Bill Prim Fund Raiser Set for October in Crystal Lake

The following is about an October 24th fund raiser at the Crystal Lake Country Club for Republican McHenry County Sheriff’s candidate Bill Prim campaign.

It is sponsored by McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi, Gary Rabine and Brian Kelly.

The cost is $40 a person, $50 a couple.

Prim invite 10-13 topPrim invite 1013 bottom


Bill Prim Fund Raiser Set for October in Crystal Lake — 13 Comments

  1. WOW! Mr. Corruption himself, Louis Bianchi and his corrupted buddies in the Taylor Street Boys gang are sponsoring a fund raiser for Bill Who?

    Do you notice that this fund raiser is being paid for by the Committee to Elect Louis Bianchi clearly stated on the bottom of the invitation?

    Is this ethical? Or, do the people that support Mr. Corruption know that he is spending their money for Bill Who’s campaign?

    You Who’s supporters complain about this imaginary corruption in the Sheriff’s office, what do YOU call this?

  2. Welcome to America Fukoku, where you are free to support,campaign and vote for the candidate of your choice.

    Nothing criminal or unethical about it.

    Not so sure it’s a great idea to take a strong position in this race but I understand why.

  3. Keith and Andy,

    I know your high paid Admin. Commander Duanne is reading this blog daily for comments, then reporting back to you.

    So, Duanne..Please ask Keith one question.

    Ask him if you take 32, and divide it in half, what do you get ?

    I can guarantee you that Keith won’t tell you.

    He will though look at you very strangely and wonder how you knew that coded message .

    Oh just wait until its fun time.

  4. Bill Prim is the only qualified candidate out there.. I

    f we want positive change in Mchenry County Bill Prim is the Answer.

    We do not want someone like “Andy Zinke the clown” who flips off the public with his middle finger, has a wife that see’s there is nothing wrong with dropping the f bomb at a public parade, andwe do not need someone who doesn’t even know how to put a sign on straight on his own vehicle…..

    Bye Andy…..

    Further, Jim Harrison is probably a good attorney but he has no place in Mchenry County Politics.

    He is old baggage..

    Bye Jim…..

  5. @the facts state.

    Let everyone in on this super secret coded message. Is this the sign of the beast (Nygren) or the number of actual Zinke sipporters at the Sheriffs department .

    Duane is listening to the sweet nothing’s Andy is blowing in his ear….you’ll be Undersheriff…..

    Hey dimwit !

    Andy is telling several people they will “move up” in his administration. If Andy get elected and keeps his promises there will be more white shirts than blue.

    There will be at least four undersheriffs.

    Don’t rule out our new highly paid CALEA manager.

    What a waste of money.

    If I was sheriff that would be the first thing to go.

  6. @The facts state ??? OK I give.

    What is the secret code of 32/2?

    What did I miss?

    @Duncan McHenry.”Jim Harrison is probably a good attorney but he has no place in Mchenry County Politics.”

    Duncan, what has been the biggest issue with the MCSO the last few years? EMPLOYEE MIS-management, disciplinary issues and civil rights violations. Jim Harriosn is a Professor at John Marshall TEACHING employee law and civil rights. GET THE HINT!!

    There is a huge list of blunders by Nygren and Zinke pertaining to the administration of discipline.

    Schlenkert/Seipler alone cost us somewhere around a million bucks.

    Nygren won’t listen to any court or any opinion other that his own bloated opinion.

    JIM HARRISON would have seen that these cases were losers and cut his losses and dealt with the issues some other way.

    WHY? Becuase he knows the law and wouldn’t have cost the taxpayers all this money.

    I’m sure Harrison and Bianchi aren’t sharing any hot tubs togther BUT I bet they can get along as adults and try and work together.

    No secrets that Bianchi supports Prim.

    It is a free country but Harrison is not shooting flaming arrows at Bianchi or Prim.

    The Zinke crowd only knows the low road.

    FEN blog FOIA’s the internal review report of Zinke vs “the DEA”.

    Even after the AG says give it up, Nygren refuses and fights.


    He won’t let Bianchi represent him.

    He wants a private attorney.

    Here we go again.


    Now do you see why Harrison would shape this place up?

  7. Harrison is old baggage….and is linked to many of the old timers from Mchenry Counties “Goodl ol Boy” network…

    He knows the law.

    However, he does not belong in the Sheriffs Department….Bye Jum……….

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