Larry Emery Thinks Budget Presentation Put at End of MCC Agenda on Purpose

Larry Emery

Larry Emery

With a play on words from the Mickey Mouse Club, Algonquin Township Trustee and Republican Precinct Committeeman Larry Emery writes of waiting 3 and a half hours to head the budget proposed for next year at McHenry County College’s Board meeting on Thursday night.

You can read his take here.

Emery is not alone in wondering why important topics like the tax levy are put at the bottom of the MCC Board’s agenda:

” My guess there was an attempt to starve the elephant in the room so there would be less discussion, less public attendance, and lower ability to think straight.”


Larry Emery Thinks Budget Presentation Put at End of MCC Agenda on Purpose — 1 Comment

  1. SOP, Larry — standard operating procedure. Along with:

    1) Loading every agenda with trivia so the trustees never get around to important issues, such as are we doing the right things and are we efficient?

    2) Giving the trustees volumes of irrelevant information to read but omitting the important facts or burying them deep inside the trivia

    3) Making clear to the staff and hired professionals (the CFO, the board attorney) that they report to the top administrator, NOT the board so they had better support all administration proposals!

    4) Flat out lying to the board, either by commission or omission

    Of course, most boards don’t mind because they favor more government. They are, in short, rarely skeptical. This is especially true of small, special purpose units of government. Who runs for the park board? People who HATE parks? No, people who LOVE parks! But, as a result, they usually see more as better and believe that any question about efficiency is an attack.

    We are fortunate to have a few genuine skeptics on the MCC board. I swear there are a few old board members who act like they are in some sort of cult and need to be deprogrammed!

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