708 Board Attorney Resigns Before Termination Vote, TAG Withdraws Grant Request

MHB 9-12=13 meeting agenda itemsThree things were on the agenda on the 708 Mental Health Board Tuesday morning at 7 AM:

  1. Dismissal of the Board Attorney
  2. Approval of Contract to Hire Interim Board Attorney
  3. Authorization of Emergency Operational Grant for TAG

All three were addressed, but two were disposed of in unexpected ways.

During the public comment period Pat Owens withdrew her request for the emergency grant.

TAG's Pat Owens withdrew her agency's request for an emergency grant.

TAG’s Pat Owens withdrew her agency’s request for an emergency grant.

With tears in her eyes, she said she “respectfully” was withdrawing the request for emergency funding.

No reason was given.

Her short statement is below:

The Advantage Group respectfully rescinds our request for emergency funding and asks its removal from today’s action agenda.

TAG, in the past year and a half has been restructuring as we continue to maintain full compliance with our DASA state contract and to prepare to seek additional grants.

We affirm our commitment to continue to provide accessible, quality treatment programs for youth and young adult substance abusers within our community.

We would like to thank each member of this board, for your generosity of spirit and leadership by serving and continuing the vision of the McHenry County Mental Health Board, which is vital to our community.

We also thank you for the ongoing commitment that you have demonstrated to our kids, families and to our community.

It is because of your dedication and service that our community is enriched, healthier, responsible, and capable of caring for those with mental health, development disabilities, and substance abuse problems.

Frank Gosser

Frank Gosser

Next up was long-time 708 Board Attorney Frank Gosser.

He read a longer statement in which he quoted from the Northwest Herald, disputed what had been said about him.

He said that all of his actions were “authorized” and that he had never received a phone call with regard to his services.

“No new Board member has indicated a willingness to meet with me.”

He said even if a client tells the attorney not to provide advice and even if the client says it will not pay for the advice, an attorney is duty bound to provide it.

He contended that his emailed advice “was good advice.”

“Whether you want to decide to accept it or not is your decision.

“Now it is I that has lost trust with the Mental Health Board.

“I hereby resign,” he concluded before handing his statement to the Board members.

Judi Szilak spoke next.

“I think this Board has made terrible, terrible mistakes.”

Szilak, who came from Ohio to head up a State-financed Area Agency and who wrote an extensive comment here, told of her family’s tragic history with mental illness.

“Stop listening to the politicians,” she urged.

“Stop listening to the lies going on in this community.

“The newspaper is not doing a great job.”

The Board then undid it approval of the TAG emergency grant and hired Ancel Glink’s Scott Puma to provide legal advice until a new Board Attorney was selected.



708 Board Attorney Resigns Before Termination Vote, TAG Withdraws Grant Request — 3 Comments

  1. This women, Mrs. Owens, has dedicated over 25 years of her life to helping our young people. Her success stories are numerous.

    Willing to take un insured.

    No kid turned away.

    God Bless and her efforts.

    Shame on those that try to diminish her.

    Tearing someone down to make yourselves look better??

    That is being a bully.

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