Donna Kurtz Announces for Re-Election to County Board

A press release from McHenry County Board member Donna Kurtz:

Donna Kurtz Announces Her Re-Election Bid for McHenry County Board – District 2

Donna Kurtz

Donna Kurtz

CRYSTAL LAKE, IL – Donna Kurtz, R-Crystal Lake, is announcing that she will seek re-election to the McHenry County Board.

Since taking her County Board seat representing District 2 in November, 2009, she has diligently worked to represent her constituents as well as the concerns for all the people of McHenry County.

District 2 consists of most of Crystal Lake and Lakewood, as well as a large part of LITH, and a precinct in Cary.

In her capacity as a County Board member Kurtz currently serves as

  • the Chairman for Public Health and Human Services and as
  • the Vice-Chair for Finance and Audit.

She has led efforts for government oversight & spending reform, Crystal Lake Watershed protection, and County Board rules reform, such as requiring chairman term limits.

As a fiscal conservative Kurtz has also challenged government status quo spending of numerous capital expenditures as well as employee raises; and opposes a county government tax levy increase.

Kurtz states,

“My goal from the very beginning has been to strategically balance the county’s future needs, in conjunction with the current needs and directions established by the community. I think that is the right approach in order to champion a McHenry County that remains beautiful, productive, and economically vibrant”.

Kurtz adds,

“There is still much work yet to do in order to promote government responsiveness, transparency, fiscal responsibility, and protection of the watershed and our groundwater. That is why I will be seeking another term, and asking the people of District 2 once again for their support”.

For more information, please contact Donna Kurtz at


Donna Kurtz Announces for Re-Election to County Board — 9 Comments

  1. I may not agree with all of her positions, but I challenge you to name a better County official than Donna Kurtz.

  2. Go to the county board meetings.

    She is clueless about pretty much everything.

    She shoots her mouth off first and asks questions later.

  3. Edith:

    I think you have Donna confused with Tina Hill or most of the other County Board members.

    Either that or you are another annonymous Andy Zinke supporter posting on the wrong article.

  4. She’s not in my District, but after reading her bio and initiatives, I wish she was.

    She is exactly what this County needs a lot more of.

  5. Edith, I think you really need a breath of fresh air, to clear your head.

  6. Donna Kurtz in every word and action represents the interest of the taxpayer .

    She has shown true courage and conviction in insisting that truth, fairness, and integrity are what we deserve in our elected officials.

    She really believes she serves the people verses many on the County Board who who view themselves as entitled to serve themselves.

    I, like many, simply gave up on this corrupt county until I met her.

    Now, I actually believe that we no longer have to accept this fact and can syptand behind someone who represents the best of what we idealize in our elected officials…Donna Kurtz

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