stop police brutality in his department and what reports he made about it?

    Or is his response to those requests simply to have supporters up the attacks on Zinke’s family?

  34. Don’t expect an apology anytime soon, from the undiesheriff . . . he does not have his big boy pants on yet.

    Potty mouth needs a fresh bar of soap before you will get an apology from her.

  35. Hey Andy and Kim Zinke, even Bill Clinton the President of the United States Apologized to the whole Country.

    Remember his words that got him in trouble “I did not sleep with that women”

    He accepted responsibility and did the right thing.

    All you have to do is apologize to Mchenry County…..Once, all of the information is disclosed at a Mchenry County Government theatre near you, not sure how open people will be about accepting any apology.

    You might be better off returning to your favorite day time TV shows on CBS channel 2 “The Price is Right” and “Lets Make a Deal”

    Whats the matter you misplaced your big boy pants?

  36. Lets visit some MCSO Written General Orders shall we…

    19. Conduct Unbecoming a Sheriff’s Employee.

    a.) A member shall not engage in conduct, on duty or off duty, which adversely affects the morale or efficiency of the Sheriff’s Office, or in the alternative, engage in conduct, on duty or off duty, which has a tendency to destroy public respect for the member and/or the Sheriff’s Office, adversely affects the public reputation of the Sheriff’s Office and/or destroys confidence in the operation of the Department. To this end, members shall conduct themselves at all times in a manner which is keeping with the highest standards of the law enforcement profession.

  37. 23. Courtesy and Demeanor.

    b. Members shall maintain a professional demeanor, control their tempers, exercise the utmost patience and discretion, and shall not engage in argumentative discussions, even in the face of extreme provocation.

    c. In performing their duties, members shall not express any prejudice concerning race, religion, natural origin, sex, or other personal characteristics.

    d. Members shall not use profane or intentionally insulting language or gestures.

  38. aretheyserious, shall I continue ? Add up the violations.

    b. Insubordination or disrespect includes, but is not limited to the following:

    1) Use of profanity.

    2) Insolent or abusive language.

    3) Obscene gestures.

    4) Threats.

    5) Intimidation.

    6) Acts of aggression.

  39. aretheyserious, I can do this all night long…

    64. Professional Image.

    nor in any way inconsistently with the image of a professional Sheriff’s Office employee, including but not necessarily limited to:

    1) Unnecessary shouting or using obscene language, gestures, or actions.

  40. aretheyserious, how about one more for you.

    Remember the RITA investigation, ..Im sure you do,

    44. Investigations.

    a. Members shall not interfere with investigations being handled by other members of the Sheriff’s Office or by any other governmental agency

  41. “The facts state” Thank you for providing the MCSO General orders. Lets see how they justify Kim and Andy’s behavior now..

  42. Hey look in picture 3 Zinke is resting his hand on the steering wheel with only one finger…oh wait wrong finger, its safe again to take off the tin foil hats.

    Unless, resting just that single finger (which by no coincidence is the trigger finger) must be some kind of threat.

    It must be a threat because as Prim supporters have so clearly pointed out is is simply impossible to rest your hand on a single digit while driving.

    Don’t you guys have some handcuffed prisoners to beat? Don’t worry I’m sure your candidate won’t document it?

  43. You guys have been attacking Zinke’s family too much…you have yourselves a bit confused…

    If a family member of his was to swear it really isn’t a violation of a Dept. General Orders.

    However I suppose you have been attacking his family so much I can see where you get confused.

    I get a small group of you actually think the attacks on the family are cute and funny, and more of you just chuckle and say nothing but I don’t expect all the comments and screenshots being saved of family attacks/homophobic slurs/etc… by Prim supporters would look very good in campaign literature or if shared with the greater public.

  44. Either way you shouldn’t worry about those general orders, team Prim.

    Judging by the vile behavior his supporters have been showing online it seems quite clear he won’t hold anyone to those standards so they are bound to change.

    Or at very least it appears he may only hold those that don’t support him to that level of behavior, so you guys are good.

  45. butseriouslynow, the only reason it went undocumented is because the last documentation got the department in trouble….

    DUI Documentation !!!!

  46. ‘butseriouslynow” As everyone can see, it looks as though Andy has only a handful of supporters…

    You seem to be the one holding the “VICTIM FLAG” for the Zinke clan…

    You may want to go view your favorite Game shows “Lets Make a Deal” and the “Price is Right” on CBS channel 2 every day…

    I hear your really good at it.

    Wish I could play…….

    But, I hear you have to pay to play………

  47. “butseriouslynow” is Mrs. Zinke.

    It’s already been established.

    I would put money that most of the Zinke supporter comments are her.

    Arguing with her is getting old. I say don’t do it.

    She has nothing to add to the story.

  48. Not Mrs Zinke, but at least you Prim guys are consistent in your attacks on her.

    You guys just can’t seem to resist your laser focus on attacking Zinke’s female relatives.

    I guess if anything I would admire your teams consistency on attacking his female family members it almost like someone is actually issuing talking points to obsess on the women related to him…

    I guess with some of the maturity that has been witnessed in these comment sections it sure beats you guys trying to debate the issues of public safety in the community.

  49. I also find it odd that you actually seem to think that the only possible person upset by you attacking a candidates family must be the wife.

    I suppose the overt sexism is slightly offending after all conservative women seem to currently be an acceptable target for derision in our society.

    However, I guess I’m most surprised that you Prim guys actually seem to think it is impossible for anyone other than the guy or his wife to be sickened by your targeting his family.

  50. Another watcher…this whole article is about someone’s feeling getting hurt because the may have felt they may have gotten an obscene gesture from someone whose family is targeted repeatedly on their blog.

    Talk about pity pot.

    I would describe my response as more of righteous anger.

  51. butseriouslynow, all this chatter is coming from the Zinke camp, you are your own worse enemy.

    I hope you are sleeping now . . .

    you really need to rest.

  52. I have been following the race for McHenry County Sheriff for sometime now.

    Harrison’s & Prim’s idiotic behaviors and from their supporters leaves us the People of McHenry County the only realistic choice, Andrew Zinke for Sheriff.

    He is the only one in this race that has shown us true professionalism that has earned our vote and respect.

  53. Giving the people the finger at a public parade is professionalism?

    And, Harrison who has twisted the truth about Bill Prim, is professional?. You are a Zinke follower and need to get in touch with reality.. ..

    You obviously, do not know the facts and are in deep denial…………

    How many tons of marijuana was shipped to Rita Corporation?

    Yes that’s right “TONS OF ILLEGAL MARIJUANA” Zinke is an “EMBARRASMENT” to Mchenry County..

  54. Giving the people the finger at a public parade is professionalism?

    And, Harrison who has twisted the truth about Bill Prim, is professional?.

    You are a Zinke follower and need to get in touch with reality.. ..

    You obviously, do not know the facts and are in deep denial…………

    How many tons of marijuana was shipped to Rita Corporation?

    Yes that’s right “TONS OF ILLEGAL MARIJUANA” Zinke is an “EMBARRASSMENT” to Mchenry County..

  55. Duncan Mchenry, I appreciate your reply of bringing up the tons of marijuana that was falsely reported shipped to Rita Corporation, because that was the article that grabbed my attention to this race for McHenry County Sheriff.

    Based on the facts, the phony article led to the journalist that wrote this garbage was forced to resign soon after.

    The real embarrassment here is the idiots that twisted the truth and was discovered so quickly in their attempted dishonest scheme.

    As for Andrew Zinke giving the bird at a public parade and thanks to this McHenry County Blog, I read Andrew Zinke’s explanation why that “holding the roof of a vehicle with my middle finger instead of all my fingers.”

    His explanation may or may not be the truth.

    However, I read in the McHenry County Blog that someone suggested that Andrew Zinke was giving the bird to Cal Skinner.

    Seriously, Duncan Mchenry, under the consideration how his family, friends, and he are being under constant twisted attacks, I do consider Andrew Zinke a true professional.

    He has showed me and the People of McHenry County restraint and professionalism when the nature of most humans would be to lash out against the one(s) who is attacking his family and friends with constant twisted attacks. If this is all he has done, Andrew Zinke has my vote for Sheriff.

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