Valley Hi Planning to Salt Away $8.3 Million This Year and Next

Valley HI

Valley Hi in cooler times.

McHenry County’s Nursing Home presented its budget to the Public Health and Human Services Committee Wednesday.

Note that over a two-year period Valley Hi's balances will increase $8.3 million.  The annual budget is a bit more than $10 million.

Valley seems to have overtaxed, with Board approval, by $4.7 million in Fiscal Year 2013. Next year an additional $3.6 million in unallocated funds are being requested.

Here’s what was presented to committee members:

The operating part of the budget is $10-11 million a year.

This year the institution is “enriching” its fund balance by $4.7 million.

Next year, an additional $3.6 million will be added to that total bringing the case on hand to about $8,3 million.

Mention was made of adding rooms, but it was agreed that state Certificate of Need approval would first be required.

Also brought up was dementia care.  There are unfilled beds in the area run by private enterprise for such health care.

It appears that the Valley Hi tax rate could be cut considerably.

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