Centegra Letter Urging Non-Attendance at Reform Meeting Stimulates Reply by Dr. Bill Dam Inviting All

Centegra's McHenry Hospital

Centegra’s McHenry Hospital

At the end of August, McHenry County Blog published a letter from long-time local physician, Bill Dam.

Dam was brought in to clean up the Fox Waterway Agency and the Village of Fox Lake when officials ran afoul of the law.  He subsequently served as a Republican State Central Committeeman.

Dam’s letter announced a 7 PM meeting on September 25th at Crystal Lake’s Holiday Inn to discuss

  • administrative salaries
  • pending lawsuits
  • by-law changes without membership notice or consent
  • the process of becoming a member
  • the process for nominating candidates for the Board of Governors

A list of administrative salaries from 2010, as reported to IRS in a report (Form 990) that not-for-profit corporations file, was included with Dam’s letter.

In response, Centegra’s Board of Directors sent a letter about two weeks later  to members who elect the Board members at an annual meeting urging people not to attend Dam’s meeting.

Dr. Dam commented under the Centegra letter urging people not to attend his meeting with the following comment:

The letter from Centegra telling people not to attend the Wednesday 25th meeting underscores the very reason why this meeting should be held.

The meeting is not about hospitalists.

Personally, I embrace the concept.

I use hospitalists to help coordinate the care of all my patient admissions, every time, everywhere.

The problem is that there is no effective communication with the administration.

The reason for the meeting, as a 35 year member of the Centegra Community Corporation, is that I want my vote to count once again.

The Community Corporation membership has been essentially hijacked.

I did mission work for 2 years in a socialist country.

At election time there was only one hand-picked candidate.

Everyone was required to take a day off work to vote “yes.”

This is not how it works in America.

Learn about this and more.

At first I invited fellow Corporation members.

Now, since this is supposed to be an organization of “Community Governors” I would like to invite all interested members of the community.


Centegra Letter Urging Non-Attendance at Reform Meeting Stimulates Reply by Dr. Bill Dam Inviting All — 6 Comments

  1. i will without a doubt be there

    september 25, 7 pm
    holiday inn

    if nothing else, this shows promise at least as an entertaining event

  2. Cal, why are you supporting this unusual and perplexing cause from this rather dubious character?

    You seem to be taking Dr. Dam’s side and yet his argument is almost incomprehensible.

    Ultimately, he seems just to be showing simple salary envy. This is NOT a conservative cause, but rather shows deep liberal roots to his argument, and it personally makes me sick.

    So what if someone makes more than you. Get over it. Life is unfair.
    Just work harder, roll up your sleeve, and keep your nose to the grindstone. Personal success is just that. Stop bitching and moaning about others success….that’s typically what democrats do. Why do you support this?

  3. Dr. Dam has had plenty of personal success, he has no need to be envious of anyone.

    I see this as a cause for conservatives.

    Dr. Dam seems to be fighting for the Doctor/Patient led view of healthcare as opposed to the model that involves Bureaucrats (whether government or private) dictating care.

    The guy want’s to hold a meeting to give his point of view.

    I like to err on the side of open debate and let the ideas speak for themselves.

    It always worries me when anyone with a position of power seeks to silence the other side as oppose to debating facts and opinions.

  4. Is crony capitalism not a conservative issue?

    Is legal graft not a conservative issue?

    Is it not a conservative issue when a CEO hired to manage a community hospital takes 3% of the revenues for his own bank account??

    What is a conservative issue if the above are not?

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