Jack Schaffer Quotable Again

The Chicago Sun-Times again features a photo of McHenry County Metra Board member Jack Schaffer in an article on Metra’s waiving of it attorney-client privilege.

That privilege prevents a lawyer from revealing things said or provided by the client to outside sources.

In this case, the Inspector General investigating the scandal would has asked for such information, including tapes of secret sessions of the Board.

The Chicago Sun-Times continues to use former State Senator Jack Schaffer's quotes.

The Chicago Sun-Times continues to use former State Senator Jack Schaffer’s quotes.

“Let the chips fall where they may,” Schaffer said.


Jack Schaffer Quotable Again — 4 Comments

  1. Sun Times must be desparate if they’re quoting Jack Schaffer, whose career has been one cliche after another.

    He usually opens any introduction with a tired one-liner

    During the last governor’s primary he described Bill Brady and family as “right out of central casting”, which turned out to be a pathetic flop.

    Looking at Jack’s picture again, he kind of looks like Phil Pagano.

    Doesn’t he?

  2. Here’s the cliche’s resume.


    Metra Treasurer

    Jack Schaffer was appointed to the Metra Board, in 2006 representing McHenry County. In May 2009, he was
    elected board treasurer.

    Mr. Schaffer currently owns Liberty Outdoor Advertising and Liberty Self Storage, both located in Crystal Lake, Ill.

    From 1999 to 2003, Mr. Schaffer worked as a consultant and lobbyist specializing in insurance industry issues. Prior to his work as a consultant, Mr. Schaffer served as commissioner of the Illinois Office of Banks and Real Estate.

    From 1973 to 1999, Mr. Schaffer served as an Illinois state senator, holding several leadership positions including caucus chairman, minority whip and minority leader.

    Before his election to the Senate, Mr. Schaffer worked as an auditor for McHenry County.

    Mr. Schaffer is a graduate of Northern Illinois University with a B.S. in Business Management.

    And the so called Brady pathetic flop narrowly lost to Quinn.

  3. So glad you put this up Mark, and there was a reason we did not send him to Congress, when He ran.

    We sent Don Manzullo.

    Yes and he does look like Phil, too bad money was stolen under Jack’s watch at Metra.

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