Not Enough Homes with Large Enough Losses from June Downpour to Qualify Area for SBA Assistance

This home on North Shore Drive got over four feet of sewage water in its basement because of a failed Crystal Lake pumping station.

This home, on North Shore Driv, got over four feet of sewage water in its basement because of a failed Crystal Lake pumping station.

A July 24th email to McHenry County Emergency Management Agency Director David Christensen:

As a follow-up to our conversation regarding the flooding event of June 26, I commend your forward thinking to pursue assistance for your residences by completing the initial damage assessment for your jurisdiction.

Many residents of the jurisdiction sustained impacts that needed to be assessed by your agency.

It was our hope that we could facilitate assistance to the jurisdiction in working with the Small Business Administration (SBA), but unfortunately, as you are aware, the criteria for an SBA declaration is a minimum of 25 homes with a minimum of 40% uninsured loss.

Based on the information provided, I regret that the jurisdiction did not meet the SBA criteria to pursue further action.

As to your question if there is any other State or federal programs that are available for this event, the unfortunate answer is we are not aware of any other assistance programs based on the information provided in the initial damage assessment.

Please know that we appreciate all the hard work that was performed by your agency in this effort and will continue to support you in future endeavors.

Lastly, as I have been watching trends in the disaster world as we know it today, and as we see more catastrophic events in our nation occur, it seems that it is becoming more challenging to qualify for assistance in today’s financial climate.

It is refreshing to know and, I commend your forwarding thinking is setting up a disaster relief fund through your County Community Foundation.

It is my sincere belief that Community Foundations and Long Term Recovery groups are the wave of the future.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.


Phillip Anello, Chief
Bureau of Disaster Assistance & Preparedness
Illinois Emergency Management Agency

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