Jack Franks’ Fall “Host Committee” Features Republican Elected Officials and Wannabe

Republican elected officials preferring Democrats to be in office is pretty common in Cook County, but surprising to find in McHenry County.

Michele Aavang

Michele Aavang

On the top of State Rep. Jack Franks’ “Host Committee” is McHenry County Board member Michele Aavang.

And guess who is last on the list of individuals.

Here’s a hint: the name begins with “Z.”

It’s former Republican State Rep. Jill Zwick. After she retired in favor of her husband Mort, who lost to Republican DeLoris Doederlein, she ran as a Democrat for the Kane County Board and lost. Her husband ended up an Appellate Court Judge in Cook County, a Democrat.

Andy Zinke

Andy Zinke

Next to last also starts with a “Z.”

Martens facing cameraHe’s listed as “Undersheriff Andrew Zinke.”

With Aavang at the top of the list and Zinke near the bottom, I thought the rest of the list deserved at least a cursory review for other GOP officials, candidates or non-partisan officials who identify themselves as Republicans.

Here’s what I found:

Keith Nygren

Keith Nygren

Mary McCann

Mary McCann

  • Bob & Judi Martens
  • Mary & Bob McCann
  • Sheriff Keith & Marge Nygren
  • [Woodstock] Mayor Brian Sager

As McHenry County Blog publishes the names of those on the 2013 Jack Franks Host Committee, perhaps others will point out some more Republicans on it.


Jack Franks’ Fall “Host Committee” Features Republican Elected Officials and Wannabe — 15 Comments

  1. I would love to hear what Sherman Skolnick would say about this party, too bad he passed. He was one heck of a guy!

  2. No surprise really.

    McCann worked with Aavang.

    McCann worked with Dennis Payls (dem for McHenry County Board).

    Just like democrat Murfin said two years ago, most GOP members on the McHenry County Board are really Democrats.

  3. Very interesting.

    A man that is running as a REPUBLICAN in the primary for Sheriff while supporting the democratic.

    What is with that?

    Is he trying to pander to the democratic voters?

    I would expect to see an Independent like Harrison there as many democrats are cross over voters and vote Independent.

    I hope Prim makes hay with this information.

    The GOP door knockers are going to have to explain why they are pushing the Nygren GOP chosen boy when Zinke supports a democrat.

    I wonder what Steve Reick has to say about this?

    Now watch Andy try and cover his tracks by making nice with Reick.

  4. Mary McCann is an elected Republican Precinct Committeeman in Seneca 2.

    Someone should primary her as she is not a real Republican.

  5. Justin, you and slick should go to the party and report back to us. This could be fun.

  6. I know this may seem strange coming from me, (well to some) but I don’t see any problem here.

    As matter of fact it’s a breath of fresh air to see people supporting the ‘person’ regardless of party affiliation.

    In the past I have studied Jack Franks such as where his money comes from and the like.

    Sure, Rep. Franks has some ties to the gaming industry, yet he voted down on voting machines in McHenry County which I’m sure caused him some heartburn with his supporters.

    In this case as with most, Rep. Franks does seem to vote along the lines of what his constituency wants.

    Isn’t that why we vote a person in or out of office?

    I find it a good thing that we have at least one Democrat who not only votes along lines that are in keeping with McHenry County conservatism, but others on the ‘other side’ support his efforts.

    Now if our so called true blue “Republicans” voted as the people wish in the county, McHenry County might find themselves working together in harmony rather than this unimaginable mess and dysfunctional method of which it runs today.

    Jack is a politician, you can’t expect any politician to be all things to all people.

    I think the day of hard core far right or left and party tags are on their way out.

    No matter who attends, I don’t think we should read anything into this other than we have people getting along and working together.

    I’ve been impressed with State Rep. Franks record for the county.

    Those who have followed my former blog in its earlier days, I did not agree with Franks and looked him over very good.

    Let me tell you, Jack Franks is the least of McHenry County’s problems!

    Thank You.

  7. So it has now been firmly established that Keith Nygren is a Democrat.

    Is that a surprise to any rational individual involved in McHenry County Politics?

    No, it’s not, but it should be big news.

    The frustrating aspect of this fact is the cold reality that the local Republican Party establishment has repetitively reassured their membership that, despite all the evidence over the years, Sheriff Nygren (who has held a serious leadership role in the party for decades) has always been described a “loyal Republican”.

    If any concerned Republican member even questioned Nygren’s loyalty to Republican principles, they were tagged as “right wingers”, “too conservative”, or “extremists” in an attempt to squash any opposition who dare question of Nygren’s loyalty to Republican and conservative priciples.

    Well, the facts now are now undeniable.

    Nygren has always been a Democrat and it has now been unapologetically announced by the very man himself: Nyrgren is now a brazenly self-announced Democrat.

    Now, should Nygren and the Republican Party apologize to the members of the local Republican Party for their misleading governance of the Party? Should the NW Herald run an article discussing and analyzing this intriguing and paradoxical political story? This is HUGE.

    Unfortunately, don’t hold your breath. There isn’t much intellectual capital in the newsrooms at the NW Herald or the Chicago Tribune’s McHenry County division; this sad reality is more evident within Republican Headquarters.

    Sheriff Nygren, you are a FRAUD….and you know it.

  8. Skeptic, respectfully speaking, there have been a few of us who for YEARS now, have been telling McHenry County who Keith Nygren is.

    Yet, nobody listened…..

    Zane Seipler and Scott Milliman lost their jobs and were caused unimaginable emotional and financial ruination because the local GOP refused to believe them….

    I myself endured death threats, had FBI agents come to my home to tell me about such things because of my very damning way of outing a very dangerous man and his soldiers, one of which is Greg Pyle.

    We warned all of you PRIOR to the 2010 election, yet you RREFUSED to believe us and you again, went to the voting both with your blinders on.

    Prediction; The McHenry County GOP party will vote Andy Zinke as it’s next Sheriff.

    It’s destiny and the regime will live on and on.

    WHY, because you are cowards who refuse to admit, you have been bluffed by a very good actor who has hidden from you in plain sight.

    It’s your call McHenry County….. What ya gonna do???

    Thank You!

  9. Sorry, David, but Franks is not good for the county.

    Voting along party lines where Michael Madigan is involved does not warrant praise.

    Jack wastes way too much time on frivolous bills that are designed only to keep his name in the media.

    These actions are hardly indicative of a competent legislator.

    Since there are so many Democrats masquerading as Republicans, especially Sen. Kirk; it might be wise if contributions be made directly to individual candidates rather than the Republican party.

    Voters,remember, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!”

  10. Someone posted “The GOP door knockers are going to have to explain why they are pushing the Nygren GOP chosen boy when Zinke supports a democrat.

    I wonder what Steve Reick has to say about this?”

    Democrat this Republican that, you guys all sound like a bunch of party shills.

    How is it that some of your will only support a Republican because all Democrats are bad.

    Well, would the other side of that postulate be that all republicans are the same?

    Well, clearly they aren’t – that’s an over simplification.

    So why is it that people are looked at as all bad if they try and be bipartisan?

    Bipartisanship is what this country was founded on.

    Our country would never have come into existence if it were not for the Great Compromise.

    This was a decision to allow the Senate and the House each have their own unique representative quotas as you probably know.

    And that wouldn’t have happened if the 3/5th Compromise wasn’t struck, which allocated representation to southern states based on slave population as you probably already know.

    So i state to you again: How is it that compromise/working across the isle/saying you support someone from a different party is looked at as such a high offense for you party shills?

    Why is it that you think that you can ONLY support one party or the other?

    Why is it that you think there is only one way to do things?

    Everything is made up. Humans have made Democracy, Socialism, Despotism, Monarchy EVERY system of government. God did not hand them down as some sort of covenant.

    So how is that you think in this made up system in our country that there is only one way to do things? That’s just ridiculous. Absolutely, truthfully, ridiculous.

    Our own County Board Chairwoman Tina Hill was campaigning for her friend and a fellow Democrat last year.

    Ask her about it, I’m sure she will deny it.

    I applaud ANY Republican, Independent or Democrat who looks to the middle where the compromise is; I applaud any candidate that will run on the platform “I will work across the isle for at least half of my bills.”

    I applaud every candidate that looks to the middle and not party shills to get their message across.

    The moment we start pandering to the extremes is the moment we lose our ability to reason.

  11. The candidate was Mary Margaret Maule.

    Cal, I appreciate my anonymity, but I’ll give you the follow up story nevertheless:

    Hill was at a local business waiting to be served.

    She was seated next to a voter who, as I rudely listened in on the conversation, happened to be out of her district and actually in Maules.

    Instead of talking about her aspirations for Chairman and what have you, Hill was telling the voter all about how her, Donna Kurtz and Mary work well together and are, “Good Friends” (That is a direct quote I am 10000% sure of) and the trio would get work done on the board if they are all elected together even though Maule was a Democrat and Hill a Republican.

    Hill was telling this voter that Maule was in her camp.

    Hill was telling the voter based on the fact she is FRIENDS will Maule (NOT a professional, elected colleague) and as a FRIEND that they would get work done.

    If that isn’t blatant cronyism or at least conspiracy to be a crony, I don’t know what is.

  12. Now, to be fair, I would like to reference one of my past posts: “I applaud ANY Republican, Independent or Democrat who looks to the middle where the compromise is; I applaud any candidate that will run on the platform “I will work across the isle for at least half of my bills.””

    Hill never said that in this case, publicly and on the record. Just a point of clarification.

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