Operating Engineers Pop for $12,300 in Signs for Andy Zinke

Bill Prim billboard that is up in September,2013.

Bill Prim billboard that is up in September,2013.

My guess is the billboard above from the Bill Prim for Sheriff campaign spooked the Andy Zinke campaign.

In any event, the Operating Engineers Local 150 union made a $12,308.50 in-kind contribution for “campaign signs” to the Zinke campaign on September 20th, as you can see below:

The Operating Engineers spent $12,308.50 on Andy Zinke's behalf on September 20, 2013.

Local 150 of the Operating Engineers spent $12,308.50 on Andy Zinke’s behalf for campaign sings from Stats & Stripes Silk Screening in Bridgeview on September 20, 2013.

Zinke has also scored other contributions of $1,000 or more since the end of the last quarter on June 30, 2012.

Bill Prim has not.

Zinke’s other recent big donations follow:

  • $1,000 – Breh Sales LTD, Harwood Heights, 7-15
  • $1,000 – Bill LeFew, Harvard, who lists the following information: Occupation: Owner American Family Insurance, 8-9
  • $1,000 – Christopher J. Bennett, Vice-President, Althoff Industries, McHenry, 8-15
  • $1,000 – Kenneth G. Cabay, Director, Cabay & Company Inc., Lake In The Hills, 8-15
  • $1,000 – Gary Rabine, CEO, Rabine Group, Spring Grove, 8-16
  • $1,000 – Pat Morehead, President, KRW Insurance, Crystal Lake, 8-21
  • $1,000 – Kurt Moders, President, Kenmode Precision Metal Stamping, Algonquin, 8-21
  • $1,000 – Scort Scott, Vice- President, Cabay & Company, Crystal Lake,8-26
  • $1,000 – Cary Crime Stoppers, Cary, 8-26
  • $2,000 – Vinnie Foglia, Vice-President, Sage Products, Barrington, 8-26
  • $1,000 – John Cederlund, CEO, Team REIL, Inc., Union, 8-26
  • $1,850 – Donley’s Banquets & Wild West Town, Union, Admission of 185 people to Wild West Town, 8-27

That totals $12,000 in cash contributions by my addition.

At the end of the last quarter Prim had $36,000 in the bank and Zinke had $26,000.

With no big contributions or any fund raising events during the last quarter for Prim, it would not surprise me if Zinke is in the lead on cash on hand when reports are filed in October.


Operating Engineers Pop for $12,300 in Signs for Andy Zinke — 52 Comments

  1. Talk about these guys covering their asses. Gary Rabine?

    He is supposed to be a PRIM supporter.

    OR IS HE?

    The Operating Engineers have been in bed with Nygren for years.

    They even errected campaign signs for Nygren in years past.

  2. The Gary Rabine listed is the father of Bill Prim’s finance guy.

  3. CRIME STOPPERS donating to Zinke???

    It is a NON PROFIT.

    This is a big NO NO.

    Is Kevin Craver of the NWH going to go after this???

  4. The fact that Crime Stoppers contributed is illegal and unethical…

    Pick your toothbrushes now guys…

    You will need one for yourself and one to scrub floors..

  5. Vince Foglia is the former owner of Sage Products.

    Mike Nygren works as Director of Marketing Communications, Sage Products.

    Mike Nygren is Keith Nygren’s son.

  6. Zinke and Nygren hooked up with the unions??

    I am not surprised.

    Voters – this should inform you that Zinke is NOT the person you want to vote for.

  7. CaryCrimeStoppers donating $1000.00 of donated money to Zinke seems as wrong as the unions taking union and giving it to politicians.

    If I worked for a company covered by 150 I wouldn’t want my money going to Zinke.

    Maybe the “Teamsters” driving truck loads of dope might contribute.

    Here’s a bet. T

    he local paper will refuse to publish the Cary Crime Stoppers donation.

    Lets see if The Woodstock Advocate and FEN pick it up.

    That is just wrong.

  8. Supposed to read “Taking union dues and giving it to politicians.”

    Hard to do from cell phone.

  9. You guys are going to hurt Andy ‘s feelings .

    All this talk about dope, trucks , loading docks.

    Next you’ll be drawing conclusions between union donations and favoritism.

    When will it stop.

    Poor Andy.

  10. Absolutely Cary Crime Stoppers donated to Andrew Zinke’s campaign, its called Crime Preservation.

    They know as well as I do that if Mr. Corruption himself, Louis Bianchi’s puppet becomes Sheriff, the crime rate will sky rocket in his county.

  11. Guys…lets stick to the points here..

    #1 Andy flips off people at in large parade .

    #2 Andy’s wife uses the “f” word like a Walrus likes the water.

    #3 Andy tips off campaign donor and friend about drug investigation.

    #4 Andy allows his “office girl” to take home a McHenry County Sheriff article 36
    car, use for her own personal use, and even into other counties.

    I could continue on and on, but Dwayne is probably taking hours of County paid time to write this down for the Clown.

  12. Ethics Commission ?

    State of Illinois Board of Elections ?

    State of Illinois Attorney General Office ?

    all 3 should be notified about Andy taking money from the Cary Crime Stoppers.

    call monday morning everyone..

  13. Fuk -you are NOT a bright light.


    A non for profit organization CANNOT make a political contribution.

  14. Not only does Andy’s office girl get to take a admin car home out of County, they also give her an IPass so she doesn’t have to pay tolls.

    Pay attention taxpayers when it comes time to vote.

    Andy will continue the entitlement mentality.

    Time for a change in leadership.


  15. ‘fukoku” = Kim Zinke….The donation to Andy Zinkes campaign from Crime Stoppers is called “Crime Preservation”???

    You got that right….

    They continue to preserve “Crime and Corruption” in Mchenry County..

    Andy and Keith are the leaders of Mchenry County.

    In my opinion, they have enabled and empowered the criminal enterprises in Mchenry County…..

    Don’t see any prosecutions for the Rita Corporation fiasco now or in the future…

    General orders don’t mean anything in the Sheriffs office.

    Rules and regulations are for everyone but them and the regime.

    Go back to the “Cuckoos Nest” Fukoku….

  16. Mr. Corruption himself, Louis Bianchi is sponsoring a fundraiser for Bill Who paid for by the Committee to Elect Louis Bianchi, is this ethical?

    Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler…..

  17. Fukoku, It is Sunday, take a day of rest . . . please give me your definition of ethics after you have had a rest.

  18. It is funny how we don’t hear from Duncan Mchenry, but we hear from Zane Seipler, which very rarely makes a post message.

    Your busted Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler…..

    I am not even in law enforcement and I am better than you clown’s.

    I hope when Undersheriff Andrew Zinke takes over he clean’s house and employed qualify Deputies.

  19. Ha! Fukoku is a good detective.

    He busted you Duncan McHenry = Zane Seipler.

  20. Listen “Fukoku” = Kim Zinke….

    There you go again with that delusional thinking of yours…

    I am not a deputy and have never worked for the Sheriffs Department.

    “NOT EVER” ..

    The fact that you keep mentioning Zane goes to show you have some kind of personal vendetta against Zane…

    He told the truth about the Sheriffs Department and you, Andy Zinke and Keith Nygren cant deal with it..

    You are so busy blaming everyone else for your misdeeds, you have no time to reflect upon your own actions and accept personal responsibility.

    “Fukoku” Go back to the Cuckoos nest, where you belong.

  21. Ambassador, using a star trek name, what a douche.

    You’re a Klingon alright, a kling on Nygren’s backside.

    Sounds like another user name of Kimmy.

    Take a couple more pills, maybe you can come up with another wacky name.

    Andy must have a thing for the nutty ones.

  22. Duncan please explain to Fuki that you are not me.

    I don’t want people giving me undeserved credit for making her a mockery.

    I also don’t want her driving by my house anymore.

    Is that Tahoe really supposed to have a child’s seat in the back?

    Tax payer money to chauffeur the Zinke clan.

    And what is she doing driving it?

    Is she re-employed at MCSD?

  23. Duncan Mchenry is not Zane….. I have never worked for the Mchenry County SheriffsDepartment. I have never worked in law enforcement. “NOT EVER”

    “Fukoku”= Kim Zinke has accused many people on this blog of stalking…”Fukoku” is the real stalker. Seems to me, if Kim Zinke is stalking Zane, the FBI should be involved.

  24. It appears Fukoku has left the kukoos nest, and has taken flight.

    Calling all cars, calling all cars, we will have to be on the look out for that White Tahoe.

    I can assure you Zane is not Duncan.

  25. Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler I thought you were just a paid mule for Mr. Corruption himself, Louis Bianchi.

    My apologies, you are an unpaid mule dancing for Mr. Corruption in hope to get your job back.

    Well it’s never going to happen Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler.

    You may have forgotten, or you are trying to forget that you were terminated for violating the department’s general orders when you lied under oath, which U.S. District Judge Kapala called your testimony a “fabricated narrative that conveniently explained what had transpired.”

    Your credibility has been clearly obliterated as you are well known to be a liar Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler, or Twice Fired, or whoever you are trying to be today.

    Also, it’s good to see Mr. Corruption’s paid Deputy Mules out in force tonight.

    Hee Haw

  26. Good to see you back in the nest Fukoku, please don’t obsess to much about who is who.

    You are wrong in your thought process, and could use a little help there.

  27. Some people have a lot time on their hands to continue to monitor and comment on all blogs and newspaper comment sections.

    Do you not have kids or a job Fucuckoo/kaitlyn or whatever your name is?

    You demonstrate such profound mastery of the English language and grammar.

    Your comments, accusations, and ridiculous actions show your true colors as well as your husbands.

    Please continue to speak to the public.

    Only then will Mc Henry County realize what a disservice it would be to have the two of you as Mr & Mrs Sheriff of McHenry County.

  28. “Fukoku” = KIm Zinke Let her keep talking.

    The more she talks the worse it looks for Andy Zinke……

    She has been stalking Zane…….

    If she is wearing a badge it should be removed and she should be fired…

  29. I don’t usually comment on anything but I need some clarification and it appears that there are some people on both sides of this issue that may have an answer.

    What exactly did Zane Seipler lie about?

    I honestly don’t know. I do know that it is obvious that the local newspaper has an agenda and that is common with any locally run media.

    I have noticed over the years that to some Seipler is a terrible person and to others he is a hero.

    If I remember correctly the “fabrications” revolved around how documents became public.

    What was in the documents that Seipler was willing to “fabricate” a story?

    Does anybody know?

    Mr. Seipler, you obviously read these comments, are you able to tell us now what was in the documents?

  30. I made an error it should read, “some think Seipler”

    I also have one more question, if Seipler “fabricated” the story and the judge was confident in his opinion, why has he not been charged with any crimes?

    Is his civil case still going forward or was it dismissed?

    I also understand their is a Mr. Millson involved and that he too has claimed things?

    What is the status of his issues?

    Can someone help me understand this?

  31. I am retired Khan and I have 4 adult children along with their spouses, which is 8 more votes for Undersheriff Andrew Zinke, not including my Grandchildren that are of age to vote.

    Read and learn about our next elected Sheriff, Undersheriff Andrew Zinke at http://www.zinkeforsheriff.org

  32. Alexander B, if you truly want to catch up, go to the Court site in Rockford and read for yourself on Nygren and Seipler . . . come to your own conclusions.

    Fishing trips do not work here!

  33. Fukoku, I thought staying in your nest would give you some relief in the real world . . . looks like that will not help in your case.

    You need a “Bird Cage”.

    Someone in that large family of yours can feed you, talk to you, and change the papers, to keep you clean.

  34. Lets all try to answer this next “Andy’s fight to be Sheriff attempt”.

    Andy now becomes part of “heroin task force”, as uses this as his campaign topic.

    Andy reports that in 12 month months this “task” force has taken off 78 grams of drugs ! which includes marijuana .

    Holly cow Batman, 78 grams !…

    I have seen people smoke a joint with more than 78 grams in it..

    Come on Andy, get serious.

    On the other hand I have heard about the multi-kilo seizures that Mr. Prim was involved all the time, going after the hard drug dealers face to face…

    Feb 02,2009 Andy made a U-tube video with the Northwest Herald talking about the heroin problems facing McHenry County then. ..

    Andy bragged he would change this, and that, but honestly the only thing that happened was the death rate of narcotics users raised and raised every month, each year. ..

    What did Andy Do ?..


    How many of your children and friends were lost because of someone in a position of authority that knew about the problems but failed to act ?

    Andy is a great bs artist.

    visit tube yourself..type in mchenry county sheriff zinke, and watch it..

    all this bs talking by Andy …

    ABZ folks, ABZ

  35. Unfortunately anotherwatcher you are not to far off from the truth and a large family is very beneficial as you become older.

    Sadly, one day you will understand what I mean and when that time comes, you will remember my name, “Fukoku”!

  36. Fukoku, if you must feel a need to defecate, please do it in your cage, that large family of yours can take care of the soiled paper.

    If it is going to spew from our mouth, try another mode of communication.

  37. The beautiful thing is anotherwatcher, is that I will live long enough to see Undersheriff Andrew Zinke become our new elected Sheriff.

    Than I will be able to see YOU piss and crap all over yourself my friend.

    Than my family and I will rejoice and sing an old Japanese victory song:

    Kaze ni hirameku rentai-ki,
    shirushi wa noboru asahiko yo.
    Hata wa tobikuru dangan ni
    yabururu hodo koso homare nare.
    Mi wa hinomoto no tsuwamono yo.
    Hata ni na haji so susume yoya.
    Taoruru mademo susume yoya!
    Sakaruru mademo susume yoya!
    Hata ni na haji so, haji na se so.
    Nadote osoruru koto ya aru!
    Nadote yayutoh koto ya aru!

  38. Fukoku, what a defining moment you have shared.

    There is an old Military Term out there, and it fits you perfectly.


  39. Fukoku, I really think you should start your own blog.

    Then you can really see who is making the comments, and where they are coming from.

    Just watch out for the DOJ.

    Have a great day!!!!!

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