Barb Wheeler Bill for Women Vets Passes

A press release from State Rep. Barbara Wheeler:

Task Force Looks to Boost Assistance for Women Veterans

Springfield, IL … Legislation sponsored by State Representative Barbara Wheeler (R-Crystal Lake) aimed at studying ways Illinois can improve services provided for Illinois women exiting the military was signed today by Governor Quinn before a large crowd at the Illinois State Fair.

Barb Wheeler

Barb Wheeler

“Every day, women veterans are leaving the armed forces to re-enter civilian life, and up until this point many of our veteran services are targeted towards men,” explained Rep. Wheeler.

“This law will now identify what our veteran women need in terms of support and create a legislative agenda to address these deficiencies.”

The measure, House Bill 3346, specifically requires that the Illinois Discharged Servicemember Task Force expand their scope to include the needs of veteran women.

The measure seeks to focus on issues such as

  • future employment
  • level of compensation
  • access to rehabilitation, health care
  • other issues facing women leaving the armed services.

Recommendations are to be put forward in the task force’s annual report for 2014.

“With this law, our veteran women could see an increase in opportunities beyond their service,” stated Rep. Wheeler.

“At a time when our economy is lacking stability, we must ensure that our veterans, who have sacrificed so much, have the assistance needed to succeed in civilian life.”


Barb Wheeler Bill for Women Vets Passes — 4 Comments

  1. What is the difference between Rep Wheeler’s ideology and being a Democrat?

    I love the initiative and it is progressive.

    The GOP will get behind it merely because if says “armed forces and veteran”;as long as those two word are used.

    I would love to see the laundry list of how women are not getting access to rehabilitation or health care as compared to their male veteran counterparts.

    As well as the specific issues that women are facing leaving the armed forces their male counterparts don’t encounter.

    Turn the tide and give the same opportunity to women returning to the work-force after raising a family…too much government intrusion.

  2. Vets don’t get the help they need!!! Now we are going to try to fix the system for ONE particular group?

  3. LCTruth is exactly right.

    I am a vet and I think we deserve certain benefits when times are hard but Wheeler is a cheap politician who uses this type of legislation to pretend she is accomplishing something.

    Illinois and McHenry County have real problems that impact EVERYONE.

    Hey Barb, stop fiddling around with the likes of Tryon, Zinke and the other Good Old Boys and do something meaningful.

  4. Good to see more folks calling out these glad-handing pols.

    Exactly how Obama got to White House.

    Feel good, PC legislation that gets absolutely no resistance and steering clear of anything that takes some spine to back.

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