Resignations at the 708 Mental Health Board Agency

Today, Kevin Craver of the Northwest Herald reported on the resignation of the McHenry County Mental Health Board’s President, Robert Routzahn.

Now, McHenry County Blog has learned Interim Executive Director Todd Schroll is also resigning. He will be leaving November 2nd.

His letter of resignation can be seen below:
MHB Scholl Resignation 1MHB Scholl Resignation 2


Resignations at the 708 Mental Health Board Agency — 3 Comments

  1. About time you leave this post!!

    The McHenry County Board has ruined and killed viable community resources in our county!

  2. Edconsult, when you write “About time you leave this post”, whom are you blaming?

    If you are blaming Todd Schroll for the shambles in which the Mental Health Board now finds itself, you have set your sights on the wrong person.

    ‘ve known Todd since he was Director of the Family CARE Project.

    Just yesterday, before his resignation was publicized, I said to a friend that I could think of only one reason Todd had stuck around that snake pit for so long – he needed a job (as almost all do).

    Good luck, Todd.

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