Chicago Woman Indicted for Immigration Fraud for Hiding Role in 1969 Israeli Bombings

A press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Eastern Michigan:


A naturalized United States citizen, who was convicted in Israel for participating in a terrorist bombing, was charged with immigration fraud, U.S. Attorney Barbara L. McQuade announced today.

Joining McQuade in the announcement was William Hayes, Acting Special Agent in Charge of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Homeland Security Investigations.

Special agents arrested Rasmieh Yousef Odeh, 66, at a Chicago-area residence after the unsealing of an indictment filed in federal court in Detroit. [Four aliases are listed on the indictment.]

The indictment charges procurement of citizenship unlawfully.

The indictment alleges that Odeh was convicted in Israel for her role in the 1969 bombings of a supermarket and the British Consulate in Jerusalem, which were carried out on behalf of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (“PFLP”), a designated terrorist organization.

According to the indictment, Odeh and others placed multiple bombs at the British Consulate and in a supermarket [when she was 22].

  • One of the bombs placed at the supermarket detonated, killing two and injuring others.
  • A bomb placed at the Consulate caused structural damage to the facility. [The indictment says two bombs were placed at the Consulate, on Feb. 21st and 25th, 1969.]

Odeh was sentenced by Israeli military authorities to life imprisonment, but was released after ten years as part of a prisoner exchange, and she then returned to the West Bank.

The indictment alleges that in 1995, she immigrated to the United States, and naturalized as a citizen in 2004.

The defendant did not come through Ellis Island.

The defendant did not come through Ellis Island.

In her immigration documents filed in the United States, the indictment alleges, Odeh omitted her

  • arrest
  • conviction and
  • imprisonment overseas

which were material facts for the United States government in determining whether to grant her citizenship.

“The United States will never be a safe haven for individuals seeking to distance themselves from their pasts,” said William Hayes, acting special agent in charge for HSI Detroit.

“When individuals lie on immigration documents, the system is severely undermined and the security of our nation is put at risk.”

“An individual convicted of a terrorist bombing would not be admitted to the United States if that information was known at the time of arrival,” McQuade said.

“Upon discovery that someone convicted of a terrorist attack is in the United States illegally, we will seek to use our criminal justice system to remove that individual.”

If convicted of the charge, Odeh will be stripped of her United States citizenship. She also faces a maximum sentence of 10 years for naturalization fraud.

The charges contained in the indictment are only allegations. A person is presumed innocent unless and until he or she is proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in court.

This case was investigated by special agents of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Homeland Security Investigations with the assistance of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


Chicago Woman Indicted for Immigration Fraud for Hiding Role in 1969 Israeli Bombings — 20 Comments

  1. This prompts the thought how does Obama plan to handle Mexican criminals when creating a pathway to citizenship.

    If you look at Most Wanted websites they are loaded with Mexicans.

    And I know a lot of Mexicans/Hispanics/Latinos.

    What a mess.

  2. Welcome to America, the land of opportunity if you are not a citizen.

  3. Mark and Fukoku, the only way to make a productive change, is to start at the local level. Take care of McHenry County and clean it up . . . that starts with elected officials and holding them accountable. I would suggest you start with the Sheriff’s Department.

    There are plenty of good officers, with the proper education, ethics and dignity, that should be the first, to consider for promotions. Nygren and Zinke must go.

  4. Let’s start with the Mexican exchange program that Keith Nygren and Andy Zinke started…

    They make a lot of money from the illegal aliens through racial profiling, tickets and more……

    You won’t find Bill Prim Participating in such nonsense…

  5. I do agree that the only way to make a productive change is to start at the local level to clean up McHenry County.

    It’s imperative that we start with the McHenry County State’s Attorney, Mr. Corruption himself, Louis Bianchi.

    STOP Corruption and join the fight against Corruption in our county by voting for Undersheriff Andrew Zinke for Sheriff.

    Read and learn about our next elected Sheriff, Undersheriff Andrew Zinke at

  6. Fukoku, and who would you like to see as the States Attorney, in McHenry County?

    Glenn Gabel, Gary Pack, or Jim Harrison . . . or Leist?

    Mr. Bianchi has moral character, dignity, and clean hands . . . much more than I can say for the Sheriff’s top two individuals.

  7. ‘Fukoku” = Kim Zinke

    Bianchi is not the problem he has been cleared of everything and for good reason.

    There was no evidence and Lous Bianchi is “INNOCENT”

    If we want to clean up corruption we need to get rid of Andy Zinke and Keith Nygren…

    Kim you are doing nothing but trying to cover for your husband Andy Zinke.

    Every time you speak you destroy his campaign and so far that is the only thing you know how to do…

    Keep it up because the only person that will get rid of corruption is Bill Prim…

  8. Mr. Corruption made a deal with Jack Pickup by reducing a Class 4 felony to misdemeanor harassment for sexual exploitation to a minor. This PIG, a Des Plaines former teacher is sexting messages to an eighth grade girl and Mr. Corruption lets him, like SO many others in this county walk free with a slap on the wrist.

    The fruits of corruption don’t fall far from the corrupted tree. Open your eye’s to the truth, Mr. Corruption supports Bill Who, former police commander of the Des Plaines Police Department. Jack Pickup, a Des Plaines teacher that also worked for Senator Dan Duffy’s election campaign, which publicly endorses Bill Who for McHenry County Sheriff. It’s not hard to follow the trail of the Taylor Street Boys if you open your eyes.

  9. “Fukoku” = Kim Zinke

    You are paranoid Kim go get yourself some help.

    You really should close your eyes Kim you are delusional illusional…and some other things….

    Let me guess you are either and old man or an old women today…

    You decide..

  10. Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler commented on this blog that made me laugh hysterically stated:

    “Your agenda is apparently to twist the facts and to discredit me through psychobabble.”

    You are the one that is notorious for twisting the facts and to discredit others through psychobabble on your blog and this blog

    Point made you Putz.

  11. anotherwatcher, you ask a lot of questions, but you never answer anyone else’s questions.

    I am still waiting to hear from you in regards to my question that you claim you would give to me.

    What happened?

    Don’t you have any balls between those little legs?

  12. “Fukoku” = Kim Zinke

    You have proven over and over again by opening your mouth that you and your Husband Andy Zinke should be no where near the Sheriffs Department…

    You present no valid arguments…

    Your husband should be embarrassed by your behavior. Instead, he let’s you keep talking.

    Now that says it all…….

    No one, needs your lunacy running our County Government…

    We have already had our fill of the Nygren and Zinke Circus and it’s time to put the operation our of business for good…….

    Vote for Bill Prim..

  13. Keep jawing Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler, you are making the Bill Who supporters look like schmucks.

    Thank You Putz!

  14. ‘Fukoku” = Kim Zinke.

    You sound absolutely ridiculous Kim…

    It seems that the only way you know how to promote your cause is to use vial language.

    You proved that Kim when you dropped the f bomb at a public parade and your husband, Andy Zinke, gave his middle finger at the same public parade.

    If we put Andy Zinke into office to run the Sheriffs Department “ZINKE FAMILY ANTICS” will “NEVER” end… Change for a positive, productive government on behalf of everyone begins with Bill Prim..

  15. There is no verification that Undersheriff Andrew Zinke’s wife dropped this so call f bomb at a public parade in Crystal Lake.

    Once again you are twisting the facts to discredit others through psychobabble.

    You really need to get a job and have some self-respect, and stop living off of your Mamasita.

  16. YES, Kim Zinke did drop the “f” bomb at the parade.

    She screamed to Scott Milliman, “Get a fu&%ing job!!”.

    I saw how the elderly spectators sitting in the next driveway were utterly shocked.

    They motioned for Milliman to come over to them and told him they would be voting for Prim.

    Neighboring parade watchers began to booo her.

    Lots of families with children in the area.

  17. Thank you for commenting, I was there, I think Kim Zinke has a selective memory disorder.

    If that is the case, she should not be wearing a police uniform, let alone carrying a gun.

    She should be watched very carefully, when giving tickets or making arrests.

  18. Fukoku”= Kim Zinke.

    Thats Kim Zinke for you.

    She just continues to get caught in lie after lie after lie…

    There is plenty of verification from spectators that she did indeed drop the FBOMB.

    That is how Andy Zinke and Kim Zinke operate.

    They do not believe in personal responsibility…..

    You just proved one more time Kim Zinke you are a “LIAR”

    We don’t want liars running the Sheriffs Department and that is one more reason to vote for Bill Prim..

    We are tired of the lunacy in the Mchenry County Sheriffs Department brought on by “ZINKE FAMILY ANTICS”

  19. It’s strange how we have this testimony here today that wittiness Undersheriff Andrew Zinke’s wife dropped this so call f bomb, when no complaint was filed according to the Crystal Lake Police Department.

    The statement made by “I was there” sounds to fabricated to be believable, especially the part about the elderly spectators motioned for Milliman to come over to them and told him they would be voting for Prim.

    As for anotherwatcher claim to being there is just laughable.

    He makes a lot of comments that he cannot backup, because they only exist in his mind as I have demonstrated in the past.

    Now we come to Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler, the real Putz here.

    Well, do I really need to say anymore than that?

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