District 155 Invites South High School Bleacher Neighbors to Monday Meeting — 7 Comments

  1. Why do the Chicago Cubs need permission from the City of Chicago to do Stadium Improvements yet CHSD 155 does not need permission from the Village of Crystal Lake to erect significantly taller bleachers?

    CHSD 155 claims state law allows them to do this.

    What State law?

    The State law should be changed.

    So many state laws in Illinois are a pile of garbage.

    Just because state law allows something to be legal doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do, or even should be legal.

  2. Well here is the link CHSD 155’s claim.

    There you can see the problems we have in Illinois.

    The letter claims the public schools of Illinois are considered units of the state.

    The State of Illinois is corrupt and that corruption extends all the way down to school districts.

    The school district claims the Regional Office of Education has authority to grant approval for the project, not the Village of Crystal Lake.

    That law should be changed.

    Obviously the Village of Crystal Lake should have a say so over zoning control about what is constructed in Crystal Lake.

    Continue reading the letter.

    The 1970 Constitutional Convention is mentioned.

    Red flag.

    The same Constitutional Convention that precipated the current pension crisis by stating state pensions are contractually guaranteed and can’t be diminished or impaired (but they can be increased to infinite levels and were increased to ridiculous levels).

    The Illinois School Code is mentioned.

    That’s the set of laws that govern school districts.

    The State has given too much power to school districts.

    The lawyers just write laws to their political advantage.

    Madigan, Cullerton, and Quinn are Chicago Democratic lawyers.

  3. This is a PR move to stop the bleeding.

    What’s the point to discuss anything?

    It’s already halfway built.

  4. Since Johnnie Thomas is lawyered up, maybe this would be a good place for Mayor Shepley to show up and confront these guys.

    Or better yet, I’d love to see Thomas served with a summons or some other action holding the D155 bullies accountable for their actions.

  5. Paul

    Leagal action is something Mayor Shepley and this council wish to avoid….It will only hurt our taxpayers…but as for the neighbors, if any one of us does not count then none of us count…these folks are entitled to their Due Process…

  6. Keep in mind all taxpayers of 155, the district is in a Teachers contract dispute, they are 1.7 million in a deficit and they spend 1.18 million on monster bleachers when the asst. superintendent of finances confirmed in the Herald that attendance at D155 is declining.

    The city is no longer growing.

    The district has always gotten the city’s approval for projects in the past under the previous superintendents rule why does the new superintendent think they are now exempt from this?

    If this is how they are going to run the schools then anyone living next to any other D155 school can have this happen to them.

    The district is being a bully plain & simple & that is not an expectable example for our kids.

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