City Officials Thinking of Zoning Changes on Crystal Lake’s Shoreline

The City of Crystal Lake has sent a letter with a survey, dated October 10th, to 136 homeowners who own waterfront property on Crystal Lake.

The map included with the letter from the City of Crystal Lake.

The map included with the letter from the City of Crystal Lake.

Fences, accessory buildings and building heights are the topics covered.

Disturbing lake views are the announced concern, but it is unclear whether the city officials mean from the lake or looking at the lake.

A meeting will be held at City Hall on Wednesday, October 16th, at 6:30.

The matter will be considered by the City Council on Tuesday, November 5th meeting, which starts at 7:30.

This letter was sent to

This letter was sent to shoreline property owners living in Crystal Lake.

No Shore CL Letter 10-10-13 Survey

This shows what city officials are thinking.


City Officials Thinking of Zoning Changes on Crystal Lake’s Shoreline — 4 Comments

  1. This is the type of letter that the homeowners on Amberwood Drive should have gotten from the school district before the mega bleachers were built.

    If they had filed the proper zoning permits with the city then they would have and all this could have been avoided.

    Thank you City of Crystal Lake for showing your lakeside residents the respect they deserve and keeping them informed.

  2. Part 3, Building Height, should probably also include, “I don’t care

    1) how many requests the City receives for variations to three stories or

    2) how much more in property taxes they may be able to generate for each super-tall home;

    as a concerned resident of Crystal Lake (or the Village of Lakewood–clearly also stakeholders in this matter), I think two stories is just fine as a maximum building height.”

  3. Glad to see this kind of transparency.

    It seems like there isn’t as much value for large YARDS anymore vs. square footage of their homes.

    Our neighborhood used to be like a beautiful open park with humble homes and space for kids to run and play.

    It seems that Lakewood residents would have more concern for green space conservation to keep the classy vibe of the neighborhood like a nature preserve with houses of character hidden within their surroundings.

    I hope there is a lot of discussion surrounding the issue of the increasing trend to build a WALL of colossal homes around the lake which, in my opinion, ruins the beauty of the neighborhood as a whole.

    Thanks for posting this!

  4. Please voice your concerns to the City.

    All comments will be compiled for the review of The City Council.

    This is the worst idea I have seen from this community.

    To take paradise and put up a skyscraper.

    Some think it’s only to collect additional tax dollars.

    The quaint quiet community that I believed in is going to the side of McMansions and $25K tax bills. ! ! !

    Speak up to preserve and protect your community

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