Paul Yensen Reflects on the 1960’s

“A short biography of Paula Yensen’s political activism, presented to the Democratic Party of McHenry County as part of The 2013 Thomas Jefferson Award for Lifetime Achievement” is what is under the YouTube video about McHenry County Board member Paula Yensen.

The Democrat from Lake in the Hills was honored with an award by the McHenry County Democratic Party, which is chaired by her husband Mike Bissett.

It’s entitled, “The Sixties.  The Decade that Changed Everything.”

The 1960's shaped

The 1960’s shaped Paula Yensen’s “worldview.”

Later, a headline says, “The Good Fight Continues.”

Those that have time might find it of interest.

When I looked at it, fifty-two people had taken the time.


Paul Yensen Reflects on the 1960’s — 12 Comments

  1. Paula, sometimes the more educated, the more stupid . . . Mrs. Clinton did the same thing. Brainwashing at its best!

  2. Makes me want to barf! Just what we need another Dummycrat, liberal, do gooder, obongo loving, tax raisng, social justice, brainwashed ,1960’s save the world, environmentalist, whack job. Go do some more psychedelic drugs. It’s people like you that spit on soldiers returning from the war. Why don’t you and Jane Fonda move to Vietnam and start a cult. How’s that health care BS working out for you Dems.

  3. If this woman represents Democrats in McHenry County, I’m changing my party affiliation.

    The words that come to mind is self serving, disgusting, and completely out of touch with the real issues that are relevant .

    Take a memo Ms. Yensen…this is 2013!

  4. Paula although I find you to be a lovely person, respectfully, where we’re you lately as in “these days?”

    In your video the word “Justice” was used.

    You sit as the voice of “we the people,” as the few men who have stood tall under no cover of false names, risking our lives, Zane Seipler, Scott Milliman, myself Dave Bachmann, since 2009, showed verifiable proof of corruption within the justice system you claim to have been a champion for your entire life.

    rather than name dropping now to build your own profile, why didnt you stand with us and engage in the call for justice in your own back yard.

    I respectfully must ask you, where we’re you the day Justice died in McHenry county?

    As the few of us tried, you found no time to make a YouTube about our mission? Why?

  5. Paula is a democrat running in the 5th County Board District. She is up for re-election. We as Republicans need to unite behind whomever the candidate maybe and defeat Yensen.

    The county board is just too liberal. Even “Republicans” like Michelle Aavang and Mary McCann are endorsing Franks. And what does Geri Davis say?

    “Oh that’s expected”.

    Right now we don’t know who will be running in County Board District Five, but Mike and the McHenry County Party Leadership surely have a plan in place.

    But in the meantime, Paula is on the loose ripping Pat Owens to shreds and TAGGING in her buddies (handlers) Mary McCann and Anna Mae too.

    She is too busy taking down TAG to worry about that. Never mind she has no idea that the people who want to try and expose the corruption were slaughtered in her wake.

    It all works out in the wash…

  6. I wonder if McHenry County Dems know the Republican Party was founded and named for the Republican values of Jefferson’s Republican Party.

  7. We certainly need some conservative Republicans in County Board District 5 to throw their hat into the ring.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone challenge Yensen?

    Lets build the party!

  8. Perhaps Ms.Yensen should stop reflecting on the 60’s and start reflecting on her own character.

    Clearly, being a member of the mean girl “hater” club of Hill, McCann,and Miller isn’t in the list of the admirable.

    The antics of this group of passive aggressive bullies supersede any political party affiliation or that any decent human being would want to associate with in any way.

  9. Update on Paula Yensen’s character: One snowy Saturday in Crystal Lake, a shoulder injury prevented me from shoveling out the drive and walkway.

    Ms. Yensen called to see how I was doing, and I laughed about it.

    “Maybe I’ll get the shoveling done tomorrow – with an emphasis on Maybe.” \

    But looking out the window later, I saw a clear driveway and somebody finishing up my walk.

    Turned out it was Paula Yensen.

    She didn’t live in my city, she hardly knew me, and I never asked for help.

    So I was shocked.

    Greatly pleased and relieved, but shocked.
    Keep on being a generous do-gooder, Paula Yensen, it really does make the world a better place!

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