Tribune Covers State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi’s Effort to Have Special Prosecutor Thomas McQueen Held in Contempt of Court

The Sunday Chicago Tribune article about Lou Bianchi's attempt to have Thomas McQueen held in indirect contempt of court.

The Sunday Chicago Tribune article about Lou Bianchi’s attempt to have Thomas McQueen held in indirect contempt of court.

Don’t know how I missed it, but I did.

Yesterday, the Chicago Tribune had an article about McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi’s efforts to have Special Prosecutor Thomas McQueen held in contempt of court.

Tribune reporter Bob McCoppin points out how rare such cases are:

“…Bianchi’s move is rare, and possibly unprecedented. Criminal proceedings against prosecutors are extremely uncommon because they have broad immunity from liability for their conduct on the job.”

If you would like more details from the only reporter who has been in the Rockford courtroom for the proceedings, you can find them below:

The case goes to trial in Rockford in mid-December.

Bianchi’s defense attorney Terry Ekl was selected by Winnebago Chief Judge Joseph McGraw to present the case.


Tribune Covers State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi’s Effort to Have Special Prosecutor Thomas McQueen Held in Contempt of Court — 14 Comments

  1. Go get em Lou Bianchi!…

    There should be a new law that allows Prosecutors to be prosecuted and convicted if their decisions are influenced by corruption…

    Lou Bianchi was railroaded and all those that participated in those shenanigans should be held accountable…

    Lou Bianchi has moved forward with his head held high and a smile on his face, because he is innocent and is making sure that justice will prevail.

    When an individual fights in court to protect their rights, they are fighting the good fight on behalf of everyone.

  2. So how exactly do Taxpayers proceed, to get reimbursed, for the $800 K squandered by this ‘girlie man’, hair-pulling contest?

  3. Robert McCoppin never ceases to amaze me. He is insipid in his approach to writing. He’s not only simply a bad writer, he’s also rather deviously biased.

    For example, he cites a “defense attorney expert” in Chicago, Michael Monico, who is probably nothing more than a personal friend of Mr. McCoppin.

    This “expert” claims Mr. Bianchi’s pursuit of criminal charges against the contrived political witch hunt against Bianchi is “strange” (his words, not mine – I’m not making this up) arguing Bianchi should be satisfied with the clearing of all charges.

    Well, Mr. McCoppin was one of the many SCUM media vultures who actively contributed to the personal smear of Mr. Bianchi and many of the people involved in this diabolical political case abusing the courts to smear good people.

    Just being “cleared of the charges” doesn’t change the damage that people like Mr. McCoppin profit from.

    McCoppin then has his “expert” conclude that Mr. Bianchi’s move is “sounds way too personal”.

    That’s the “expert opinion”

  4. Well, Mr. McCoppin – you are pure slime.

    You make a living feeding off the pain and suffering of victims of these torturous political attacks, and your vile “investigative reporting” is nothing more than pure calumny.

    What is worse is that you enjoy these stories, and side with the bad guys.

    You are now defending the attackers with a phony “expert”.

    You personally profit from this and your shadenfreude will ultimately truly damn you.

  5. Thank you “Skeptic”

    Well said… The fact that McCoppin targeted Bianchi with untruths in his articles, that was personal..

    I know for a “FACT” that Lou Bianchi was railroaded because he refused to go along with corruption and the Regime..

    It was a “Witch Hunt” and so was the Gary Gauger case..

    In fact, there have been many, many “Witch Hunts” in Mchenry County.

    The Regime has had a lot of practice and they have become experts in those type of tactics..

    It is true that many criminal cases in Mchenry County are not won because of truthful facts, they are won because of the emotional sell from the prosecutor…

    The tax payers must realize that the power for change comes from within and the way they vote…

    The only way to get rid of the likes of Nygren and Zinke is to cast our votes for more appropriate candidates like Bill Prim.

    I was made an offer to pay a Mchenry County Judge in exchange for keeping my child..

    It is a fact that Kickbacks and bribes take place in Mchenry County and I can tell the people of this County, it is not because of Lou Bianchi.

    That behavior comes from the very same Regime that railroaded him..

    Go get em, Lou Bianchi..

  6. We, the taxpayers, could only wish that Mr. Corruption himself, Louis Bianchi, would put this ambition towards his job.

    But, he is too busy being Monty Hall making deals and protecting the Taylor Street Boys.

    Let’s not forget how busy he is running for McHenry County Sheriff

    Well, I better run because I’m sure that my personal butt tick, Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler is close behind me.

    The last time he was this close, I was afraid he was going to get his nose stuck between my butt cheeks.

  7. “Fukoku” = Kim Zinke…

    Kim go back to your Cuckoos nest where you belong…

    Or, maybe you need to go study some new swear words you can use at the next public parade..

    Or, what about that civil suit that names you as a defendant because your police vehicle plowed into someone?….

    Andy chose you for his second wife.

    Now that speaks volumes for someone like Andy Zinke who expects to win the Sheriffs race…

  8. Duncan is Zane.

    DJ is Zane.

    Skeptic is Zane.

    Fukoku is Zane.

    Everybody is Zane.

    Because I’m so insane.

    Time to go take some more pills and make some raunchy porn with my sister and the clown.

    We will call it “Two Nuts With No Balls” .

  9. One apparently cannot implicate the CLPD with this scandal or you’ll get censured.

  10. Actually, one cannot accuse someone of a crime or your comment will be removed.

  11. That’s actually what Bianchi is doing.

    Interesting Paradox for this blog.

  12. I have to salute Mr. Bianchi, for what he is doing, CLM.

    Maybe we will get the entire story.

    I do believe he was set up and I really hope names come out.

  13. The difference is that CLM’s accusation is not in court with evidence subject to cross examination.

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