Abortion “Parental Avoidance Bill” Held Constitutional by Illinois Supreme Court

Back in 1995, the Republican Party held control of the Illinois General Assembly. It was only the second session in my sixteen-years in the Illinois House that the GOP had a majority.

That was when the so-called “Parental Notification of Abortion Act” was passed.

The ACLU tied it up, first in Federal Court, then, after losing there, in State Court.

Today, the Illinois Supreme Court upheld the act.

I did not vote for the bill, characterizing it as the “Parental Avoidance Bill” in debate.

Let me share with you the holes that I found in the language offered:
Skinner Parental Notification Debate 1995 p1Skinner parental Notification Debate 1995 p2Skinner parental Notification Debate 1995 p3Skinner parental Notification Debate 1995 p4

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