Bill Prim Has $10,000 More in Bank for Sheriff’s Race than Andy Zinke

Andy Zinke

Andy Zinke

Bill Prim

Bill Prim

Campaign disclosure forms have been filed for most candidates since today is the deadline.

On the Republican primary side, Bill Prim had $36,069.34 to Andy Zinke’s had $26,760.38 at the end of June.

Independent Jim Harrison has not yet filed his report with the State Board of Elections.

While in second place in the fund raising derby, Zinke outraised Prim during the second quarter of 2014.

Zinke was also ahead big and in small (under $150) donations. In the smaller category got $3,505 to Prim’s $2,925.

Here are the totals that the two Republican candidates took in:

  • Zinke – $15,375
  • Prim – $9,095

Here’s who gave Zinke contributions over $150:

  • 11916 Main Partnership, Huntley – $1,000
  • Thomas Allen, Lakewood – $500
  • Alliance Contractors, Inc, Woodstock – $1,000
  • Baxter & Woonman Inc., Crystal Lake – $250
  • Jim Bishop, Crystal Lake – $500
  • Randy Donley, Village Hall Banquets, Union – $1,000
  • Gary Lang Chevrolet, Inc, McHenry – $400
  • Bob Heaney, Richmond – $200
  • Gary Lang, Gary Lang Chevrolet, Inc, McHenry – $1,000
  • Metal Finishing Equipment & sales Company, Harwood Heights – $500
  • Marc Munaretto, M.J. Munaretto & Company, Inc, Algonquin – $1,000
  • On Target Range, Crystal Lake – $300
  • Peter Baker & Son Company, Lake Bluff – $1,000
  • Radicom, Inc, Johnsburg – $1,000
  • Rex Auto Body, Inc., McHenry – $250
  • Schwartz Performance Inc, Woodstock – $180
  • Pamela Sosnowski, Rickmond – $500

Here are the contributions to Prim that were reported by name:
Bulk Lift International, Carpentersville – $1,250

  • Lou Bianchi, Crystal Lake – $1000.60
  • Committee to Elect Lou Bianchi – $600
  • Intren, Union – $250
  • Michael Johnson, Lakewood – $200
  • Gregory Liautaud, President/CEO Capsonic Group, LLC, Trout Valley – $1,000
  • Tony Remke, Marengo – $180
  • Jack Roeser, Otto Engineering, Barrington – $1,000
  • Mickey Schuch, Woodstock – $250

While he has not yet filed his D-2, Harrison has reported two contributions of $1,000 or more.

  • $1,000 from Timothy Downes of 418 N. Fleming Road in Woodstock on April 15th
  • $1,000 from John Krenger of 911 S. Fleming Road, Woodstock July 10th


Bill Prim Has $10,000 More in Bank for Sheriff’s Race than Andy Zinke — 10 Comments

  1. Of course Bill Prim has more money; he is receiving money from outside of McHenry County from the corrupted counties.

    Also, let’s not forget the money from Mr. Corruption himself, Louis Bianchi, one of the Taylor Street Boys.

  2. May I ask the editor a question? Are the ads found alongside the articles on the left of this Blog site PAID ads to the blog, or are they placed there as endorcements by this blog?

    Ads for Mr. Prim, Jim Bishop’s Law Firm and others re-appear regularly, which made me wonder.

    Mr. Prim would not be my choice, but that’s neither here or there; just a simple question.

  3. They are paid.

    You are welcome to buy one for your favorite candidate.

  4. Hey Fuk u, I see out of county donations for all three candidates. “corrupted counties”, you are not including Mchenry county ? Wake up.


    Obviously a Zinke supporter…

    Or Zinke himself….

    Nygren and Zinke have been in power for way too long..

    Prim is the candidate who will reform our county…

    No more shipments of marijuana into Rita Corporation or and other company in Mchenry County…..

    Time to retire Zinke and Nygren so you can watch your favorite day time tv shows on CBS channel 2 “The Price is Right” and “Lets Make a Deal”

    Oh I’m sorry youv’e already been doing that…

  6. fukoku is coming in as a new handle . . . anyone want to guess who it is?

    I guess, now they can reply to one another

    AZsuporter and areyouseriousnow!!

    This could be fun to watch.

  7. WOW all this hostilities, but I do understand your anger, the truth is upsetting you all.

    We all know that Andrew Zinke will become our new McHenry County Sheriff as our only realistic choice to keep our county free from corruption.

    It is obviously that Mr. Prim is the candidate who will reform our county into a corrupted county with the support from Mr. Corruption himself, Louis Bianchi and the other concealed Taylor Street Boys.

    In regards to the shipments of marijuana to Rita Corporation, you keep on trying to sell it, but no one is buying that manure.

    You need to get off your jackass and try a new ride, its getting old.

  8. Hey Zaney, You guys seem to keep getting angrier?

    Up to now your multiple aliases seem to have been very careful just to imply guilt for Brian Goode, are you actually making the accusation directly now?

    And if so what is the accusation?

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