Glenda Miller Announces Candidacy for McHenry County Treasurer

Glenda Miller

Glenda Miller

Wednesday, Chief Deputy Treasurer Glenda Miller announced her intention to fill the position to be left open by retiring McHenry County Treasurer Bill LeFew.

Miller is

  • a Chemung Township Trustee
  • a Republican Precinct Committeeman
  • Secretary of the McHenry County Republican Central Committee
  • a past member of the Harvard City Council

You can read her press release below:

Miller launches Campaign for County Treasurer

Chief Deputy Treasurer Glenda Miller announced Wednesday that she would seek the Republican nomination to replace retiring McHenry County Treasurer Bill LeFew.

A graduate of Columbia College, with a MBA from Aurora University, Miller, 57, has been Chief Deputy for 17 years, after 21 years in local banking.

“By background and training, I have been preparing for this job my entire adult life”, In making her announcement, Miller also laid claim to LeFew’s endorsement. In an email, he wrote, “Glenda has the training, knowledge, experience, and ethics needed to do the job. No one else comes close. I am proud to endorse her candidacy for County Treasurer.”

A Harvard resident for all her life, Miller has served on the Harvard City Council and currently serves on the Harvard Zoning Board and is a Chemung Township Trustee. Active in Republican politics, Miller is an elected Precinct Committeeman and also serves as Secretary of the McHenry County Republican Central Committee.

As Treasurer, Miller said she would expend outreach efforts to assure that all taxpayers, especially seniors, active and veteran military personnel, are aware of all exemptions for which they may be eligible.

In addition, she pledged to work with local units of government that levy property taxes to ensure the efficient and economical delivery of services.

“While taxpayers are obligated to pay the taxes they owe, they should not pay a penny more, Miller said, adding “and they should expect to get what they pay for.”

Miller promised to safeguard the integrity of the county’s investments, while also seeking to maximize the return on those investments in order to help keep property taxes down.

Finally, Miller said she would continue efforts to streamline the operations of the Treasurer’s Office to control costs.

“We have an obligation to the taxpayers to do more with less, especially in these difficult economic times”, Miller said.

Miller said she hoped to unite the Republican Party behind her candidacy and pledged to run a positive, issue oriented campaign.


Glenda Miller Announces Candidacy for McHenry County Treasurer — 9 Comments

  1. Here is a big surprise.

    LeFew (following the Nygren example) has not been at work in years.

    If you went into the Treasure’s office, he was never there.

    There would be a sign that would tell you to contact Gleda Miller.

    She has been doing the work for years while LeFew vacationed and got paid.

    We had the “cell phone sheriff” and the “cell phone treasurer”.

    They are good friends, you know.

  2. FYI…Is this a signal the opposition is firing up it’s research on Miller’s extended family?

    Or is that a tactic reserved for the Sheriff’s race?

  3. Now it’s “extended” family.

    I thought it was your kids that were attacked.

    All the good ole boys and their chosen ones are fair game.

    Time to clean this county up.

  4. So Buttq, is that a clear confirmation that the family (kids or extended) of candidates Prim supporters oppose are going to continue to be fair game?

    Is Homophobia also going to be a new ongoing tactic in support of Prim?

  5. The Prim campaign sure should be proud of some of these vocal supporters…it is like the wild west of dirty vile politics in that crowd currently.

    At least do us the favor of stopping the crying when someones mom or sister tells you off over the kind of attacks that have Prim supporters thinking multiple account names like “ButtQueeriously” are cute and clever.

    You guys are hanging in quite a crowd, you should all be proud.

  6. I can’t stand the Republican political leadership; here, state-wide, or nationally.

    Despite being right on the issues, they fail miserably regarding organization, communication, and success. From and organizational standpoint, the Republican Party is an absolute disgrace.

    That being said, I know Glenda Miller.

    I have worked with her.

    She is a VERY GOOD PERSON and a very effective worker.

    Politics aside, she would be a great treasurer.

    I hope she reaches out to those conservative Republicans who have been screwed by the likes of LeFew and Nygren.

    I think she can do that; she’s not a politician at heart.

    She’s just a hard worker.

    Go Glenda!

  7. I have never had a problem finding Mr. LeFew, but I am glad he is retiring, it’s always good to have some change.

    I think that if you talk to independent bankers around the county that Glenda will be strongly supported.

    She is very knowledgeable and deals well with the public.

    I agree with “Skeptic” that she is a hard worker, maybe even a workaholic.

  8. aretheyserious, are you saying Andy is gay.

    I wasn’t aware.

    No homophobia here.

    I wanted the name “butseriously” but it was taken already by the knife wielder.

    You guys are the ones hanging around the porn stars. T

    here I go again with the vile attacks.

    Are you commenting from the county computer again.

  9. You are incorrect on who I am, oddly you seem to accusing me of being two different people and are wrong on both accounts.

    Either way it looks like Prim supporters are attacking family members of their opponents that are at least adult females as opposed to targeting teenage girls with false citations…

    oh wait I guess that’s old news…

    At least it seems consistent that Female passengers or female family members seem to be the preferred targets.

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