Centegra Hospital Docs Mull Legal Action

A press release from a newly-incorporated organization of Centegra physicians:

Independent doctors group incorporates;

mulls legal options in dispute with Centegra

Bill Dam

Bill Dam

McHENRY — A group of independent, non-salaried doctors, all on the staff of Centegra hospitals, has incorporated as IPG Inc.

The past year has shown a rising level of discontent with Centegra Health System administration policies, explained the group’s president, Dr. William Dam of Fox Lake.

“The main reason that triggered objections was the elimination at Centegra of the traditional ER rotating call schedule, still in place in almost all 214 hospitals in Illinois,” Dam said.

“We are not opposed to the hospitalist program, but the way it is being funded is in many cases removing a patient’s opportunity to see his or her own doctor,” he continued.

“The second reason is to give the doctors some degree of security against an atmosphere of retribution,” Dam said.

The group, still accepting membership, has retained lawyers locally and from Chicago law firms to discuss possible lawsuits.

The doctors cite administrative breaches of Medical Staff Bylaws and also the Centegra Health System corporate bylaws.

Among the alleged breaches are

  • a unilateral administrative directive that specialists, such as cardiologists, can have their hospital system privileges rescinded upon a 60-day notice that Centegra has hired a salaried specialist
  • repeated revisions to Centegra bylaws without notice to or consent of the corporate membership.

Among the newly incorporated IPG membership is Dr. Parmod Narang, an original signator of the hospital system Articles of Incorporation in the 1980s.

Narang also was elected to serve on the Centegra Board of Governors from 2005 to 2012. He served on the McHenry Hospital Board in the ’80s and is a two-time past president of the Medical Staff of Centegra Hospital – McHenry (1989-1991 and 2001-2002).

“It still is hoped that the disagreements can be resolved amicably,” Narang said. “However, we find it necessary at this time to incorporate.”

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Centegra Hospital Docs Mull Legal Action — 4 Comments

  1. I think it is all bluster.

    These doctors hope that if they complain enough someone else will do something about it.

    They are not nearly brave enough to sue the hospital.

    Meanwhile earth shifts from under their feet as the hospital hires hospitalists every day, if only to have enough votes on the medical staff.

    The centegra medical staff structure is 100% different now, full of hired guns.

    Patients and public don’t know or don’t care.

    Welcome to the future, enjoy ObamaEesleycare.

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