Fighting Political Corruption Last on Sun-Times’ Priorities for New U.S. Attorney

Yesterday I had the audacity to suggest that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel may have been trying to divert resources in the U.S. Attorney’s Office away from political corruption.

Why else would he emphasize that newly-sworn in U.S. Attorney Zach Fardon should concentrate on getting guns off Chicago streets?

Some might suggest he really cares about the issue.

Maybe so.

But alternative interpretations would surely include that he has failed to stop gun violence in Chicago and his re-election attempt is next year.

In the world of conspiratorial politics that is Illinois, I continue to think Emmanuel is just trying to give Fardon cover for applying fewer resources to fighting political corruption.

The Chicago Sun-Times ranks fighting political corruption last on its priorities for new U.S. Attorney Zach Fardon

The Chicago Sun-Times ranks fighting political corruption last on its priorities for new U.S. Attorney Zach Fardon

Now comes the Chicago Sun-Times with an editorial listing its priorities for the new U.S. Attorney.

Check out the rank order:

  1. Financial crimes
  2. Guns
  3. Gangs and drugs
  4. Police corruption
  5. Political corruption


Fighting Political Corruption Last on Sun-Times’ Priorities for New U.S. Attorney — 14 Comments

  1. Still waiting for your explanation about how Rahm appointed Fitzgerald to do the Plame investigation while Bush was president…

  2. Still waiting for clarification about if there were any facts to back up your opinion that Rahm pulling Fitzgerald off the beat in Northern Illinois for the Valerie Plane case led to MORE corruption in Illinois.

  3. How can there be facts supporting an assertion of an outcome of an action, if that action ever happened?

    And let me be very clear.

    I have absolutely no love for Rahm, and I absolutely want a viable opponenent to step up and beat him in his next election.

    But to assert that it was Rahm who pulled Fitzgerald to do the Plame investigation is crazy, unless I somehow missed when Rahm was in high level leadership of the Bush administration (though, that would explain his large number of republicans friends/donors…).

  4. And BTW…the Sun Times doesn’t rank those five things in priority order.

    They just say that all five should be on the top of the list.

    You act like the US Attorney’s office is only capable of thinking about one thing at a time, which, frankly, is an absurd assertion.

  5. They got rid of Patrick Fitzgerald and FBI Agent Robert Grant from the Chicago office.

    The facts to be revealed soon at a Illinois Theatre near you…

    The facts…

    Promise, Rahm, we will do nothing but reveal the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…

    Now it appears that U.S. Attorney Zach Fardon is creating his own movie.

    “COME ON DOWN” Zach it’s time to watch the TV shows “Let’s Make a Deal” and “The Price is Right”

    They like those shows over at the Mchenry County Government Building..

    In fact, those TV shows are watched before, during and after court proceedings…

  6. You know, you are right.

    I have my time line mixed up.

    It was the Establishment Republicans whom I would blame for diverting Patrick Fitzgerald’s attention from things Illinois.

  7. Woh…a response.

    But still ignoring the Plame thing.

    How exactly did Rahm assign Fitzgeraldt to the Plame investigation?

  8. Ah…there we go.

    So your main premise of the previous Rahm article is blatantly false.


  9. No, my lead into the article was incorrect.

    I still believe Rahm Emmanuel is trying to divert Zachary Fardon’s attention from fighting political corruption.

  10. How can you say that your lead was incorrect when it blatantly accused Rahm of deception THEN back peddle and say you still believe you are right.

    C’mon Cal – You can’t have it both ways. Either take the article down and admit you were wrong, or keep it up and allow something patently false to possibly be circulated around with YOUR name next to it.

  11. I said that I believe Wednesday’s demand that the new U.S. Attorney focus on getting guns off the street was an attempt to distract from the official’s traditional focus on attacking political corruption.

    I still believe that.

  12. Hey Fuko,

    A McHenry family is alleging that at least three McHenry County Sheriff officers grabbed their underage son by the hair and bashed his head against the pavement during an incident along River Road last weekend.
    and may be suffering from permanent brain damage..

    An officer handcuffed the boy and cited him for underage drinking and then called for backup, Connor said.

    The officer and two others proceeded to beat the 140-pound boy, who suffered a detached retina reported by the Northwest Herald.

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