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From a McHenry County Right to Carry Association email:

Concealed Carry becomes law

McH Co Rt-to-Carry Tee Shirt Co Fair 2011This was a big week in Illinois, and July 9 was a big day. As most will already know, HB0183 was the concealed-carry bill on Gov. Pat Quinn’s desk. He had applied his statutory amendatory veto power to the bill and sent it to the legislature with his laundry list of “improvements.”

On July 9 both the Illinois House and the Illinois Senate over-rode his veto, and HB0183 became law as Public Act 98-0063, effective July 9.

While this means that the law is effective now, the Illinois State Police have six months to work on their part of it, creating the systems to implement the law, create the application process and begin accepting applications.

Then we can expect that 2-3 months will pass, until the first concealed carry licenses are issued.

So don’t start packing yet. Or, if you do, do it at your own risk. (What else is there?)

You can expect your Illinois concealed carry license to be good in Illinois only. As in, only in Illinois. Do not expect reciprocity with other states. We have the most expensive application fee and the highest training requirements.

It seems safe to say that other states will not honor an Illinois license, because Illinois will not honor licenses of residents of other states. This is something that needs to be addressed promptly.

Another restriction that needs re-visiting is the high number of gun-free zones.

The work is not over. The McHenry County Right To Carry Association needs to continue and to grow.


We have t-shirts on hand that will look much better on your bodies and out in public than stored in Rubbermaid containers.

If you are interested in buying a t-shirt for $20.00 this summer, please let know now by emailing, so that we can have them on-hand. Tell us what size you wear. We are temporarily out of Size XL and low on L. If you are interested, we’ll order more. If you aren’t, we’ll sell out what we have and get out of the t-shirt business.

Start talking up concealed carry in every business you patronize. The t-shirt is a great conversation starter. Tell the business owner and manager why s/he should not create a gun-free zone in his business by posting a “No Guns” sign. My personal feeling is that the anti-gunners will soon commence a boycott of stores that will permit armed shoppers.

FOID Card name/address changes

Is your name correct on your FOID card? Has your address changed?

If so, you must apply for a new FOID card and pay $5.00. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

And you’d better do it within 21 days (address change) or within 30 days (name change. Read all about it here.


Gus Philpott
McHenry County Right to Carry Association


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  1. Boy, that sure is a ton of verbage to basically say, “shoot first, ask questions later.”

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