Judge Seems to Threaten Keith Nygren (Defending Andy Zinke) and Don Leist with Decision in Freedom of Information Suit

Keith Nygren

Keith Nygren

Andy Zinke

Andy Zinke

According to Pete Gonigam in a First Electric Newspaper story, Judge Thomas Meyer seems to be getting perturbed by his inability to find an attorney on a public payroll to take Keith Nygren’s side in refusing to release an over 100-page investigatory report on Undersheriff and Nygren pick to succeed himself Andrew Zinke’s.

Nygren rejected one from State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi’s office.  Bianchi is supporting Zinke GOP primary opponent Bill Prim.

None of the neighboring State’s Attorneys want to handle Nygren’s side of the Freedom of Information issue.

After shopping around Nygren’s case to deny Gonigam the Sheriff’s Department report exonerating Zinke’s telling of a Nygren-Zinke campaign contributor of a Drug Enforcement Agency investigation somehow involving his company, Meyer seems to want to get on with the case.

The most recent First Electric Newspaper article says Nygren and employee Don Leist, an attorney, would settle for the Appellate Defenders Office.

That is an agency whose mission is to defend criminals without private lawyers.

The Appellate Defender does not, however, have to accept the assignment in this civil case in which the Illinois Attorney General has recommended the release of the Zinke report.

“If that doesn’t work, we’re going to go to my decision,” Meyer said, according to the First Electric Newspaper.


Judge Seems to Threaten Keith Nygren (Defending Andy Zinke) and Don Leist with Decision in Freedom of Information Suit — 44 Comments

  1. Does it sound like the Judge is playing the Shell Game too?

  2. Damn it would be nice if we had a real NEWSPAPER that actually reported news regarding Zinke’s corrupt actions so more people would see how guilty this bastard is.

    Thank heaven we have McHenry Co Blog and FEN to get the word out.

    Everyone needs to send links to these blogs to their friends.

    I’ve heard it before from people at the sheriffs department but this should be the battle cry…..ABZ.

    Anyone But Zinke!!!!!

  3. Wow.

    All the money that has been spent on “CALEA”. Remember that this was tax payers money that Nygren and Zinke used for this accreditation..

    CALEA STANDARD 45.2.4 (A THRU D) describes how important it is to involve the community, the public to help not only to solve crime, but to detour it .

    This process can not be achieved without true, full transparency .
    further stating

    “Transparency is something with which we in the law enforcement community are familiar”.

    So why isn’t Zinke and Walrus following these much talked about Calea Standards ?


    This is why the citizens of McHenry County needs and deserve a new Sheriff like Bill Prim.

    Mr. Prim will stop the cancer growth of corruption within the McHenry County Sheriffs Office and restore it back to the people of McHenry County.

    I myself will join the Prim campaign today. I encourage you too.

  4. @another watcher – Can you please, in a bit of detail, explain to me what this famed shell game is you keep talking about?

  5. After reading FEN’s article about Tuesday’s court hearing, I realize that Don Leist did not tell Judge Meyer that the Illinois Appellate Defender’s Office WOULD represent Nygren and him.

    What he apparently said was that “Appellate Defender’s representation would be acceptable ‘by the Sheriff and I.'”

    That’s not the same.

    From the Appellate Defender’s Office website: “The principal function of the Office of the State Appellate Defender is to represent indigent persons on appeal in criminal cases when appointed by the Illinois Supreme Court, the Appellate Court or the Circuit Court.”

    Is Nygren indigent?
    Is Leist indigent?
    Is this a criminal case?
    Is this an appeal?

    No, no, no and no. Just another stalling tactic.

  6. If Zinke wants to do one thing that might benefit his campaign, it would be to TELL Nygren and Leist to stop stalling and release the investigate report.

    Then deal with the fall-out and march on.

  7. Choose wisely Judge Thomas Meyer. Everyone is watching………………..

    We are sick and tired of Nygren and Zinkes courtroom temper tantrums…

    Do the right thing and release the report.

    No more funding of Courtroom antics by the the Nygren and Zinke Circus.

    We are tired of the Circus side show attractions compliments of the tax payers money…

  8. So… Might be a stupid question, but what really are the implications of this report?

    What might be damning about it for zinke?

    And how does this help the Prim campaign?

    I really am confused.

  9. Tough to know without reading the report, wouldn’t you agree?

  10. Far – All you need to know is that they have something to hide or they would release the information as the Attorney General said they should.

    Why are they fighting tooth and nail not to??

    Far, Far out there.


  11. Or, maybe, they have nothing to hide and after an ethics investigation, and no criminal complaint filed by the states attorney and no further action from the DEA/FBI to go after Zinke, maybe, just maybe, there’s nothing in the report and you all are just sharks in the water waiting for something to sink your teeth into not matter how small.

  12. Fair play.

    Its going to be no longer the Walrus way of MCSO.

    Although Nygren is trying to mold zinke into his own little puppet to run things, zinke keeps shooting himself in the foot every time he opens his mouth..

    Or Kim’s mouth too.

    I think its very obvious that once this report is released, it will show that what nygren and zinke had been saying, is all bs..Buckets of bs..

    Do you know what should be in this report ?

    Do you recall what the headlines were in McHenry County on July 01,1997 ?

    Biggest headlines….but yet no arrest were made.

    I wonder, just curious ofcourse and speculative if these two events can some how be related ..

    So Dwayne, ask Zinke when you see him in the morning after you read this, if
    there is any connection here.

    If he gets up and runs out the back door crying holding his peepee than you know your on to something.

  13. @The facts state- you may want to dangle a few more of those ‘facts’ out there.

    How many will remember or know about the Jose Rivera connection and the esposa or their cozy connections to Nygren or indictments.

    I guess if you can help Nygren sway the hispanic vote nothing is illegal, nothing is out of bounds.

    STRANGE…now where are Jose and Maggie?

    Seems like they just dropped out of the picture…HUMMMM???

    Where is our ‘Advisor to Sheriff Nygren?

    How many of Rivera’s department business cards are still out there?

    Can’t deny this one Keith. I think Zinke is going to pucker.

    I seem to remember Zane having things on his website…. http://zinke4sheriff.blogspot.com/

    There are Photos of Zinke and the famous “Advisor to Sheriff Nygren”

    BTW these are FACTS.

  14. I am really enjoying this because you Bill Who supporters just don’t get it.

    Sheriff Nygren’s tactics are brilliant and no wonder he is known as the Teflon Sheriff.

  15. “Fukoku” = Kim Zinke The more you talk the more delusional you sound….

    I was wondering when you would leave the Cuckoos nest….

  16. @McHenry Combine Watcher – The only thing I’m afraid of is a witch hunt and that seems to be evident here. Prim supporters are doing their best to try and dig up any ounce of information that can be skewed to fit their hunt – no matter how ridiculous.

    To all you diehard Prim supporters, what is one issue that differentiates Bill Prim from Andy Zinke that doesn’t involve a tin foil hat conspiracy theory?

    What is one difference policy wise that Zinke would implement versus Prim?

    Focus on the issues and quit making this into a side show – though i’m sure most of you can’t or won’t.

    @Duncan McHenry – When will you get some manners?

    The degree to which you constantly attack with character assassinations and accusatory statements is a detriment to our democracy and it seems no degree of reasonable dialogue will permeate your cranium.

    Please tell me more about how Kim Zinke is constantly on the blog.

    How can you prove that?

    You can’t.

    How can you prove anyone is part of the sheriff’s department and trying to help the zinke cause?

    You can’t.

    So just stop and talk about the issues.

    It’s sad to see dialogue degrade to incessant name calling and based almost exclusively on paranoid delusion.

  17. “Fair Play” I can prove who is part of the Sheriffs Department helping the Zinke cause..

    Nygrens tactics are not brilliant…

    Hmmm ‘witch hunt” That reminds me of the Gary Gauger case.

    Now that was a witch hunt.

    And, there are more cases out there like it….

    And, we are tired of your ‘tinfoil hat theories”

    That is nothing more than your attempt to invalidate the facts about was has happened and what is happening in Mchenry County.

    “Corruption Mchenry County Style” is an everyday event and it has been going on for years.

    It is time for the people of Mchenry County to take back their Government and that starts with getting rid of the Nygren and Zinke Circus….. and they can take you with them.

  18. @DuncanMcHenry – Your words not mine: “I can prove who is part of the Sheriffs Department helping the Zinke cause.”

    Do it.


    Right now.

    If not, it is a tin foil hat theory with no evidence to substantiate, just like claiming Kim Zinke is on the blog constantly.

    Prove that also.


    Otherwise, quit assassinating people’s character/make egregious claims – It’s annoying and hardly constructive.

  19. “Fair Play” I have to prove nothing to you…

    Believe me it will all be played out in a Federal Court Room “AC” It is just a matter of time.

  20. @duncan – You may not have anything to prove to me, but you have certainly just proved that your positions, opinions and expressions on this blog are completely baseless and grounded in absolutely no fact.

    You have provided no evidence for your continual character assassinations of people on this blog and furthermore have incited hate and disrespectful dissent due to incessant name calling. We are better than that.

    This blog can be a beacon of truth if people would be willing to back their opinions up with facts and not snarky statements.

    Duncan, you certainly have a right to the first amendment and, as John Kerry once stated that in america, “you have a right to be stupid if you want to be.”

  21. “Fair Play” My opinions are not completely baseless and they are grounded in absolute fact…

    And, my opinions will be played out in a federal courtroom..

    It is just a matter of time..

    My statements and opinions are a beacon of truth….

    I have experienced corruption first hand, as an offer was made to me to pay off a judge.

    Though, my knowledge of corruption runs much deeper than just that information…

    Yes, you do have the right to be stupid if you want.

    I am not willing to lead the public down the path of deception but the path of the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…..

    You go right ahead “Fair Play” = “AC” and live in your imaginary world of half truths but I am not willing to do that.. You are clearly a Zinke supporter…

    You go right ahead and continue to wear that tin foil hat you have been repeatedly mentioning on this blog.

    The hat fits, wear it Fair Play…

  22. Fair Play; forget trying to reason with Duncan-you’re wasting your “breath”.

    Since the report they’re all hanging their hats upon mearly shows that Zinke violated nothing in regards to the departments “general orders” , or how to operate under their rules, the report means nothing to the Prim people; it’s just their way of “proving” nothing (except in their own little ‘minds’).

    IF Zinke had broken a LAW, or violated a LAW, then someone of importance (read DEA, AG, SA, LSMFT) would have done something by now.

    The whinners in the Prim corner are grasping at straws, venting like the little kid who doesn’t get his/her way. Duncan refuses to state why he/she has such a big bug up their butt.

    I have MY guess, but I won’t denegrate the name of who I think he/she is related to, and why.

  23. @AZSupporter – Yeah, you are right.

    All DuncanMcHenry does is take exactly what I say and just say it back to me but replacing my well thought out dialogue with his garbled rhetoric – it’s like talking to a broken echo chamber.

    And though you may think you know who it is, that’s not the point, and what really does that matter?

    Look at what he does: Makes ridiculous claims without supporting his opinion with articles, newspapers and just calls people names when they disagree with them instead of proving them wrong through logical reasoning.

    Duncan still has not given any empirical evidence despite saying he is right.

    Where is the evidence Duncan?

    Where are the links?

    Where are the website supporting your claims?

    Your own anecdotal evidence is not reason enough to believe what you say therefore you are a beacon of ox dung.

  24. I believe the FOIA request from FEN is not politically motivated.

    FEN is seeking the 100-page report for its news value, if any.

    Along with the two audio tapes.

    If there were no smoke and no fire (in that report), why would it be 100 pages?

    When it is finally released, the Public will be able to judge whether a complete and fair investigation was conducted.

    Think maybe Nygren wanted a “clean” report?

    Whom did he assign to “investigate” Zinke?

    His hand-picked, “inside” lawyer.

    Many will remember that the EEO position did not require a lawyer (until Nygren re-wrote the job specifications).

  25. Hey “Fair Play” and “azsupporter” Greg Pyle who is Federal custody has accepted a plea deal with Federal Prosecutors….

    Which means he will be pleading guilty and he won’t be pleading guilty to a domestic issue.

    That is what Andy Zinke called it “a domestic issue”

    The plea will include something like predatory criminal sexual abuse of a miner and transmitting child pornography over State lines, which makes it a federal offense….

    Let me read between the lines for you ”Let the dominoes fall where they may” I do believe you two are dominoes…..

    Believe me I will have front row seating at the Rockford Federal Court House, when it all goes down and all those involved are sentenced. You might want to borrow Greg Pyles Bible…

    More “Corruption Mchenry County Style” to be seen at a Mchenry County Government theatre near you….. http://zinke4sheriff.blogspot.com

  26. Fair Play and AZsupporter, I am almost speechless, well said, absolutely well said!

  27. “Fukoku” = Kim Zinke.

    Someone asked me where you were.

    I said “well it all depends on where her illusional and delusional mind takes her. According to her comments, she is claiming to be an old man and then in another comment she is claiming to be an old women”

    What exactly are you Kim?

    At least, I know I am Duncan and not Zane….

    You are definitely confused…

    Please return to the “Cuckoos Nest” where you belong..

  28. The report will disclose what the DEA actually said to Sgt Koziol.

    Remember that Koziol stated the DEA was shocked Zinke blew their investigation.

    Zinke tries to portray this as his just bringing in a witness.

    This was the DEA with Koziol being only a part of their investigation and Zinke’s only value was to protect his contributors.

    To shut Koziol up he was labeled and the NWH kept reprinting that he was disgruntled.

    Here is a man with a great career basically slandered by the political zealotry of Andy Zinke.

    Zinke doesn’t want people to know he actually butted in where he was not wanted regardless if there was a criminal violation or not.

    This was a huge violation of integrity and any sense of professionalism.

  29. How can the blog show Gus’s entry at 4:26 when it is only 4:17?

  30. YOU are delusional Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler = Twice Fired = Anotherwatcher, I never claimed to be an old women.

    Where is your proof loud month? Which subject in this blog did I make that claim?

  31. When is Greg Pyle’s next court date in Rockford?

    Why isn’t the McHenry County State’s Attorney prosecuting him on the ten charges levied by the Illinois State Police?

    What happened in January 2012, that got the ball rolling here?

    Why do the ten charges have the 9/11/2006 Charge Date?

    Pyle’s next McHenry County court date is November 1.

  32. ‘Fukoku” Be careful because I am not Zane..

    Which comment you ask? You really are confused………..

    Now, Now, Don’t be bringing out any knives…

    Thanks Justin for laying out the facts..

    Nice to hear the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…

    Which is a lot more than I can say for “Fukoku” the Cuckoo = Kim Zinke..

  33. This is my second request Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler = Twice Fired = Anotherwatcher, where is the proof that I claim to be an old women?

    Which subject in this blog did I make that claim?

  34. “Fukoku” = Kim Zinke Go back to your Cuckoos nest. And, by the way You not only claimed to be an old women, you also claimed to be an old man. NOT…

    Looks like Greg Pyle is taking a plea agreement. In other words, he is admitting he is guilty..guilty…guilty…

    He will bring down the entire regime…

    Can’t wait..

  35. Hey big mouth, this is my THIRD request Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler = Twice Fired = Anotherwatcher,

    Where is the proof that I claim to be an old women as YOU stated?

    Which subject in this blog did I make that claim?

  36. ‘Fukoku” = Kim Zinke

    I have no intention of dealing with someone like you who is delusional and illusional.. You are the one that dropped the f bomb at a public parade.

    So you just turn that finger right around and point it at yourself.

    You Kim are the real “Big Mouth”

  37. Well folks, there you have it, even more proof that Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler is a lair.

    I gave him three opportunities to restore his honor and he failed because he tried to discredit me with his lies and failed.

    It has been proven, YOU have no credibility Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler, I am done with you.

  38. “Fukoku” = Kim Zinke

    You are truly a nut.. and you have no credibility especially after dropping the f bomb at a public parade….

    Don’t you have some knives you need to go polish…

    You masquerade on this blog as Fukoku and then an old man and then an old women..

    You are definitely confused and that proves you don’t know the difference between truth and fiction…

  39. You had your chance to provide proof and you failed because you have NO proof.

    I never said I was an old woman and you know it. All you do is talk your crap to cover up your lies after lies.

    You can call me Kim if that makes you feel better, which does not disturb me. What is disturbing is your mental stability. You have conversations with yourself on this blog using different names.

    Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler = Twice Fired = Anotherwatcher

  40. ‘Fukoku” = Kim You said you were done with me and you came back for more.

    You are “Pathetic” and you are swearing again Kim..

    I don’t need to disturb you because you are already disturbed.

    Duncan is not Zane and Zane is not Duncan…..

    And, Duncan is not”Anotherwatcher”

    But, Kim is Fukoku, an old women and an old man on the this blog.

    Sounds like you have multiple personality disorder to me…

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