Unions for Jack Franks

At least the ones he wants you to know about.

On his fall fund raising pitch, State Rep. Jack Franks encloses a list of those on his “Host Committee.”

This time the unions and few business “hosts” are not on top.

He gives that honor to Republican McHenry County Board member Michele Aavang. (I’ve already told you that “Undersheriff Andrew Zinke” is next to last.)

Below Zinke’s name is a list of unions, plus a trade association for one of the family businesses, plus a railroad company.

Here’s the list:

Jack Franks McHenry County (as opposed to his Chicago restaurant and White Sox) invitation.

Jack Franks McHenry County (as opposed to his Chicago restaurant and White Sox) invitation.

  • BNSF Railway
  • Carpenters Local 2087
  • IBEW Locl 117
  • Illinois AFL-CIO
  • Illinois Bankers Association
  • Illinois Education Association
  • Laborers Local1033
  • Laborers International Union of north
  • McHenry County Building Trades Council
  • Plumbers Local 93
  • Plasters & Cement Masons Local 11
  • \Policeman’s Benevolent Protective Association
  • Rockford-Area United Auto Workers CAP
  • Sheet Metal Workers Local 265
  • UCFW Local881
  • United Transportation Union


Unions for Jack Franks — 8 Comments

  1. FYI on 09/30/2013 at 8:25 am said:

    FRanks has Zinke /Nygren on his committee.
    Union gives Zinke $12, 300.

    Why doesn’t Zinke admit he is a Democrate and so is Nygren.

    Nygren ran as a Dem earlier and kept loosing, so all of a sudden, he is a Rep.

    Zinke/Nygren = Democrat.

    They cannot even be honest about that.

  2. @FYI – A few questions:

    Are all Republicans the same ideologically?

    Are all Democrats the same ideologically?

    Are all Independents the same ideologically?

    Why do you think that because someone is a Democrat that makes them bad?

    Is anyone truly the same in the way they have experienced politics ideologically?

    Wouldn’t it be better to look at THE CANDIDATE’S record/beliefs and not assign them beliefs based on what you THINK makes a Democrat or Republican?

    To which I as again, Are all Republicans the same?

    Are all Democrats the same?

    Are all Independents the same?

    How about we start talking about the issues and not labels?

  3. Nygren applied to replace Sheriff Art Tyrrell, the first Democrat elected to countywide office.

    When a countywide elected official retires, he/she has to be replaced by a member of the same party.

  4. Thanks for proving my point, Cal, party label is not the most important category to consider when looking at candidates.

    Look at their issue stances.

    I mean, readers of the blog don’t hate on Cal Skinner because he ran as a libertarian candidate at one point.

    Because he was a party flopper, does that mean he’s a bad person or candidate?


    It just means at one point in his life, Cal Skinner was a libertarian and now he’s a Republican.

    Who cares if he switches parties?

    When push comes to shove, I bet most of the Zinke haters can’t name one thing policy wise that Zinke wants to propose.

    Sure, you can name Rita, FBI, middle finger this, Fukoku is his wife that, but truly to you people incessantly inciting hate on this blog about Andrew Zinke, policy wise, what is one thing that you don’t like about Zinke that he wants to do for the county in terms of legislation/policy?

    This is like that Onion article posted the other day: “Person who knows 8% about Andrew Zinke argues with critic who knows 5% about Andrew Zinke.”

    Please, prove me wrong.

  5. And don’t forget, being “…replaced by a member of the same party.” means the replacement must be a registered voter who cast the ballot of the same political party of the officeholder who vacated the office, in the most recent pary primary in the General Primary election (even-numbered years primary).

  6. So, what you are saying “oncoming storm” is that Nygren would have to coordinate pulling a Dem ballot before being confirmed as a candidate.

    You didn’t say he has to ideologically cast away his views and become a card carrying liberal.

    Big difference.

    Just saying.

  7. Wait…. Jack Franks can use Public School Children to entertain people for his Campaign fundraising?

    I thought Schools were suppose to be non biased?

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