Nygren Continues to Spend Down Campaign Fund

Keith Nygren

Keith Nygren

McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren continues to spend down his campaign fund, his most recentĀ  campaign disclosure report shows.

Of the $719.23 in expenditures, $320.12 was identified.

It went for cell phone service.

No money was donated to candidates.

He has just under $1,500 left.


Nygren Continues to Spend Down Campaign Fund — 8 Comments

  1. Since Nygren hasn’t run for office since the Fall of 2010, what did he spend money on?

    How can he legally list cell phone bills when he hasn’t campaigned for over two years?

    Any dinners in Cape Coral for “campaign staff”, like when he wasn’t even in town?

    Or liquor runs in Minocqua for “campaign” functions? Did he ever drive the MCSD Tahoe to the liquor store in Minocqua for “campaign” booze? (Of course, it shouldn’t even be outside McHenry County on his vacations.) Just askin’.

    Apparently, no part of the Illinois State Board of Elections reviews, monitors or audits campaign reports.

    We know in Illinois, though, that every person running for, or holding, office honestly and accurately reports all campaign income and expenditures.

  2. Is it true they call him “the cell phone sheriff?”

    How appropriate to apply monies to cell phone service.

    He will need to continue running the Sheriffs Department form Wisconsin and, or Florida so he can keep in touch with Zinke and his boys……

    They can continue to update Nygren on the blogs..

    Sure hope he has someone assigned to call him when Zinke loses the election..

    Bye Keith Nygren and Andy Zinke. We have had enough of the likes of both of you, thats for sure……

  3. Hey Keith remember back in the day when you use to come to my house for “Republican get togethers?

    You use to call them parties.

    But really, it wasn’t much of a party.

    Anyway, when the party was going on downstairs I was upstairs talking to Federal Agents.

    What do you think they wanted?

    Believe me, I had a lot to say………

  4. Again, so what?

    Gus, do your thing-you haven’t got anything else worth doing.

    Duncan (Scott), anything come of your “talking” to the Feds?

    Didn’t think so; much like nothing came of/from the DEA and Zinke.

  5. “azsupporter” I am not Scott……….

    You are not as invincible as you think you are…

    It is just a matter of time…..

    “SWEET DREAMS”………….

  6. We all know Zinky and Keith have friends that are Federal Agents.

    But just remember not all Federal Agents are their friends………

    Like I said it is just a matter of time……..

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