Metra Board Member Jack Schaffer Talks to WLS-TV on Alex Clifford Golden Parachute — 6 Comments

  1. No they don’t retire, if I had to guess “Hell No” Jack wants RTA Al’s job.

    They believe name recognition is the way to land a job or office.

    I wish He would have been this transparent when money was missing during the Phil days.

    Not a word from him!

  2. Schaffer’s using the same old tactics, make the bold statement, knowing your lone vote wouldn’t affect the outcome.

    I agree with Another Watcher, where were you, Jack, during the Pagano days?

    No one enjoys golden parachutes more than Schaffer.

  3. Yes they retire and collect a fat pension.

    Then they grab another state job with a huge salary and make a huge salary AND huge pension.

    Why retire when you can take it to the taxpayers and live a lavish life while the peasants struggle?

  4. I have read that Jack Shaffer is the only Metra Board Member who attempted to prevent the other Board Members from trying to slience the former Metra CEO from exposing “hush money” scheme of Illinois politicians.

    Way to go Jack!

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