Northwest Herald Editor Agrees Sheriff’s Candidate Andy Zinke’s Office Email Was Political

McHenry County Sheriff's candidate Andy Zinke's gesture to the crowd near the front of the Crystal Lake Independence Day Parade.

McHenry County Sheriff’s candidate Andy Zinke’s gesture to the crowd near the front of the Crystal Lake Independence Day Parade.

New Northwest Herald Editor Jason Schaumburg agrees that the email sent to all McHenry County Board members was political in nature.  (Read the email here.)

Here is the top part of his comments about the McHenry County Ethics Commission decision:

“How can the McHenry County Ethics Commission read this portion of an email sent from a county email address and not see anything political?

“‘Since announcing my candidacy, I have been accused by local bloggers of working with a drug cartel, corruption, and now, publicly driving down the Crystal Lake Parade giving everyone ‘the finger.’ The personal attacks by my opponent and his supporters on my family, my friends, my wife, my children, my in-laws, co-workers, and county board members is despicable and have no place in a legitimate race.‘” [Emphasis added.]

Read the rest of Schaumburg’s column.


Northwest Herald Editor Agrees Sheriff’s Candidate Andy Zinke’s Office Email Was Political — 37 Comments

  1. The new Northwest Herald Editor Jason Schaumburg is notorious for trying to jump on the band wagon after the wagon had already left.

    He is a terrible journalist that is incapable of coming up with his own ideas and steals from others to write a simple article.

    The Northwest Herald had in the past had claimed their source of information to be from the McHenry County Blog, where I originally heard about this blog and that lead me here.

    This article in the Northwest Herald by Editor Jason Schaumburg had only accomplished one fact, that Cal Skinner is a much better journalist than Jason Schaumburg.

    As much as I disagree with Cal Skinner’s way of thinking and tactics, he should be the new editor of the Northwest Herald; they might have a chance then to become a real newspaper.

  2. I agree with Fukoku about NW Herald jumping on the bandwagon.

    Have you seen their recent pieces on the NSA?

  3. I have to agree with Schaumburg and his NW Herald column.

    The sham of a hearing of a legitimate complaint, filed through the proper channel of the McHenry County Ethics Commission failed the smell test, let alone transparency test.

    But let’s cut to the chase, here.

    The establishment of McHenry County government has the power, and their power includes the ability to squelch any opposition when well-intentioned citizens start to get uppish.

    Zinke’s conduct at that Crystal Lake parade is a disgrace to the McHenry County sheriff’s office, but appears to match what reformers say about retiring Sheriff Keith Nygren, whose silence on the matter was deafening.

    But those reformers, many of whom are backing Republican candidate Bill Prim against establishment favorite Andy Zinke, need to get tough, mean and most of all, effective, in communicating their reform message that is urgently needed in McHenry County.

    You’re being ineffective if part of your message for winning is publishing racy images of Zinke’s sister-in-law.

    Reformers also need to remember the old rule about power — it is not given, it is TAKEN!

    These reformers need to toughen up and get mean & effective if they want to take over McHenry County politics and truly reform McHenry County government.

    And, it goes beyond the sheriff’s office.

    The McHenry County Board needs to be a top target, too.

    The genuine reform efforts to make the McHenry County Board Chairman an at-large, elected post needs to be revisited.

    Anything less than a referendum asking voters in McHenry County to make the chairman an at-large elected post on the November ’14 ballot is unacceptable.

    If reformers see too much foot-dragging, they need to primary EVERY incumbent Republican up for re-election in March, and take the power to make an at-large elected board chairman a reality.

    The Ethics Commission needs to be reformed, too, given their performance this past week.

    The establishment in McHenry County was challenged back in 2000, when anti-establishment committeemen candidates tried to make Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner Bob Miller the McHenry County Republican Party Chairman.

    Not only did the establishment wage an effective, public campaign for its slate of committeemen candidates to keep then-Chairman Bill LeFew in power, they ran someone against Bob Miller and beat him in his own precinct from a committeeman’s position.

    Do the Prim supporters have the stomach for this fight?

    That will be the real story to watch as the 2014 election cycle continues to unfold.

  4. Ah, good to see the Zinke puppets at MCSD typing away on the 3rd shift- better to keep your eyes on the road, rather than on your laptop.

    And we all, as Americans, know how valuable the opinions of anonymous cowards are in public forums.

    Vote For Zinke! says the anonymous coward. I’m impressed.

  5. John and Storm; looking forward to YOUR entries into ANY race for county board or the next sheriff’s race AFTER Zinke wins in 2014.

    Since you’re both SOOOOOO full of knowledge and awareness of the good and SOOOOOOOO very bad in the county, I expect to see your names and committees in the near future-NOT

  6. Oncoming – you make some very good points.

    Something to understand about some of these people.

    They have been working and living under a tyrannical environment in the Sheriff’s Dept under Nygren and Zinke.

    Some for many years.

    They are angry and frustrated at what they witness and how they are treated.

    Cannot openly support who they chose to elect.

    Punished for not going along to get along.

    Many, many abuses.

    This is their way of venting.

    Cannot use their names and do not want to be seen in photos because they will be punished.

    Those that do wrong and flaunt it are rewarded.

    It is a horrible existence.

    So, I feel a little compassion for them and understand why the vent the way they do.

    I understand that Zinke has bragged many times about the “hot” sister in law.

    He asked for this.

  7. Zinke will sink his own ship based on his arrogance, his phony persona and how he treats those who disagree with him.

    Those that agree Zinke is not the right choice for Sheriff should leave his family out of it and stick to the reasons Andy should not be elected.

    Continuing to comment about his wife and her sister is inappropriate and gives him excuses to deflect from his own deficiencies.


  8. I agree with Storm and uptohere. I even agree with leaving the sister in law out of it.

    Lay down with dogs (or bad girls) get up with fleas (or other conditions).

    However, I disagree with leaving Mrs. Zinke out of the picture.

    Her f-bomb display in public is fair game, as is any family that double dips at the public trough, a tactic often missed when confronting the Miller cabal.

  9. Well said, Duncan.

    I guess better late than never as far as opposing corruption goes.

    I’m fed up with the rampant corruption in this county!

  10. Andy’s adult film star sister-in-law (Kaitlyn Furst) is probably making a killing off this race.

    Thanks to Seipler and Bachman her websites hits have sky-rocketed.

    She’s not the one complaining about the publicity.

    And Mrs. Zinke is a public employee and a police officer.

    She has embarrassed the Kane County police department with her childish behavior.

    She has threatened MCSO deputies, made comments about how Sgt. Koziol career is over.

    Made it known that when Zinke runs the place he is going to get rid of all opposition supporters.

    They’ve already made the lives miserable for the Harrison/Cundiff guys and gals.

    I even heard Mrs. Zinke running her mouth about how she would make a better coroner than DOCTOR Majewski and that she is going to run for the office next time around.

    If she’s talking about running for officer she’s more than a fair target.

    The woman thrust herself into the spotlight and she deserves every single attack.

    If the people know what kind of women Zinke is influenced by perhaps they will be able to make the right decision.

    The spouse and family of political candidates is always an issue.

    Bill Clinton’s brother was an issue.

    Weiner’s wife is an issue.

    McCain’s wife was an issue.

    I’m sure if any of these people’s relatives were adult film stars or made obscene spectacles of themselves and threatened candidates and opposition supporters they would be issues.

    It is amazing how the people of this county go out of their way to defend and cover up for people that have no business being protected.

    This is politics, if you and you’re family are too dirty to be scrutinized don’t run for office.

    What did the Zinke family think was going to happen when he announced his candidacy?

    Did he think it was going to be a cake walk?

    After all the personal damage Nygren and Zinke have enacted on members of this community, did they really think this wasn’t going to happen?

    Zinke is too STUPID to run for office.

    Maybe if he would have found a way to make his marriage work with the educated and respected attorney, Ms. Stone Esq. he would have had a partner that could he could have utilized an intellectual resource.

    Instead he chased down the “hot” subordinate co-worker.

    You guys do realize that Zinke was her supervisor at one time?

    I wonder what Ms. Stone has to say about the Andy’s current family.

  11. “Well said Duncan”?

    Umm dude, if you are going to use multiple names to pat yourself on the back at least keep track of which ones you have posted with…

    You hadn’t yet posted on this thread as “Duncan” yet.

  12. I also love the justification on keeping Zinke’s wife as fair game. “hey our targeting of her sister and even a kid at one point got a reaction out of her, so now she is fair game too”…

    Yeah keep telling yourself that’s the high road instead of more justification for gutter personal politics.

    Now we got the vocal Prim supporter actually saying if people don’t stop saying the family is off limits he is going to go after them harder.

    It’s bound to get uglier and so many just keep refusing to say it is not ok to target the family.

  13. Oldtimer, ..I always heard that this was the “normal ” practice at MCSO by Nygren and Zinke.

    Those Deputies and Correctional Officers should feel free to choose who they want as their next leader in the election, without fear of being reassigned or worse…That is why ABZ ..

    Others talk about Zinke wife. I agree, that if she was so stupid to confront a Deputy in the parade for Mr. Bill Prim and use vulgar language, then she opened the cans of worms herself, just like her clown husband did by violating multiple General Orders in the Parade, and more by sending a political email to other County Government employees, using county time and equipment,..causing a very un-ethical and illegal clown act.

    I heard some wild stuff about his wife while she was in the Detective Division.

  14. Facts- The Mrs. screamed the F bomb 3X – Wonder Lake Parade and 2X in the CL parade at opponents.

  15. Was Mr. Skinner alarmed and disturbed by the actions that Zinke demonstrated towards him at the Crystal Lake parade ?

    720 ILCS 5/26-1
    a) A Person commits the offense of Disorderly Conduct when he or she knowingly

    1) Does ANY act in such a unreasonable manner as to alarm, and disturb another and to provoke a breach of the peace.

    If i were Mr. Skinner I would file a complaint with the Crystal Lake Police Dept, attach the pictures as evidence, and demand that Zinke be arrested and charged with this.

    I would also take the picture to a professional photographer in the area, where he could examine the picture in a larger format, which shows his finger not resting against the window trim, but rather clearly flipping Mr. Skinner off.

    Then introduce that finding into evidence as well.

  16. Agreed. Time to hold Andy Zine accountable.

    His wife also committed disorderly conduct by dropping the F-Bomb at a public parade….

    We are counting on you Chief James Black, of the Crystal Lake Police, to do the right thing and do something about these incidents.

    Lets see, if Chief James Black demonstrates objectivity, and integrity or a complete lack of Professionalism, when it comes to Andy and Kim Zinke..

    Chief James Black are you capable of handling the situation at hand, or do we need to remind you what the laws are?

  17. Agreed, they should be held accountable and Cal should go forward with this . . . take on Gummerson’s threat after charges are filed.

  18. Classy campaign, team Prim. Keeping it classy.

    You guys just can’t help yourselves…targeting the family because they “asked for it” by allegedly responding to those attacking the family.

    Just in the past few days you guys have continued to drag Zinke’s family into the campaign, now dragged his children in, ripped pictures of the family off facebook for the attacks, called out the daughter of a supporter by name, and threatened to ramp it up if others don’t stop calling you out.

    Prim supporters are shaping up to be the most vile campaigners in McHenry County history…and yet somehow your masses just keep justifying it. Simply disgusting.

  19. I have no idea if she dropped the F-bomb on you and then smiled as she walked away…but hey now you are dragging the kids into it how many good family men and women really wouldn’t just want to shake her hand.

    Really, team Prim, your dragging the kids in and are crying and whining that you may have been calmly f-bombed by one of the candidates family members?

    If someone dragged Prim’s divorce, family, ex-wife or kids into the mix I would certainly support he or one of his family members telling the creeps off just a bit.

  20. butseriouslynow, you sure did take that advertisement seriously “Let Your Fingers Do The Walking”, enough of your attempts to justify the Zinke’s.

    Put your hands to bed, like Zinke should of done with that finger.

  21. Aretheyserious, I must be behind the eight ball on this one, who and what was said about Andrew Zinke’s kid?

    In regards to Andrew Zinke’s sister-in-law being a porn star, seriously, what does that have to do with the election for McHenry County Sheriff?

    I think I can say I am sure Andrew Zinke did not force or persuade his sister-in-law to choose that profession.

    We all have family members that we are not proud of that has dishonor our families, so why rub their faces into a situation that they have no control of.

    Do you people really hate Andrew Zinke that much to drag his sister-in-law into this to attempt to dishonor his family?

  22. I find it very interesting, and therefore tend to not lend too much faith in the responses on ANYONE”S blog, that usually the same people, and that would include ME, seem to be the ONLY ones interested enough in all of OUR cr_p to even bother to post.

    In my feeble mind, that tells me that Zinke is almost a shoo-in for the next sheriff.

    There ARE a few haters, and complainers, but overall, he’s a lock.

    I MAY be wrong, but I guarentee you, it’s not the first time, nor will it be the last; you all above can say the same thing (or not-if you’re THAT closed minded)

  23. I think AZ supporter just informed everyone, that the Sheriff’s race is fixed . . .

    Zinke is a shoo-in and he is a lock?

    Has Zinke passed any petitions yet?????

    I guess this is another warning for all the taxpayers.

  24. Believe me we will be asking for those petitions and verifying the names on them……

  25. Another and Duncan; I’m sure that the Zinke campaign committee is just shaking in their collective boots at your threats-NOT

  26. AZ Supporter you must be one of the officers monitoring the blogs for Zinke…..

    Whats the matter your favorite daytime TV shows the “Price is RIght” and “Lets Make a Deal” don’t occupy enough or your time…

    Can’t wait for the next parade for Zinke to appear in.

    There will be plenty of cameras on the watch, including mine…

    How many volunteers will he have in the parade with him?

    Probably not many..

    His own wife doesn’t even sit with him in the vehicle he drives during the parade.

    Whats the matter, she is not humble enough or courageous enough?

    Why did she leave the MCSO?

    Why did she leave the MCSO?

    Louder can’t hear you..

  27. azsupporter..

    Zinke a shoo in for next Sheriff ?

    The only shoo in I see for Zinke, is the shoo in his a%) as he walks out the door.

  28. Duncan-naw, but like you, I don’t have a life either, and enjoy reading all your posts as my daily entertainment; somebody has to lift me out of the gutter you all keep trying to pull me and others into, and your posts will do just fine.

    Since most of you failed to pick up on my obvious comment, you’ve failed again.

    The POINT was, since there are so few people, except for the obvious MCSO haters, to post on these blogs, THAT means to me that MY pick, Zinke, should be a shoo-in.

    The obviously isn’t enough of you cry babies out there to make a change.

    We’ll see, tho.

    By the way, the name AZsupporter was, and still is, in favor of Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona, but I guess it also fits for Andt Zinke.

    And, if this post is the first time you feel that I’ve stated that I back him, you obviously haven’t been reading my posts much.

  29. Don’t JUDGES hold people in contempt of court, or whatever they call it?

    Doesn’t someone have to have done/not done something to have a JUDGE hold them in contempt?

    Are you implying that a JUDGE can be/is influenced by Zinke, and not the LAW that they are duty bound to uphold?


  30. When it comes to the LAW, and their application of the LAW, I’d say NO, they cannot not.

    To say any different implys that you think a JUDGE is/can be bought.

    You have NOW officially CROSS over to total stupidity. T

    his ain’t crook county.

    Damn, I’m done trying to have an intelligent conversation with you.

  31. Judge Zopp would not have listened to anything Zinke had to say or be influenced by anyone.

    He was a stand up guy when he sat on the bench

  32. With Judge Zopp you are talking a serious straight shooter.

    If you guys are going to imply he did something shady or be bullied you are seriously barking up the wrong tree.

  33. Zinke a shoo in ???

    Only if the other candidates are mysteriously hit by a train.

    When have his kids ever been mentioned ?


    AZsupporter, why don’t you take Zinke and move to Arizona.

    We would be grateful.

    You guys could set up another Mexican exchange program.

    Maybe a little import business of “supplies” for a Crystal Lake business.

    The wife could sell ginsu knives at the mall.

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