Municipal Administrators’ Salaries in McHenry County

The Daily Herald’s Jack Griffin has compiled a list of salaries of suburban city and village managers and administrators.

I have added ones from McHenry County which were not on the Daily Herald list.

The local ones can be seen below, going down from highest-salaried administrative office:

  • Algonquin – $170,684
  • Huntley – $151.400
  • Lake in the Hills – $146,952
  • McHenry – $140,314
  • Cary – $137,713
  • Barrington Hills – $131,465
  • Fox River Grove – $108,960
  • Prairie Grove – $92,353
  • Island Lake – $88,005
  • Lakemoor – $87,160


Municipal Administrators’ Salaries in McHenry County — 4 Comments

  1. Many years ago I did a study on school superintendents’ pay. (I am a municipal bond analyst by trade.)

    The two biggest variables affecting pay were the average income in the community and the size of the budget.

    Basically, the richer the community, the more they paid their superintendents.

    And the bigger the budget, the more the superintendent was paid.

    I found this interesting because the job of the superintendent is essentially the same no matter how large or small the school district.

    No superintendent was paid more for saving money, and student performance was immaterial to pay.

  2. There are many exceptions to the comment on public school superintendent pay.

    While it’s basically true the metro areas pay more, and larger budgets mean larger superintendent pay, superintendent pay in metro areas is all over the map.

    It’s basically a function of what the Superintendent can extract from the Board.

    The Superintendent is the Boards only employee.

    The rest of the employees report directly or indirectly to the Superintendent.

    Some of your highest paid Superintendent pensions are from towns like Carol Stream Elementary District 93, Wheaton Warrenville District 200, Homewood Flossmoor District 233, Bloom Township District 206, and the list goes on.

    Here’s an example of what one board gave a Superintendent.

    Why is Wheaton paying far more than Naperville, Oak Brook, the vast majority of the North Shore of Chicago, etc.

    “Gary Catalani walked away from his job in the public sector at the top of the heap. In 2005-06, a year before he retired from Wheaton Warrenville Unit District 200, his pay package was $394,995.

    That included his $306,000 salary, a $12,000 annuity, $26,485 for unused vacation days, an auto allowance and payments into the state’s pension system on his behalf.
    On top of the $394,995 came more taxpayer-borne costs — for health, dental, life and disability insurance.

    Just two years earlier, his annual compensation was $232,511, according to data supplied to the Teachers Retirement System. The $150,000-plus jump was part of the preretirement pay padding aimed at boosting pension payments.

    The day he left his job, Catalani, then 56, was eligible to collect a pension that would pay $214,248 in the first year, and increase at least 3 percent each year until the day he dies.”

    Super pay for superintendents
    By Catherine Edman
    Daily Herald Staff
    Published: 11/4/2007 5:28 AM

  3. We must demand cost of living raises be taken away from any public employee making more than $40,000 per year and we must stop bumping up pay in pre retirement to pad pensions.

    Private pensions don’t usually have those benefits.

    If you make $20,000 at retirement weather you live to 100 or 67 you make that much yearly the rest of your life.

    This and big CEO pay has made the USA a country of rich and poor and dwindling middle class.

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