Being Ashamed to be an American

You’ve heard about the absurdity of shutting down national parks, even overlooks on roads, but read what Legal Insurrection has found happened to touring guests, including foreign visitors with a limited knowledge of English at Yellowstone National Park:

Tour Guide accuses Yellowstone Park Rangers of “Gestapo tactics”

No taking pictures of buffaloes allowed at Yellowstone.  That's "recreating" and it's not allowed.

No taking pictures of buffaloes allowed at Yellowstone. That’s “recreating” and it’s not allowed.

My former legislative aide, Pete Castillo calls such action “bureaucratic withholding power.”

It’s what little people do when given too much power.


Being Ashamed to be an American — 4 Comments

  1. Cal, on its face, I realize how this story appears to those who do not know the Federal insiders take.

    The Fed gov in order to open this park in particular because of it’s wild animals that are so close to the visiting public, have to each you, go through a massive hiring process.

    The problem is, you get a large number of college kids who enjoy partying ‘after hours.’ They get stupidly high and or drunk, and then go out and molest the buffalo in particular because mostly they just lay around.

    In the one season I was placed on security detail in the park, ( what a great experience to actually live in the park itself.) we experienced drunken kids who would try to ‘ride’ the Buffalo, things of this nature.

    The problem with the tourist who love to take photos all day long, think Yellowstone is one big ‘petting zoo.” Thus they get way to close by actually walking up to the animals with their kids for that great snapshot.

    I forgot the numbers, however each season their are fatalities and serious injuries to tourist who want that perfect close up shot.

    One night I received a call that one of the kitchen workers was so drunk he climbed upon the sitting Buffalo to show off his rodeo skills. Well, that cowboy was turned into a cowgirl in about two seconds. He died a ‘shemale.’

    Buffalo are remarkably fast animals.

    Other things people do especially the kids, late at night, walk right up to the gieser “Old Faithful” and throw in beef cans and the like.

    One night we received another call where three of the college workers though they would go into one of the hot pools for a little late nigh jacuzzi. Well, needless to say, we picked out three charred young bodies.

    So, as some of these laws on their faces look like big brother is being a bit to rough, even silly, I believe in this instance it is to keep those with less than full functioning brains from showing the ones with functioning brains who like to take close up photos, that these dangerous animals are nothing more than house pets.

    This being said, anybody who might be retired and have an RV who thinks it might be a fun summer place to live and work, Yellowstone hires every year. You can commit for the entire summer ( I would not go that long on contract, but you can always extend your original contract) you can work same shifts together say in one of the Park stores selling trinkets and such. Or you can live in a dorm.

    I’d be more than happy to show you how to get these jobs. Hiring begins around Feb. 1st of each season.

    As a worker or just as a vacation, Just staying at Yellowstone is something every American should do at least once. If looking for hotel rooms, I’d recommend staying is the little town of West Yellowstone, just at the entry gates to the west entrance of the park.

    Have fun, but don’t ride the Buffalo!!

    Thank you.

  2. I call BS!

    Who are these people that are “just following orders”?

    Didn’t we learn something about that from Hitler’s cohorts?

    It is absolutely sickening that Park Rangers are now members of the SS.

    Stop complying with the fools that are perpetrating this fraudulent government.

  3. Cindy, you can’t actually be comparing the government to the fascist regime of the 3rd reich?

    Have you ever looked up the word “hyperbole” before?

  4. I’m not comparing anything!

    Open your eyes!

    They are just following orders – so they say.

    Did you not watch the Nuremberg trials?

    (And don’t be snotty. I am an English major that loves the rich and nuanced language.)

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