Nygren & Zinke Fear Release of Zinke Investigation on RITA Incident

Prim looking right serious brick background Zinke looking left smilingOn Tuesday, Pete Gonigam and his First Electric Newspaper were in court again in the question to gain access to the 100+ page investigation of Undersheriff Andy Zinke’s involvement in the Drug Enforcement Administration’s investigation concerning RTIA Corporation.

Of most interest was the repeated reference of McHenry County Sheriff’s Department Affirmative Action Officer Don Leist, who is a lawyer, to how making the document public will help the campaign of Republican Bill Prim.

Read the details here. 


Nygren & Zinke Fear Release of Zinke Investigation on RITA Incident — 30 Comments

  1. Making the document public will not help the campaign of Bill Prim as corruption will shadow his campaign as a member of the Taylor Street Boys and support from Mr. Corruption himself, Louis Bianchi.

  2. Since this document is of an INTERNAL investigation of an employee, I believe the precident of releasing ANY internal document, from ANY type of business, sets a dangerous trend. Since this document apparently shows no illegal wrong-doing, in MCSO’s opinion, of a general order, and no apparent charges have been filed against Zinke by the AG, local SA, or the DEA, I fail to see the relevance, or need, on your part. It’s called an INTERNAL investigation for a reason; internal checking. Seldom have I ever heard of one leading to criminal charges. It screams “I back Bill Prim”

  3. You “Fukoku” and “azsupporter” sound like a couple of fools. Not only do you twist the truth on this blog, you twist the laws and the rules for releasing documents for an FOI request. If the information in that document ruins Zinkes campaign, that is no ones fault but his own. By law, the document should be released. Judge Meyers excuse for not releasing the document makes his argument look suspect and appears as if he is not following the same rules that apply to everyone.. If Judge Meyer refuses to release those documents because they could hurt Zinke’s campaign, Judge Meyer should be removed from the bench and a complaint should be filed with the Judicial Inquiry Board. There should be “PUBLIC OUTRAGE”, because of such a ridiculous decision..Choose wisely Judge Meyer, because an opinion like that just makes it look like you are part of the “Regime” Judge Meyer should not be making decisions based on who could win or loose the election His decisions are suppose to be made on written law and cases that have set precedence. By approaching this matter on such a nonsense ruling, he is betraying the public trust. The tax payers of our County should not put up with this.

    The only way things will change is if our tax payers get out on election day to cast their votes..Don’t wait until something happens, related to the court system, that turns your lives u pside down.

  4. You can’t get orange juice from a doorknob. You can’t get blood from a turnip. Zinke had no wrong doing hence why the Feds, Local government, County government and Lou Bianchi have NOT, I repeat, NOT filed a lawsuit against Zinke for wrongdoing. Nothing to see here folks. But, good on the First Electric Newspaper for investigating a ‘crime.’ They do more investigative journalism than CNN/Fox/MSNBC combined.

    P.S. Duncan, I swear, if you say I’m a sheriff’s deputy one more time…. (not a threat, just annoyed.)

  5. I believe Judge Meyer will rule on the LAW, as would any other Judge in this County. Whether some people like the rulings or not is why there are appeals courts in Elgin, I think. Judges rule on LAW, NOT emotions, hurt feelings, or crys of “unfair”. Judge Grahem got the same type of ranting and raving, based on the LAW, as he saw it, and no other court has disputed his rulings of the LAW. Just because the FOIA board said it should be released, we all have read that that board has no POWER to enforce their recommendations; therefore, they are useless, as are their rulings. I still don’t understand how this document, which relates to an internal set of general orders at MCSO, is going to ruin someones campaign for anything, since they are not LAWS, but a set of self-regulating ways of doing business. If he’s broken a LAW, then the DEA or AG or local SA should do something about it, not some blog.

  6. AZsupporter just hit it on the head. FirstElectricNewspaper, hope you are listening.

  7. “Sum Ting Wong” You don’t scare me. You are definitely a part of the regime. Bye the way, Haven’t seen Gordon Graham in any of the parades lately. What’s the matter he is too busy watching his favorite daytime TV shows “Lets Make a Deal” and “The Price is Right. I bet “Judge Meyer”, “SumTIn Wong” “AZsupporter” and “FukoKu” are all sitting right next to him drinking a beer along with a bowl of popcorn…I have a inside source over at the Mchenry County Sheriffs Department and I am told those games are watched on a daily bases. The public has the right to know.

  8. According to the rules of the JUDICIAL INQUIRY BOARD: CONDUCT THAT IS PREJUDICIAL TO THE ADMINISTRATION OF JUSTICE OR THAT BRINGS THE JUDICIAL OFFICE INTO DISREPUTE is reason to find a judge GUILTY of misconduct. I believe Judge Meyer falls into that category. Release the FOI Records Judge Meyer. You are doing a disservice to our community…….Just so our tax payers know, Judge Meyer was not elected by the people, he was elected by judges that were already sitting on the bench. Judge Meyer you have clearly demonstrated your inability to do your job, and the people of this community should demand that he be removed from the bench immediately…Bye Judge Meyer and you can bring Gordon Graham with you….

  9. Duncan,
    I don’t know who Gordon Graham is. I’m not part of any regime. I don’t know who Judge Meyer is. But if you do have any beer or popcorn, please send it my way. And, actually, I agree with you on the part of allowing the FOIA request (by the way, it’s FOIA not FOI). The public should have these records so you can realize you were wrong and quit the name calling.

  10. At MCSO, Standards of Conduct violations will be investigated by the appropriate authority to determine the validity of the complaint and to report findings as prescribed by existing policies and procedures.
    It is the duty of every member of the Sheriff’s Office to thoroughly familiarize himself or herself with all general orders, rules, regulations policies, procedures..
    General Order 1.5.00-8(a) states:
    Except as authorized, employees shall not communicate information
    which might assist persons suspected of or charged with criminal acts
    General Order 1.5.00-44 (a) states
    Members shall not interfere with investigations being handled by other members of the Sheriff’s Office or by any other governmental agency.

    Are you trying to say that Zinke didn’t violate any of these General Orders in this situation ?
    Come on, admit that the clown struck again, and move on..

  11. The Nygren/Zinke team must believe the MCSD motto is “to swerve and deflect.” MCSD (Nygren and Zinke) are wrong to deny FEN’s FOIA request. They will now delay and waste our money. Eventually, the report will be made public. We the People demand transparency, not deception.

  12. I have a great idea how about Zinke and Prim just agree to swap their employee personnel files. After all what does Prim have to hide. Heck let’s just make all government employee personnel files public record.

    The argument that because Zinke does not want his personal files released to his political opponents that means he is guilty of something is one of the silliest arguments the tin foil hat crowd has made in a long time.

    If you don’t realize Bianchi and his office have a massive conflict of interest here you are in very purposeful denial of reality.

  13. Duncan, every time I make a comment on this blog you just have to counter with one of your ridiculous comments. You are a stalker……..

  14. No Fukoku you are the real stalker, trying to do damage control for the Zinke camp..It is true that Zinke has in own employees monitoring the blogs and responding to comments. He is a “COWARD” because he can’t even stand on his own two feet.Though, have to say he does know how to use his middle finger. However, he does not know how to put a sign on straight. And, I did not give you permission to use my words. That is plagiarism. Zinke violated General Orders. Just one more Circus act for Andy the Clown and his entourage..

  15. butseriouslynow…….Try and keep up 2013…the files are not his employee files…….The files that Stinky, I mean Zinke is hiding from the public are those that have to do with the Zinke/Rita Corp incident..You know, the on that Stinky, oops i mean Zinke called his buddy about, violating not only several MCSO General Orders, but probably State or Federal Laws as well..

    you up to speed with the things now ?
    Just let Stinky know that it hasn’t even started yet. There is so much more coming out his way.
    Have a great weekend, sorry you have to work tomorrow !..I mean, you are sitting at a mcso computer now, right..

  16. I say lets just let the county release all internal complaint investigations and data in personnel records to opposing political campaigns without court orders…It may bankrupt the County but it would be like winning the lottery for those in question.

    I’m more worried about the fact the investigation more than likely has details about the original investigation and additional witness’s. It indeed a Cartel was involved in piggybacking a legitimate shipment into the U.S. it’s bad enough that one witness was exposed for political purposes.

    Rest assured those of you who want to imply Brian Goode was a criminal involved with a cartel as opposed to an unwitting witness/victim not only need to have your tin foil hats adjusted but are either purposely or ignorantly slandering the man for your political and personal grudge purposes.

  17. ‘aretheyserious” You are so full of BS………The Cartel was indoctrinated into the Mchenry County Corruption Regime a long time ago……That is a fact…So quit trying to twist the truth…The FOIA records need to be released…….And, Judge Meyer should be removed from the bench immediately……CALLING THE JUDICIAL INQUIRY BOARD….BYE…. Judge Meyer and Judge Gordon Graham…..Now you can watch your favorite daytime TV shows “Lets Make a Deal” and “The Price is RIght” Full time. Oh I’m sorry you have already been doing that. I don’t think they allow those shows in prison….Or, maybe they do, so you will fit right in Judge Meyer and Judge Graham……

  18. Why does Sheriff Nygren continue to refuse to disclose the details of his investigation into allegations of misconduct against Zinke? Nygren used the investigation to relieve Zinke of responsibility for his conduct, and to instead divert attention to the whistle-blower.

    How can Nygren claim to have any credibility in his decision when Zinke is his undersheriff and Goode is his largest financial contributor? How can Zinke’s explanation be believed when his campaign was headquartered at Rita Corporation at the time he disclosed the DEA’s investigation to Brian Goode? And what about that follow-up campaign contribution from Goode to Zinke? Bianchi had all this information a year ago!

    Zinke’s unauthorized disclosure of the DEA’s investigation of Rita Corporation is the business of the people of McHenry County! Give it up Sheriff! Stop wasting our tax dollars!

    And speaking of wasting our tax dollars, if Lou Bianchi had done his job in the first place, this litigation would never have arisen. As State’s Attorney, Bianchi had his chance to handle this a year ago and he chose to do nothing. Now it’s going to cost us, the taxpayers, while Lou Bianchi continues to do nothing as State’s Attorney, and another “special state’s attorney,” paid for by the tax payers, is hired to do Bianchi’s job.

    Then … why do we need Bianchi?

  19. Except for “the facts state” above, who appears to be inside since he/she can quote internal general orders verbatum, none of us KNOWS anything’ we assume, and go on what we hear, see, and feel is the truth. Zinke has obviously not broken any LAW, not internal RULE of the way of doing business, since he has not been charged by either Bianchi, who would have the perfect forum since he’s backing another, the DEA, or the AG, nor the FBI. i.e., he’s done NOTHING WRONG LEGALLY. Even if you DO get the document, which I seriously doubt, you would have no “standing”, I believe they call it, to bring charges against Zinke since he hasn’t broken any LAW! LAW! LAW! LAW! Not some made up, internal bulls__t general way of acting and doing business. I, and others here, twist nothing; we assume fact as we’ve heard them and go from there. Meier will base his ruling on the LAW, not some blog’s whinning and crying that it’s unfair. Just take your ball and go home and pout in the corner, just like my 3 year old grandaughter.

  20. “azsupporter” You are wrong I do have absolutely proof of corruption concerning Andy Zinke. “ABSOLUTE PROOF” And, I have “ABSOLUTE PROOF” of Keith Nygren’s participation in corruption. And, I have ABSOLUTE PROOF that Lou Bianchi is “INNOCENT” and he was railroaded by the regime…. There is no proof that Bill Prim has ever participated in corruption. He is a man that believes in personal accountability, even if it is one of his own officers. That I do know. Bill Prim is a man of integrity and he will do the right thing even if it means he does not win points from his colleagues..

    Your comments are just one more way for you to twist the truth and back up your false claims. There is no validity to your argument.

    Andy Zinke may have been cleared of all wrong doing in the Rita Corporation Fiasco but he is not innocent…He violated the ‘General Orders” of his own Sheriffs Department..

    Cases are fixed in Mchenry County and that is a fact. I personally have more than one experience with someone trying to fix or make an offer on a case that I personally had pending in the Mchenry County Court system. And, I have other first hand experiences with corruption….The most important example of corruption in Mchenry County is the Gary Gauger case. He was railroaded by egotistical Mchenry County Sheriffs officers trying to get a conviction and they all knew he was innocent. Every single one of those officers knew he was innocent. It is time for change in our community and change will “NEVER” happen if Andy Zinke is put into office. First of all he is a “Complete Bafoon” He has already failed political campaigning 101. He gave Call the finger, he made excuses for his wife dropping the F bomb at a parade and he can’t even put a sign on straight. He is not capable of running the Sheriffs office with integrity.

    Judge Meyer needs to release the report. He has already betrayed the public trust by not releasing the report. Judge Meyer needs to be removed from the bench immediately! Bye Judge, you have no credibility……I am calling for his resignation “NOW”

  21. Ok, NOW, as they say on Duck Dynasty, “we’re cookin’ with peanut oil”. We KNOW two things. 1) Duncan has admitted that Zinke did NOTHING LEGALLY WRONG regarding Rita Corp(see above post), SO ALL THE WHINNING ABOUT THAT CAN BE SET ASSIDE, AND WE CAN SEE NOTHING MORE ABOUT THAT ITEM; Duncan McHenry said so. 2) Duncan McHenry has ABSOLUTE PROOF of a whole bunch of crap that he says places Zinke and Nygren in VIOLATIONS, of the LAW!! Our wuestions now become, 1) What has Duncan McHenry done with that info, i.e. whom has he showed it too (FBI, DEA, AG, LSMFT), and 2) IF he has already produced this ABSOLUTE PROOF to ANY of the above mentions LAW ENFORCEMENT agencies (sorry, LSMFT is not a law enforcement agency), what have any of the agencies DONE WITH IT? If he’s given it to the FBI, as he’s claimed in the past on other posts that he’s talked to them upstairs while hosting a PARTY for Nygren, and he’s NOT Scott M., as he’s claimed in other posts before, then the FBI doesn’t believe TWO people, Scott M., and Duncan McHEnry. Logic is a bit_h, ain’t it?

  22. Just so the fine folks of Mchenry County Know “Azsupporter” is from the Sheriffs department.

    It was never stated that Zinke did not do anything illegally. He violated the general orders, and he is not innocent. Just because no one has prosecuted him, is not proof that he has not broken the law regarding the Rita Corporation Fiasco…….

    And, what I have done with my information is none of your business. I have operated honestly within the parameters of the law. Which, is a lot more than you could say about a few people you work with. I do have “Absolute Proof of Corruption”.. Stop accusing me of being somebody named Scott M.

    How long did the boys think they could continue watching “Let’s Make a Deal” and “The Price is Right” They have been watching that game for years.

    Judge Meyer should be removed from the bench immediately. He has already betrayed the public trust by not releasing the FOIA report……. Bye Judge Meyer

  23. Ok, now that’s the third or fourth time you’ve referenced Paul Schariff’s book about his Father’s murder. What has it got to do with YOU? I’ve read the book, and was around at the time of his Dad’s murder in Lakemoor; anyone who was around at that time, thought, or was pretty damn sure, that it was an obvious hit (i.e. mob style). If this is your proof, good luck with that. As an aside, I knew Ron Schariff, and thought he was a nice man; half-bubble off plumb at times, as we all were back then, but a nice guy.
    And the Scott M.,I referred to, is Scott Milliman, for those too slow to have figured it out.

  24. Duncan likes to argue and claims to have inside info for everything.

    In short Duncan is a troll.

    He always claims to have inside information and stirs the pot so to speak where ever she goes.

    Trolling blog comment sections for someone to argue with is a hobby for some.

  25. Listen “Fukoku” “watching on””azsupporter” and “aretheyserious’ everyone knows you are “Da Boys” from the Sheriffs Department and Andy Zinke has ordered you to monitor the blogs and provide him with updates in regards what people are saying about him……….You are trying to do damage control for his campaign. Give it up. Andy Zinke has already damaged his campaign and he has eliminated any chance for becoming the new Sheriff of Mchenry County…

    “watching on” You are not blocked. Suffering from a little paranoia are you?” No one is blocked………Go take a pill…..

  26. So, according to Duncan, anyone who doesn’t agree with his point of view works for Zinke and watches TV. Oh well, can’t teach some people anything. Still trying to understand where all Duncan’s anger comes from, and I have asked before if the repeated references to Paul’s book mean that Duncan may be, or could be, related to the Schariff family; which could and would explain a lot, but never got a response, or an answer to a direct question. Oh well, doesn’t really matter; just trying to understand where the venom came from.

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