708 Board Attorney and Interim Executive Director Criticize New Board’s TAG Grant Decision

I’ll let the following documents from 708 Board Attorney Frank Gosser and Interim Executive Director Todd Schroll speak for themselves.

Gosser’s three-page letter comes first:
Gosser 9-9-13 p1Gosser 9-9-13 p2Gosser 9-13-13 p 3
Schroll sent a memo attached to this email:

Dear Board Members –

Please see the attached memo for an update on our progress to date. We are prepared to take the next steps in executing this request, however, this requires further input from the Board to ensure we reduce legal and financial risk. Within the memo attached, we lay out some immediate action steps the Board can take to move this process forward. Please also anticipate a legal opinion on this matter from Board attorney Frank Gosser.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience in this matter. Your staff is here to serve and provide the Board and community with the highest level of service possible.

Per their request, I will be meeting with Board President Rob Routzahn and Vice President Carrie Smith tomorrow morning at 8:30am. We will be discussing the TAG Emergency funding request and progress to date. I will continue to update you with any new developments.

Thank you – Todd

Todd P. Schroll, MSW, LCSW
Interim Executive Director
Associate Director of Community Planning and Youth & Family Services

Scholl 9-9-13 p1Scholl 9-9-13 p2Scholl 9-9-13 p3Whether the emails are related to agenda items for the 708 Board’s September 12th meeting is unknown.


708 Board Attorney and Interim Executive Director Criticize New Board’s TAG Grant Decision — 5 Comments

  1. Page 2, item 2 of the September 8, 2013 Gosser letter states TAG was not a funded agency of the McHenry County Health Board at the August 27, 2013 time of the $49,000 emergency funding request.
    However The Advantage Group (TAG) website states it receives 30% of its funding is from the McHenry County Health Board.
    So was TAG previously receiving funding from the McHenry County Health Board and for some reason defunded?

  2. Bingo Mark…review past budgets if they are ever to become available..

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