McHenry County College Passes Flat Levy, Taxes Will Decrease

The three newly-elected McHenry County College Board members joined with the Board President they elected to pass a property tax levy that will collect the same amount next year as this year.

Mary Miller

Mary Miller

The zero increase levy was originally on the consent agenda.

Former Board President Mary Miller, who is up for election next year, pulled it off the consent agenda.

When it came up for consideration, Miller made a final appeal to her fellow trustees to reconsider.

(To read about the arguments made by the two sides, click here.)

The flat levy passed 4-3, with the following in favor:

  • Chris Jenner (new member)
  • Ron Parish
  • Molly Walsh (new member)
  • Tom Wilbeck (new member)

Voting against the zero increase levy were

  • Cynthia Kisser
  • Linda Liddell
  • Mary Miller

In other news, after a one-hour secret session, the Board approved a 3% raise for President Vicky Smith for the July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014.

The vote was 5-2 with Miller and Liddell dissenting.


McHenry County College Passes Flat Levy, Taxes Will Decrease — 3 Comments

  1. Why did Jenner, Wilbeck, and Walsh vote to increase her pay?

    Based on how they talk (and how they have voted) I would have guessed they’d oppose it.

    That’s disappointing.

    I had faith that they were fiscally conservative.

    It appears they’re already selling out.

    If any of you trustees are reading this could you please explain why you voted to increase her salary?

    Good job on the zero levy, but it seems inconsistent to me why you’d vote for that but support raising Smith’s salary.

  2. The contract says her salary has to go up as much as the other administrators’, which went up 3%.

    The old board renewed her contract right before leaving office.

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