Lou Bianchi’s Fund Raiser Speech – Part 1 – Goals & Accomplishments

Previously, McHenry County Blog relayed the beginning of the speech McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi gave at his fund raising event last Thursday.

That was the part where Bianchi usually tells a joke.

This year it was a marvelous deception.

His talk continues below:

Let me repeat what I told the group that gathered on the night of the election, last November 6.

I want to tell you what I told them and this is what I said that after 8 years in office, all I had to say was…eight

Tonight I will talk about three things

  • first: I would like to update you on our continuing efforts to surpass and expand on our prior goals and accomplishments
  • secondly, I will tell you the secret of our success and
  • thirdly, and I will finish with some specifics about a special McHenry county partnership.

As for our continuing work

  1. Let me start with our criminal division with 24 attorneys.  They have been tough on crime and they have put the right people in jail. Take a look at the flyers that are available at your tables.  This is just a partial list of some of the charges and sentences for some of our more serious crimes. We are putting the bad guys away
  2. Our civil division with 8 attorneys advises all the elected and appointed county officials. Believe it or not, in the past eight years. They have issued over 5000 legal opinions.
  3. Our Check Enforcement Program continues to be a success. It has returned to date over $300,000.00 to local businesses.
  4. We have collected over $600,000.00 in monies owed the county for overdue fines, court costs and fees.
  5. In the past I have spoken about the value of expanding the use of special courts.  Remember how we started with the Mental Health Court and just a few weeks ago we had our 9th with 8 graduates with a total of 56 graduates of the program. NOW these specialized courts include not only the mental health court but also Drug Court and a Domestic Violence court. We have been working hard on implementing these courts.
  6. And we are especially proud of our First Offender Program which gives first offenders an opportunity for a fresh start and this year we believe we may even saved a life.  Some of the members of our citizen screening panel are here tonight.  I am sure they would agree with me that not only can we change lives we can save.

These are just some of the few of the accomplished goals of our State’s Attorney’s office.

The reason for Bianchi’s office’s successes later.


Lou Bianchi’s Fund Raiser Speech – Part 1 – Goals & Accomplishments — 2 Comments

  1. “They have put the right people in jail” and “We are putting the bad guys away”

    Ya RIGHT Pinocchio, where are our boots, the manure is getting real deep in here.

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