Chicago Junior College Has Problems Similar to McHenry County’s

The Chicago Sun-Times Monday on the City Colleges of Chicago.

The headline zeroed in on the junior college presidents being paid $170,000, considerably less than what is paid Vicky Smith at McHenry County College.

The presidents’ salaries brought to mind the controversial renewal of Smith’s contract by two of the three defeated Trustees right before they went out of office.

A study of peer colleges found presidents paid $178,000.

Looking at suburban colleges, however, the Sun-Times found presidential salaries running from $221,000 Elgin Community College to $343,000 at Moraine Valley.  Smith is paid in the neighborhood of $200,000, plus a $6,000 car allowance and 50-50 matches of up to $18,000 for a tax deferred annuity.

Also an item of contention facing MCC is the part-time faculty and tutors being told they will have to choose between the two jobs.

Unlike MCC, where the reason is quite straight-forward, Chicago union officials “think that effort was meant to keep the employees’ workweek under 30 hours, which could mean they wouldn’t qualify for health-care coverage under the Obama administration’s health-reform law.”

MCC officials are completely out in the open regarding that being the reason.

Unlike McHenry County College, Chicago’s junior college district administrators plan “no tuition or property tax increase.”

They report having “a healthy operating surplus of $25 million going into fiscal year 2014.”

That’s less than McHenry County’s.


MCC City Colleges of Chicago S-T 8-19-13


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  1. Cal, to be clear, the City College system is much different from McHenry or the other institutions you mention. City Colleges have multiple “colleges” that make up their sytstem and each college has it’s own President. The top administrator is the Chancellor. The Chancellor at City Colleges is more akin to the President at a school like McHenry, etc. It is really comparing apples to oranges to compare the President of a multicampus system to the President of a single college institution. They are not the same level of responsibility. In a system like City Colleges the Presidents are more like the principals of a school and the Chancellor is more like the Superintendent. At McHenry the President is more like the Superintendent and has more responsibility than a President at City Colleges. All Presidents are not equal.

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