Tryon Running for Re-Election

A press release from State Rep. Mike Tryon:

Rep. Mike Tryon to Seek Re-Election to House of Representatives

Crystal Lake Republican will run in District 66 in 2014

CRYSTAL LAKE….. State Representative Mike Tryon (R-Crystal Lake) announced today that he will seek re-election to the Illinois General Assembly for his seat in the 66th House District.

The 66th District includes approximately 108,000 citizens from Algonquin, Carpentersville, Crystal Lake, East and West Dundee, Elgin, Gilberts, Huntley, Lake in the Hills, Lakewood and Sleepy Hollow.

Tryon, who has served as a State Representative since 2005, said he has enjoyed getting to know the people of the new 66th District this year.

“I have spent much of the last nine months since taking my seat in this newly-drawn district getting to know my new constituencies in Kane County,” said Tryon.

“Now that I am familiar with their priorities and concerns, I am eager to continue representing them in Springfield,” said Tryon.

Tryon, a well-respected lawmaker on both sides of the aisle in Springfield, is the ranking Republican and Spokesperson for the Energy, Environment and Mass Transit Committees, and also serves on the Executive and Business Growth & Incentives Committees.

In addition to these regular committee assignments, Tryon is one three Republicans from the Illinois House chosen to serve on the bi-partisan, bi-chamber Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability (CGFA). CGFA is a “think-tank” which provides the Legislature with research and information regarding state and national economies, revenue projections and operations of Illinois Government.

Tryon said there are several issues that will continue to be priorities for him during the next three years, including

  • fair and Constitutionally-sound pension reform
  • creating a better business climate
  • ensuring that the “temporary” tax increase of 2011 sunsets in 2015 as originally written in the law.

“Citizens are demanding pension reform and I agree that it is priority #1,” Tryon said. “I am a top line sponsor of two current pension proposals (HBs 3066 and 2365) that solve the crisis while respecting annuitants’ Constitutionally-guaranteed benefits. These bills would be a win-win for taxpayers and pension system participants.”

In addition, Tryon said college affordability and term limits for General Assembly members are also issues that are near and dear to him.

“Having put three kids through college in recent years, I am keenly aware of how college is quickly becoming unaffordable for the average Illinois family,” said Tryon. “I’m a Chief Sponsor of a package of bill to address college affordability and am also spearheading an effort to rein in the rates at which our public universities can increase tuition year to year.”

Former House Minority Leader Tom Cross, now running for State Treasurer, and State Rep. Mike Tryon.

Former House Minority Leader Tom Cross, now running for State Treasurer, and State Rep. Mike Tryon.

With regard to term limits, Tryon said he favors a 12-year term limit for House and Senate members in the General Assembly.

“I have studied this issue in great detail and have spoken with colleagues from other states, and many say that they are forced to leave office just as they hit their stride as an effective lawmaker,” Tryon said.

“I know it took me a good 4-5 years just to develop trusted relationships that allow my legislation to move. That’s why I think a 12-year limit would be beneficial. These limits are even more important for leadership positions such as Speaker of the House, where in Illinois Mike Madigan has been in charge for 28 of the last 30 years and has brought Illinois down a very bad path.”

Representative Tryon has a detailed web site which includes position statements on a variety of key issues at


Tryon Running for Re-Election — 11 Comments

  1. I continue to support Mr Tryon and his efforts on behalf of his constituents.

    Where can I sign the petitions and get a yard sign??

    All the best, Mike!!

  2. OK, he’s the Democrat in the race.

    Can’t wait to hear who his Republican opponent will be.

  3. He’s a goofball who believes people WANT the fluoride in the water.

    What has he done to stop the poisoning of all the people in this county?

  4. Anyone out there bought into a HOA via distressed Townhome or Condo since Jan 2012?

    Thank this Einstein and his Senate pal Althoff for that surprise you received at closing.

    We bought a cluster of props off of Freddie Mac, another Gov. sponsored nuthouse, back in 2012.

    Although we had signed contracts that they would pay all priors, 24 hours before closing, they stuck us with thousands in back HOA fees.

    Too late for us to tell Freddie to go pound.

    Too much time and monies already spent.

    My lawyer and Freddie’s downtown (they knew each other, whatever), off the record, said that SB 1972 was their out and not only that, said that this garbage law could sufficiently muddy any recourse I had, although I had signed contracts.

    Way to Tryon and Althoff!

    I got a novel idea for ‘Mr. Pro Business’ and his pal in the Senate.

    How about next time drafting legislation making those responsible for the debt, pay the debt!

  5. Term limits sound like a good idea if you don’t elect a clone.

    Enough already.

  6. Anon, I view these campaign press releases as I would a job interview.

    Can you imagine telling a potential employer, I need “4-5 years” to get some traction. “12” years to get results?

    I’d probably get moose kicked out of the interview. Speaks volumes of the Public Sector mindset.

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