Roskam Holds Telephone Town Hall Meeting

Peter Roskam

Peter Roskam

Congressman Peter Roskam is holding a Tele-Town Hall Meeting as I type this.

I figured it was because of blow-back from his support of the debt ceiling and re-opening the government.

“I was disappointed that you buckeled to the Democrats,” Phillip from Elgin said.

“The reason I voted ‘Aye’ at the end, the debt ceiling day was real…Once to government runs out of the ability to go to the credit markets, that is a very serious event…I don’t think it is anything to trifle with,” Roskam replied.

Highly revealing were comments from Diane, whose story so impressed Roskam that he intends to present it in a congressional committee next week. (I asked his press office for a transcript of her explanation about how Blue Cross dropped her and her replacement insurance was twice as high.)

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